O beloved spirit sharing your power…

O beloved spirit sharing your power
your radiant energy
you forever bewilder us all
challenging everything we think exists
everything is nothing before you
you activate life
where there is only illusion
you pierce the darkness
move the stillness
see without eyes
feel without senses
exist beyond all elements
you are intimately and infinitely known
a beauty which eclipses
whatever we try and cling to and claim
our foolish copyrights
our man made laws and rules
all dissolve in
your presence
where is it…who is it…how can we name it
elusive beloved surrounding
and within and beyond everything
dissolving us
embracing our spirits
that were always and already yours
spirit that spreads
and rises
spins and spirals
a love beyond definition
you save us from
beyond our reach
a moment
and all is changed
light can be seen
yet spirit exists beyond sight
O eternal beloved
you are the grace and truth
of freedom

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