We are God’s beloved ones…

Cannot count the many mornings
i have been present to the dawn
or how many nights of
wandering in a glowing internal light
aware of the flowing energy
when dawn and dusk and midnight touch
in the gaze and embrace of the beloved..
every moment becomes a communion
a divinely given experience
of the gift
of sharing in God as beloved
in creation as the kingdom
the body the house of the Lord
the indwelling presence of divine love
in the miracle of a truly living earth..
if we would only let it be
and learn to simply live in it
instead of upsetting
the phenomenal balance
and pure harmony
in which we were meant to exist..
we play and reflect and learn
as we become
proficient in imitation
and improvise
simply building sand castles
on the shore and letting a wave
return it to the sea..
when we create it is simply
a form of reflecting
inspiration and elation
the sweet joy of gratitude
and delight
we touch the divine
in dreams and visions of truth..
we return to earth
and realize we have been
in paradise all along
may we share the song
of each overflowing heart
and bask in the glory
of a great and generous God
blessing us eternally
for in truth
we are profoundly loved
and the great secret
of existence is that we
are the Beloved
we are God’s dearest creation
the ultimate achievement
life from life
light from light
made to ease his loneliness..

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