Fountain of Grace

Rassouli-Cosmos-art- (1).jpg flowing

Watched a man gaze into
the blazing white hot turbulence
of a volcano
saw the crashing walls
of a glacier fall into the sea
a hurricane wipe an island away
a child being born to parents of love
listened to the rumbling thunder and rain tonight
the lightning flashing outside my windows
thousands asking for prayer for things gone wrong
in their bodies…in cities…in countries…in homes
in hearts…in souls…in living spirits
streaming prayers for earth and children
i feel God everywhere in everything
forever grateful for gracious presence
for beauty that overwhelms
thrilling vigilance beyond time
magnificent love and gentling grace
raindrops talking to me
sliding down my windows
sometimes wondering if they are
the compassionate tears of God
my life feels a forever unfolding conversation
with infinite faces and intimate whispering silence
a glorious music….waves of energy
creating seas and skies and stars
heavenly bodies and rhythm of a pulsing heart
throbbing love beyond my words
a divine love eternally embracing each and
everyone as a beloved…
calling me awake to come
into healing arms…


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