Dawning of Love..



The vigil of silence just before dawn
is filled with the energy
and essence
of creating a new day
the presence of a world 
of new beginnings

the sacred listening
to one’s own heart
within the greater heart
in which we find
our very life

the source of the dearest one
from whom we come
as we wait for the promise
of a rising sun
to spill light upon the earth

surrendering to the flow
of pure love
and the faith and hope
that moves the becoming
of a morning

may love be the horizon
in the midst of storms
through loss and change
in great pain or flooding rains
that leave us reeling

may we find healing
in feeling
a greater surge of love
for each other and the courage
to begin again and again

pure love is the only response
that lights the way
to see beyond the loss
of our own personal paradise
to create another day




a wild rose filled with golden sun…..

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