Whispers to my Beloved….

11885129_1477936209190140_8224796052731426052_n.jpg birds in flight over mountains

Guide my morning flight and show me
what it would it be like to bring the dawn
to feel the sun rising over the horizon
warming rays of living energy
outshining the stars and dimming the moon
sunlight like raindrops playing in the leaves
gentle wind fluttering green
ruffling and tossing hair
stirring soft curls and rippling the river
what would it be like to push the ocean into waves
lift outspread wings to sigh and glide
in the sky with me
to smile through a child
in a mother’s arms
while gazing at her eyes
let me move with you to caress the skin of lovers
while stirring the clover in the meadow
and dance with long stemmed flowers
to heal an aching heart
listening to countless prayers
and moving through them to let each one
know I was there and how much I care
O let me taste the love that brings us into being
turns night into day and creates the change of seasons
let me rain on gardens and fall as snowflakes
in a first winter snow making it new
with the beauty of your touch
all the time you loving me forever loving thee
feeling one with your light and your mysterious night..
sweep me into your flight and make us one…


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