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deep listening in vigil of faith…

December 27, 2017
ecstasyinbeing_468x600.jpg Douet
There is no limit to the depths
and reach of the whispering spirit
that opens to the divine flow
of the Source of All Life
within and through us..
in the peace of green valleys
and living water..
in the solitude and stillness
of communion..
in the loving revelations
of the infinite forms and light
expressing the intimacy of pure love
all names falling into the anointing
of belovedness
veiled in glowing
breathtaking beauty
divine grace
generosity and kindness
unique to each heart and soul
and precious life…

Lights my nights and my days…

December 13, 2017


A warm reminder of the blessings of light and love at Christmas

Light has come into the world and changed everything.

A time to remember and be grateful….

Grace abounding…

December 8, 2017
 1463417_586335301402801_1343474464_n.jpg opening portal of light

Living words softly adorn the earth
with visions of grace
ethereal clouds
and the whispering breath
of divine revelation
creating a glow of life-giving love
within our spiritual hearts
and souls
an eternal relationship
of communion
and sweet intimacy
a voluminous transparency
of flowing spirit
from the Beloved
sharing the light of awareness
moving and creating each being
moment by precious moment…
a gift and glory of great love
from God alone…