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The sanctuary of Spirit is infinite…

January 22, 2018

17796472_10212739901480388_2040025678841373576_n.jpg The Arrival

The Arrival of the life force in the temple of Spirit.. the beautiful transparency.. the unimaginable depth of Presence….the infinite reach of God…….the sanctuary given invisibly as a Grace….a protected spaciousness….true depth of pure love…..a moment that changes everything that depends on reason….vanishing in awe in the proverbial garden…

I am grateful for the grace of healing, for the life-giving breath of the beloved flowing through me, for the vision and creativity that surprises me when I open my heart to the gift of life itself manifesting in the universe. I feel the empowering presence at dawn, in the morning light, in the afternoon in the gold of the setting sun, in the mystical glow of the moon, and in the overwhelming love that holds me in the balancing energies of earth and heaven that sustain us.


Painting by Rassouli….called “The Arrival”

Dance of Love…

January 6, 2018

Oh painters, poets, singers,

artists of the soul.

playing in the particles of life,

let the quivering molecules

of your being

wade in the energy of your

hidden laughter.

Become masters of the medium

of love

and splash your kisses

across the sky!

Dip your brushes in your hearts

and create a vision

of the beauty crouching

within you,

ready to spring into life

as something new.

Let the winds of spirit blow

away the clouds

that cover your longing

for freedom.

Dress your precious life in

the colors of your soul

and let the wondrous visions

flow into a stream of love.

Be an invitation, like the dawn,

coaxing and calling

us all to dance with the day,

to play, to sing,

to let the light of the sun make us

gleam and glow.

Let your sleeping heart awaken

and push through the soil

of the body and mind

to be born again and again and again

as love.
Let your sweet discovery

bloom in wonder.

Greet the blossoms with shouts of joy,

as the petals of tenderness

surround you in a robe of rainbows

and dripping wonder.

Be like Joseph in his coat

of many colors

with eyes that see the Pharaoh’s dreams

and ears that hear

the songs of the night

locked in silence, weeping to be known.

Let the caressing touch of spirit

set you free

to be, to live, to move, to flow,

and to create,

again and again and again

as love.

Take my hand and dance me

into the mystery and

music of you.