The sanctuary of Spirit is infinite…

17796472_10212739901480388_2040025678841373576_n.jpg The Arrival

The Arrival of the life force in the temple of Spirit.. the beautiful transparency.. the unimaginable depth of Presence….the infinite reach of God…….the sanctuary given invisibly as a Grace….a protected spaciousness….true depth of pure love…..a moment that changes everything that depends on reason….vanishing in awe in the proverbial garden…

I am grateful for the grace of healing, for the life-giving breath of the beloved flowing through me, for the vision and creativity that surprises me when I open my heart to the gift of life itself manifesting in the universe. I feel the empowering presence at dawn, in the morning light, in the afternoon in the gold of the setting sun, in the mystical glow of the moon, and in the overwhelming love that holds me in the balancing energies of earth and heaven that sustain us.


Painting by Rassouli….called “The Arrival”

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