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May 17, 2018

70fe90e020562f2f419265b73a1988e2.jpg fire print


the unseen dancing flame

 perhaps you cannot see

the face of love

because you are looking through

the beloved’s eyes


only a lover can see the sun

or dwell in the eye

of solar storms

and not be burned

by the flames

dancing all around the heart


perhaps the mysterious

fragrance of heaven

eludes you

because it follows where

you walk


perhaps you see an empty chalice

because you are the wine

it holds


longing holds the vision

just beyond our reach

but in the symmetry

of love


oneness fills our cups

with an endless flowing stream

of the purest wine


A quiet place of grace…

May 16, 2018

img_1874 (1) Hope is eternal Farshchian



There is a quiet place in the soul

where hope and love are eternal..

.where we rest and feel communion

with the Source of All Creation…

and of All Life…..

a place where breathing is easy

and faith is a grace….

a soft place…..

beyond words….

the Beloved goes before us

to prepare the way

and meets us with open arms……


Garden of the soul

May 16, 2018

3bbf1fe67bc15b5c0f017370940e3231.jpg Farshchian

Here in the darkness of night
ever aware of an approaching light
arising to bring the dawn..

a veil of cool silence covers
and shields the garden
with the soft glow of the moon..

hidden deep within the silken shadows
of a caressing lingering darkness
a sacred energy illuminates the soul..

a divine Presence radiant with love
lifts the spirit flooding it with Joy
sending it soaring on a flight of its own..

the heart opens and expands
pulsing with a rhythm aligning
with the streaming flow of life itself..

something stirs inside igniting a flame
drawing you into the fire of pure love
brighter than a hundred suns..

and you surrender into the open arms
of a welcoming Beloved
who is whispering your name..


My Cup Runneth Over

May 11, 2018


My Cup Runneth Over

The alchemy of love is the key
to the beauty and vision
of my experience of life
the sacred earth and universe
and the precious hearts and souls 
so dear to me..
for when the energy flows from
relationship with the Source
and Oneness of the Beloved
I dwell in the belovedness
of beholding
and profound gratitude
for the sweetness it brings…..
Life becomes a psalm
a hymn of glorious music
that soothes my soul…
Peace….may peace be with you
now and always….