Sacrament of Presence



IMG_9527.JPG sunburstOur presence here on earth is a chance to live

the secret hidden within each one of us

to bring the truth of our being to life

to give form and expression as it rises from the silence

like the lotus emerges and blooms beneath the moon..

We kneel in the temple and sanctuary of the soul

before God and feel the Presence

of the Great Spirit from which we come

and are anointed with the sacrament of Life itself

christened in the Divine Light of Presence

from His beholding eyes that see all that we are..

and the revelation of love is a communion

of grace that writes the truth upon our hearts..

everything changes in this sacred moment

when the path is illumined by this

very precious Presence of our Lord..

We humbly surrender and are surrounded

by a divine countenance and glorious embrace

that comes as pure gift through the deep blessing

of belonging and belovedness guiding us

in the moment by moment unfolding of our

becoming in the highest creativity

we will ever know..