God says, You are my miracles!

Pure Love is the secret to Freedom
What if we awakened to discover
we are actually being drawn
into a vortex of energy
that fuses us
into a flow of love..
a oneness of spirit
and yet quite distinctive
in the unique way we live it
moment by moment by moment..
What if each of us were to discover
ourselves in another in a way
surprising our very self
opening our hearts
to truly feel
that excites
and unites our lives
through the insight of revelation
and the expansion
of awakening..
The beauty of the other is recognition
of something in ourselves
that wants to be born
and live
in a new way
opening the portal
to possibilities we might
never have known by our selves alone..
The flow of life has a sacred beauty
that our heart longs to behold
and each expression of life
harbors a wondrous
that invites us
to blossom in the flavor
and colors of feeling the other
who invites us into creation itself..
We are the prism of colors in light
that become living rainbows
when we fall into spring
as the birth
of beauty that flows
from love that is ever new
in the mingling of sacred hearts..


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