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Feel the portal of Love opening within you

October 6, 2015

revelation-by-mahmoud-farshchian-1346030483_org (1)

When we awaken..
whenever it is..
however it happens..
we feel a Presence
calling to us..
a summoning
to a deeper life..
some try to name
it in language..
some in silence
and others in song..
through the wonder
of rhythm..
a compassionate act..
or a unique sharing of love..

We feel the flow of energy
that continues to create
on this earth
and give form to life..
and we open
to a deeper way of being..
a sacred listening..
let it whisper to the heart..
and bring light
to the soul..
and we are changed..

Love forever seeks
the revelation
of that which brings awareness
to the light of our being..

This is that greatest love
in all the world
that gift that gives meaning
to every life and breath
moment by moment..

It is for everyone..
the sweet promise
of God..


Image by Farshchian