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Only Love can Save me

June 5, 2009



O beautiful One, who is my life,

my surrendering sea,

my glorious God, I disappear in thee.

I dance upon the water and feel

your outstretched arms,

your royal bow,

your tender kiss upon my hand,

as your firm grasp keeps my pride

from being swept into the tide

that is swirling at my heels

testing the faith

of this foolish bride,

who wants only to be near you,

who longs for you

to want that too.

Save me from my human fate

and open the gate

of your compassionate heart.

Let the fire start

and the blaze engulf all that ever

kept me apart

from the sweet kingdom I see

in the expanse of your eyes

gazing from the skies

surrounding me

with the essence of all I long to be.

End this agony that sweeps over me

in wave after wave of ecstasy

from one glimpse of thee.

I act the part of one set free,

yet I am but a willing slave

hopelessly rocked in the turbulence

of  my human desire

to drown in thee.

O beautiful One,

save me, for I am only free

in the sea of your love.



All is Gift

June 4, 2009
Grapes - DSC00082
Each day as the sun rises over the green earth, nearly perfect in the creation of a day , I open my heart and dwell in the holy silence of an eternal moment …….of pure presence….of pure love….when all is new, and I am taken up in an embrace of  love, enraptured in the gaze of eyes that see through me from a heart and soul that are gracious enough to share this miracle with me.
As poor as I am, I have nothing to give except to surrender to the visions that appear before me in valleys of  dancing color and light. I long to share the joy of it all, but nothing is mine to give or guide in the divine will that exists beyond my own, for we are particles that move and dance in this beauty, like tiny sparking flames in the fire
of dawn.
All that I am, I have made known to you, beyond that, we are poured out like wine by divine hands beyond our own. We are the gift, offered as the bread of life, the wine of the heart, and  the feast of the spirit. We are the fruits of heaven. We are not the givers, but that which is given to each other, particles of a creator, the perfect host, that is broken and offered as our very life…..even our breath is not our own, but the breath of God that moves through us. The crumbs on the table of the earth are divine crumbs that embody the radiance of the divine.
I have seen rainbows in the pools of water that gather after the rain, and I have seen the glow of light hidden in the night. I can only witness to what these eyes allow me to see.
I have nothing to give that is my own, for all that I am, all that I have, all that I see is given to me…..the same as it is given to you.
Life is the crowning glory, a chain of the blossoming beauty of sacred moments gathered like wildflowers from the meadows of God.

Love is the seed

June 3, 2009

Love seeds my dreams
Love creates the faces in my dreams
Love is the dream
Love summons and awakens me
Love befriends me
Love watches over me
Love walks with me
Love talks with me
Love plays with me
Love dances with me
Love lies down with me
Love holds me close
Love becomes my lover
Love fathers the child
Love mothers the child
Love is the child
Love delivers the child
Love is the source of life
Love is the light
Love is the faith
Love is the hope
Love is the vision
Love is the breath
Love is what activates the heart
Love is the servant
Love is the master
Love is the warrior that sets me free
Love is the living word
Love is the silence
Love is the heart
Love is the soul
Love is the night
Love is the dream
Love is the dawn
Love is the Beloved

Divine Love

June 2, 2009

Sometimes… the dark of the night, I feel the hearts of all the mystics in their deep professions of their love and longing for God, and I summon the the most profound words of love I have gathered in my greatest fervor, the ones that touch that deepest well where I burn and ache, and I feel the way love turns me inside out to love God in the unreserved and uninhibited way that I truly feel…..without restraint….without limitation….without holding back to temper and buffer and soften anything……and I realize there must be endless explosions within God as such a vast and incomprehensible Energy as God loves us with Divine longing.  One rush of expression from such a blazing being could turn us to dust and wipe out our planet…and everything that exists.  What restraint and what an act of love it is that God binds the power and holds it in check to protect us!!!  No wonder the universe is ever expanding. No wonder there are parallel universes and black holes of such intensity nothing can enter…..God must have to send the energy out into limitless space to express the mounting love for All Creation.

Blazing trails of incredible beauty of restraining LOVE shoot out in all directions, and I open my eyes in the night…..feel the deep silence that is filled with the Presence of this great Lover, my Beloved, the Soul of my soul, the Heart of my heart, the Sum of All Hearts and Souls and Beyond…..and I break into tears… the Beauty……and all I can whisper………… I love you, so…..I love you….I love you……I love you……and a mantra beats in my heart and in my breathing and my longing reaches out….like solar flares weeping and blazing ….in eternal flames that burn in a love that makes me feel there will surely be nothing but a fine ash left of me in the morning…..
and I say yes, yes, yes, yes, do what you want with me, dissolve me, drown me, consume me in flames, for I am yours….every particle of my being cries out as yours.
This great tenderness does not devour me….but hovers around me protecting me….near enough to breathe me….but not so near as to diminish me……and here I am flawed and human and helpless knowing there are no words to describe what I sometimes behold and feel and tremble in the wake of this wonder……in all that is unexpressed ……and the inexpressible pools in a deep and passionate and holy SILENCE within me… a teeming, swirling, living, wondrous LOVE. This love is who I am, who I have been created to be, who God has embedded as an infinitesimal spark of Divine Being within me to REMEMBER who I am and from where I come.
I become young and ancient at the same time….I am fire and ice….I am brilliance and blackness…..I have a flashing remembrance of a great explosion when I was flung out into space….and when I came into being as the floating drifting breath of God.
Every breath is the gift of life, breath shared by Divine Love…streaming through me….linking me to my wondrous Beloved.
This is not a dream….this is LOVE in its sweeping Beauty trembling with DIVINE DESIRE…..shaking mountains, shifting continents, moving oceans, setting the sky ablaze loving us.

A Letter to A Listening Heart

June 1, 2009

Day after day after day, I write my poetic expressions that flow from my heart, and I keep them here on this site, as a kind of journal of my own creative adventure in awakening to the fullness of life and the way love manifests within my own heart and soul.

I am a very private person, so it is not easy to share what is so profoundly personal to me. I am certainly not on a soapbox to try and draw anyone else into living my way, rather my hope and prayer is that you will live in a way that is true to your own heart. I find writing a way to reach for the feelings that I carry within me, and to proclaim the truths I find there, for this creative process moves me toward the precious gift of living in freedom.

I have come to feel this is the divine intention for all people, to live creatively and freely on this beautiful earth we have been given, to enjoy the incredible universe that surrounds us, and to awaken to an inclusive and transforming love for all beings that dwell here together on this planet.

We will never be able to understand the deep mysteries that have created us, nor the miracle of life itself, but we can learn to live gratefully and graciously as it unfolds. We can learn to surrender and find as many ways as possible to help nurture and sustain the life and the earth we have been given.

I long for our well being and unity as a nation and as people of God. I pray that we realize how much we are all loved before our fears destroy this precious gift of creation.

I greet you in the morning light with a love that truly desires your joy and your freedom now and always.

Love, Naomi

Love is a patient lover

May 31, 2009

wild rose in the sunlight

Love is a patient lover

Love is waiting to come shining

through the stars to become

the light in your eyes to

help you find

your way.

Love is waiting to come blazing

through the sun to bring light

to your days and nourish

your growth into all

you long to be.

Love is waiting in the silence

to chase away your fears

and call you out to play,

to dance, and to reveal

your beauty to you.

Love is waiting as an inner strength

to answer your cries for help,

to come when you feel alone

and be a friend to your

longing heart.

Love is waiting in the depths of your soul

to flow in a rushing stream of energy

to your heart when you surrender

at last to the great love

of the beloved.


May 29, 2009

00  Rassouli  02-01-FreeFlight

falling tears taste salty
like the sea
perhaps the sea rises
in the mist
to  meet our gaze
bewildering us with the beauty
of a horizon
that touches the sky

perhaps the gaze of love
draws the lover
into a stream flowing
from the heart
and we fall helplessly
into the water
rushing toward
the sea

the drumbeats from the jungle
are felt in the heart
and the cries of children
all over the world
awaken our
own deeper hunger
for one who will never
leave us

the search for what we dare
not name
lures us into a wilderness
where we lose
our way
and nameless lovers
rescue us
and point the way
toward home

we are all homeless
and poor
and the truth
of a new reality excites
and terrifies us
as we pull a cover over
our heads
to hide from
the light

how do we bear the tenderness
of a lover that knows and sees
our faults and flaws
hiding behind our masks
one who knows
we are ancient illusions
of an experiment
thousands of years old
and somehow loves
us anyway

we curl up in gratitude
next to a heart
that cradles the cosmos
singing us songs of joy
and sharing the
secrets of the universe
by loving us

painting by rassouli

Following Love

May 25, 2009

000 - blowing in the wind

Chasing words like feathers
in the wind,
seedlings that float away
when I try
to hold them in my hand.
Ideas turn to fluff,
like fairy dust dancing just
beyond my reach

Stars twinkle away from me,
and the moon
slips behind a cloud.
Sunlight flickers and hides
in the shadows,
and the twinkle in love’s eyes
lights up my heart.

Love is laughing
at my serious quest
teasing me,
playing hide and seek,
peeking out,
blowing kisses that turn
into flowers
all around me.

Love wants to play
and walks all over my words,
leaving dusty footprints
on the page
for me to follow
wherever they go.

Sometimes, we follow
a butterfly,
or the light from a star,
and we find
a hidden door
into an enchanted place,
where love’s secret
joys are shared.

00  Following Love

Love lifts our broken hearts

May 23, 2009

00  Circle of lovers   2311035154_fd9d20477f

Love lifts our broken hearts
carrying us
on wings of compassion
into blue meadows
of freedom
to touch the beauty
of the open skies
of our souls.

Feelings pour out like rain
from hearts
torn open by sadness
falling as cleansing tears
upon the landscape
of our lives.

The light of remembrance
glistens from dewy tears
and sliding into
a delicate and
caressing tenderness
like a rose
drinking the dew
of heaven.

Poetic expression by



by Sadiq Alam

(Entitled: Circle of Lovers)

Flowing in Light

May 19, 2009



00 Flow  Rassouli 02-27-PillarsofLife


May the light flow through you,
cleansing you like rain
spinning the earth and sky
into a spiraling circle of light,
spreading the particles
of your being
with the silken and silvery beams
of illumined spirit.
May love soften the edges
melting all you have drawn so
 tightly around you
to hide from your beauty.
May you surrender your sadness
to the caressing light of dawn
and know the treasure
of love
that washes away all
that ever caused you to feel
less than you truly are.
Feel the truth
of creation’s touch
and flow in the thrill
of being cherished
and seen
and loved beyond
all measuring.
May your heart open
to the rising essence of
and the sweet fragrance
from your
awakening soul.
You are the grace
the heart has longed
to discover.
You are the crowning glory
of creation
 aglow in the wonder
 of love.
Poetic expression
Visual image
 by Rassouli