Following the glow

March 3, 2015

Following the glow

The sun rises and casts its rays
upon the earth
touching and warming
the spark
hidden within each and every life
the flame sighs
and sings with the breath
of God
manifesting form
and vision

mystical glimmering beneath
the fallen stardust
on the path
to the entrance
of the castling seclusion
of the beloved
granting us clues
to the secrets of the womb
of creation

spinning and splashing color
across the skies
of the soul
creating worlds
and dancing with the dream
of spirit
the mystic dances
with the invisible glow
of love

brilliant metaphors
play across the vision of life
luring us into beauty
the illusion of matter
far beyond
the reach of grasping hands
who would use it
for themselves alone

spinning trails of light
of illumination
the lovers
discover the passage
to the sweet bliss
of union
while wandering in awe
on the sea of thee


00  flowing toward the beloved.

Upon awakening….

February 28, 2015


Upon awakening

the eyes of my heart gaze in awe

into an expanding beauty

to which the truth within my soul

bears witness

as the spirit soars free to dance with thee

the path to love has opened wide

the music of the swirling stars and spinning spheres

creating a celestial ballroom

of flowing space through divine grace

suspending a golden globe

of firelight

spilling flickering patterns of flames

giving life to this existence

through the sweet encounter

of relationship

falling into the embrace

and sacred  touch

of spirit

is much more than we could ever

have known alone

we awaken to

what it is to become real

and feel thy love

opening a portal

within us

creating a cosmic sea

of eternal light

dancing with the sun

10517605_10205193215217948_3030229511955670360_o.jpg spinning

Blessing from the heart of belovedness

February 27, 2015


Blessing the family of humankind
showering and anointing them with love
touch all hearts to know
the great heart which connects us all

May we never lift a hand to harm
the beauty of creation
this earth or the beautiful people
who share it as home

May we feel the flowing spirit
and feel the sweet belovedness
that gives us life and breath
to experience the wonder of love

when mystics sing…..

When mystics sing

the sweet invisible wings of spirit

February 21, 2015

Nirvana (1)  rassouli

the blissful peace beyond the boundaries

of whatever confines us

is ever beckoning


and calling us to experience

the essence of light

deep within our own beingness

a liberating sacred spirit


swirling ……….flowing

lighter than air

opening the way

a path to the sweetest freedom

of pure love


Sheltering sanctuary of Love

February 13, 2015


We gather in the glow

of that sheltering heart

overflowing with the spirit of love

that warms us all

We feel the life giving rhythm


within our own

drawing us into communion


every heart

to open to the beauty

and wonder

of the kingdom



The mystics call us

to the winehouse of the Beloved

to taste the sweetness

of the wine

and lift our hearts

to rejoice in the whispering

flames in

the dancing gaze

of intimates

who gather in love…



Adorned with garlands of love

February 11, 2015


amazing-forest- Light

Sweet touch of dawn
awakening me
kissing the last
of lengthening
shadows away that like
to follow joy
and obscure the emanations
of light
that bless the world

Love so fills my eyes
that the gaze
brushes everything in sight
with beauty
using darkness
to deepen
the soft robe
of night
the beloved tenderly places
around my shoulders

Starlight lingers
in my hair
and garlands of secrets
are hidden
in the tiny flowers
clinging to my gown

My countenance is radiant
with the beloved
and the light of day
reveals the Joy
I carry inside
I am helpless to dim the glow
so I treasure the grace
and hide my face…

Laughter dances all
around the room
and the voice of intimacy
has opened
my sacred listening

Night surrounds me
while I close
my eyes
to pretend to sleep
the stars linger
in the morning light
but we are unable to delay
the light of dawn

The birds are already singing
and building nests
with strands
of hair
left in the grass
for love
is in the air

Bewildering dew
like sips of wine
the silvery tongue
of the moon
transforming me into
a living tree
of heaven
in the golden rays
of eternal love


luminous transcendence

February 8, 2015
The silence never fails to coax a song
from this listening heart
when feeling the deep presence
of the dance
beneath the stars
the soft caresses
in the swirling centuries 
of blossoming 
in the sweet spring 
of mystic souls
a garden forever blessed
by the fingers of moonlight
in the sensual curls
tumbling free under the tapestry
of night
a music only heard
and felt
in the open heart
of lovers
fireflies mingle with violets
in the grass
and the stream
flowing through the garden
carries a story
in the reflections
of light
that will soon vanish
in the rising mist 
of dawn
the beloved keeps the secrets
in the infinite
of the formless

the light above all light

January 28, 2015

the song of night 417084_126060527516003_117912128330843_127824_982538320_n

The moist dew clinging and quivering on the petals
of the newly opening flowers in the mystical garden
shining in the luminous rays of early morning sun
hovering caress like the tears brimming from my eyes….
this sweet elixir… the quintessence of dawn
becomes a new threshold for the visions you let me see
a new being blinking and gazing upon a new world
wide eyed and innocent as if for the first time…

Hearing the crooning of the music you play
with pursed lips upon the flute
as your divine breath soothes and sways and plays
with tender touches through my curls flowing
loosely in the wind leaving me swooning
in tenderness and spinning in the graceful
circling dance of all you create…

The divine light of your countenance
weaves a cover of clouds glowing with stars
a garland of wildflowers as my words
fall helplessly and humbly into your beauty
yet this sacred encounter longs for expression
and the touch of spirit is more real than
any ever known in human existence..

Soft sensual arrows of light enter my heart
bewildering the rhythm to align with yours
to feel the field of radiant energy
that surrounds and follows you
opening the portal of your nearness
as you touch the earth with the spirit
and freedom of the purity of love….


the light within 397140_286305351432143_209171649145514_769578_445676558_n

The wine of our becoming

January 27, 2015

10557442_257336657785664_62630166731075480_n.jpg  wave

Holding out the chalice of the pure wine of love
with both hands……may it find the path through your heart
to glow with light and transparency…..that you might behold
the truth and beauty within you….let the reflections
shimmer like the sun flashing on the ripples of the sea…
as light rides the crest of the rising and falling waves…

Let your garden be filled with flowers of laughter
and water them with your tears……whisper your secrets
as you hide them with the seeds in soft soil
to reach for the light of the beloved…coaxing your growth
and luring you to dance in the arms of intimacy
the stars invite your becoming…

the curving gondola of the mystical moon awaits
your presence in the possibilities of a new dawn..
scattering the rainbows from the colors of you..
upon countless longing hearts waiting to share
the rhythm of your life and the gospels of your soul…
let us sip the sweetness of your song of freedom…


Untitled.jpg Rainbows from the heart

We stand on the shoulders of their faith

January 26, 2015

127.jpg  Faith by Rassouli


Abraham! Joseph! Moses! Mary! Jesus!

We whisper their names in awe and wonder

becoming aware of their stories

and the creative power of their faith

standing alone in a call from a Voice

within their hearts

sometimes asking the impossible

following love in dreams and visions

that no one could prove

Yet they were launched on a mission

they could not explain

only knew they must follow

one step at a time

moment by moment

a journey

that changed everything

looking for a new way of living

in the kingdom of the soul

A God of Love has infinite faces

knowing our hearts

and longings

our possibilities

Love awakens and empowers

the spirit to move us

into the great arms of belonging

and belovedness

We stand on the shoulders of thousands

who followed a call

of those who were moved by faith

to help create a new world

of freedom

to become a seeker

an explorer

a pilgrim of wonder

in the magnificent light

and glorious mystery

of the wilderness of God


10308323_10203881733551726_1202822067452670609_n dove 3

Painting by Rassouli