Divine Mystery of the Universe

January 10, 2015

Mystery of the Universe

Sometimes when I awaken
in this wilderness
of silence
beneath the moon
visions of the elegance of creation
dance me into a heightened awareness
of the phenomenal variation
of life

Blessed to see and behold
unending moments
of wonder here on earth
the blinding radiance
of it all
breaks free in
the gaze of love

Suddenly am free falling
into deep dimensions
of timelessness
a matrix of mystic seeds
in a womb filled with silent music
waiting to be born
stirring with a longing desire
to create a form

Playing with words
letting them tumble into being
sometimes claiming a place
by finding a space
on the pristine wilderness of a blank page
an untouched field of light
inviting love’s expression
a composition
that arranges itself
in a flowing revelation of new life

Life is seeking union
with love
to reveal itself
through the precious spirit
hidden within us

We are designed to receive
the Beloved
who is forever
forming us to become
the light
that reveals
the glory and grace
of love


The veil is lifting

January 7, 2015

00  98-16-Surrendering

Come play 

in the soft rays 

of dawn

and breathe deeply to catch 

the revelations of dusk


the musky scent 

of night

still clinging 

to the golden veil

of the rising sun



in the surrendered soul 

flows through us 

in the fullness of love 

and finds its expression 

in the awe and wonder of surprise

before our eyes


for the heart 

is a glowing fire

a luminous creator of infinite 

and intimate ways 

we can express 

the voluminous kindness

 in the wild 

and unique grace 

of love


with changing colors

we glimpse

the luminous transparency 

of infinite beauty 


and touching us


we cannot help but share

with caressing 

and open palms

moist with whatever medium

is flowing from us

like silk

as the tip of a flame

writes its secrets through

our vulnerability


Love transforms 

the moment

into something so sacred

we feel the breath

of whispering

when we truly listen

with the heart


a sensual breeze

seems to be

lingering near our lips

softly and tenderly

brushing the skin

like eyelashes


a leaping flame of feeling

sends us reeling

and dancing

to a deep rhythm

hidden in the marvelous


of creativity

unleashed by spirit

into a wilderness

of freedom


a fountain of pure joy

touches the sky

and becomes

a prism of glorious beams

of streaming light 


elegant refrains 

of beauty 

from a music

of silence


O sweet companion

of my soul

how dear you are

love covers the distance

between near and far

and your essence

has become


a precious part

of this 

eternal heart

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All glory is thine, O Lord

January 3, 2015





  Mary kissing Jesus 001

In a mother’s heart

a secret opens

like the mystery

and flowering beauty

of spring,

when she tenderly

kisses her child,

she kisses the face of love,

and Mary felt

in her soul

that she was kissing

the face of God,

that the child in her arms

was the wonder

of the great I am

settling softly as a babe

in her arms.


Ascending into unseen arms

January 3, 2015










There are moments we rise

beyond the endless words

perceiving and feeling

the delicate breath of a sigh

curling and weaving…

weightless…. unseen…

slipping into a flow of spirit……..

a secret entry

spinning soft emanations….

silken strands of purity

deeply intimate

 infinitely divine secrets

of belovedness….

approaching silently like fog

melting into whispers

of home


The soothing sigh of the Beloved

December 15, 2014

433  Portal

The entire universe

is being born

within us

in every moment…

One great energy

sustaining us All…

flowing through us…

heart to heart…..

soul to soul……….

breath to breath…………

divine thought to thought…

the winds of beauty……..

the light of spirit……..

the alchemy of love………

.the translucent clouds……

glow with the colors

of feeling……

reflecting the deep


of the Source of All Life.

love for our sacred being…

precious intimacy

of the breath of God…

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bewildering beauty of the beloved

December 15, 2014
10872722_753112241434777_2998163916613989298_o.jpg magic of snow
There is a song ….
the words sing the sad story….
that the thrill is gone….
and what happens
when they no longer feel
the currents of desire …..
no longer feel able to see
someone or something with the eyes
of bewildering disorientation
which so many mistake for love…
Like earthly wine…
earthly love is a beginning….
opening the senses…
but when love comes in its purity arises…..
awakens……………..expands ……
and grants us divine vision….
……the thrill is forever new……
something lifts us
in the sheer lightness of Spirit….
delicately spun spreading..
gliding…………..sheer……..invisible wings…
orbs………..shimmering cloud…
catching the light..
bears us on the breath of love
When the Beloved gazes through
our earthly eyes
the solid illusion dissolves
and melts away…..
and a different seeing emerges…
…i call it “beholding” ……….
Behold…………the kingdom is at hand……..
the Beloved brushes by………
and touches with the softness of air
spirit to spirit
a movement of beauty……..
felt in the heart………….
that softens the soul
the soothing sound
of the sighs of creation 
love overflowing ……
shimmering strings of the heart
sing like the harp……….
quivering with music
only the Beloved can play
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The Light of Being

December 11, 2014

10453078_10204101475445136_3258182956257873847_o spinning light








The flow of creative energy
through the heart and soul
and awakening mind
the sublime spark that activates
the soft brilliance
of the light that ignites
and illuminates
our vision
and perception of life
changes everything
We are reborn
in a thrilling moment
a lightning flash
setting loose an eternal chain
of sacramental moments
beholding the mysterious beauty
and source of a guiding love
Light becomes a beacon
a ray of the divine
a pure revelation
that opens the portals
of spirit
through a call of freedom
to experience
a renaissance and renewal
of our innocence.
We are launched into
an experience of beauty
through a veil
of tears
feeling the gaze
of love.
This is the Beloved
guiding us
into the infinite variation
of creation
of which we are the pinnacle
the reflection
the sun of a touchable sky
a holy echoing silence
the pulsing rhythm
of a divine heart
Beauty is the true nature
of being
and we will spend
the rest of our lives reaching
to express
and live the glory
of the light of love

A New World

November 30, 2014

1966331_10203575308691296_395554652_o  Valley of gree

A New World

Life flashes into being
blinding our eyes
leaving us wondering
where we are
and why we are here…

Paradise looms
in the hidden
of our memory
and feelings
dance with the beguiling shadows
that awaken us at night

Breezes ruffle the hair
and loosen
our curls to feel
the sweet breath
of the Beloved
guiding us
to love as we are loved

Every cell is on alert
the skin becomes
a scroll
for the messages
of love rolling
off the fingertips
of God

The people’s psalms
may be a well
written cry for
the soothing palm
that quiets our fears
and wipes away
our tears

Every moment
a taste of Eden’s fruit
and the fragrance
of a valley of flowers
to help us
remember paradise

We are summoned
to care
and to share
our new birth here
on earth
by remembering love


secrets of creating

November 16, 2014

10006983_10201925147449841_1571518298245618890_n.jpg  Motherhood


……an amazing experience…..

wouldn’t have missed it for anything

divine feminine draws its pattern

from the secrets

deep within the great sea of that which gives birth to all life



trusting the beloved to give it flavor and form

we cannot begin to imagine


the deepest secrets swim in the sweetness of the silkiness that lines the passage

through which we invite the magnificence of the beloved

to flow

and glide into the glory of the ultimate

receptivity and creativity

we call love

while the truth hovers far beyond our words

melting in the murmuring music

of the songs of our mystics

in the moonlight glowing

with luminescence

that summons

a tiny nightingale to serenade

the rose

to reveal the beauty

of the heavenly softness

of the petals

that open to the beloved’s


entry into the soul


miracle enough to create form

and breathe life into a seed of shimmering light

and yet beyond the form

a greater mystery

is born as

a spirit rising from a deeper union

more delicate than wings

a sigh lighter than air

soft laughter

of lovers

quivering flame of essence

that does not burn

but vanishes

in silent awe into

the womb of divine mystery

opening to that which seeks to experience

and be touched by

eternal love

10308323_10203881733551726_1202822067452670609_n dove 3

Beautiful Spirit of the Beloved

October 28, 2014

386  spirit traveler

“Spirit Traveler”  Painting by Rassouli

This sacred timeless moment
wears the face of love
as light curls around me
soft transparent tenderness
fills the room
spirit with spinning energy

My Beloved
is my sweet home
there is no waiting for words
to create what I feel
for love has turned from
its graceful flight
anointing my existence
with majestic
lifting the mystical veil
and placing a robe
of golden light around
my shoulders

Love comes in the night
expands in the dawn
and spreads
the glow of the beloved
in a burst of breathless splendor
before me and around me
within me
as a blazing world flames out
surrounding and flooding
with a cooling celestial sea
of luminous light.

Whose eyes are these
who perceive
this glory
dwelling within me
such revelation

Who writes these words
to convey what human eyes
could never see
What spirit moves the life
within my womb

Who fills this cup with vintage wine
brimming and anointing
my grateful heart
reigning over my reality
with a crown and scepter
spun from a golden ray
of the sun

My maiden heart surrenders
to this Lord of Love in
humble adoration
and devotion
yet turns to face
the Beloved
soul to Soul
as i am swept like the wind
into moments of grace

No dream is this as I wander
in golden skies
of the Beloved’s eyes
aware of divine breath
breathing my own
rising and falling
rushing in and breathing out
in a sacred flow

Every last vestige of this
earthly life
falls into belovedness
to grant me
this glorious freedom
to dwell in this
heavenly heart
of God

The moment comes
when it comes
we watch and wait
and dream and
wander through valleys
and scale the walls
and mountains
that only seem to rise
between us
as we journey home

What kingdom awaits you
harbored in
your longing heart

What paradise
is circling
in your soul

How would the event
of your awakening
to your eager eyes

O i implore you
to dare to reach
for the sweet
your restless mind

What secrets
are veiled
in the hidden
of your precious heart….

O Beloved it is you
that forms the dream
of paradise
through the grace
of the love
from which we come
and it is you
who rushes in
to guide us home

Naomi Stone…

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