Beautiful Spirit of the Beloved

October 28, 2014

386  spirit traveler

“Spirit Traveler”  Painting by Rassouli

This sacred timeless moment
wears the face of love
as light curls around me
soft transparent tenderness
fills the room
spirit with spinning energy

My Beloved
is my sweet home
there is no waiting for words
to create what I feel
for love has turned from
its graceful flight
anointing my existence
with majestic
lifting the mystical veil
and placing a robe
of golden light around
my shoulders

Love comes in the night
expands in the dawn
and spreads
the glow of the beloved
in a burst of breathless splendor
before me and around me
within me
as a blazing world flames out
surrounding and flooding
with a cooling celestial sea
of luminous light.

Whose eyes are these
who perceive
this glory
dwelling within me
such revelation

Who writes these words
to convey what human eyes
could never see
What spirit moves the life
within my womb

Who fills this cup with vintage wine
brimming and anointing
my grateful heart
reigning over my reality
with a crown and scepter
spun from a golden ray
of the sun

My maiden heart surrenders
to this Lord of Love in
humble adoration
and devotion
yet turns to face
the Beloved
soul to Soul
as i am swept like the wind
into moments of grace

No dream is this as I wander
in golden skies
of the Beloved’s eyes
aware of divine breath
breathing my own
rising and falling
rushing in and breathing out
in a sacred flow

Every last vestige of this
earthly life
falls into belovedness
to grant me
this glorious freedom
to dwell in this
heavenly heart
of God

The moment comes
when it comes
we watch and wait
and dream and
wander through valleys
and scale the walls
and mountains
that only seem to rise
between us
as we journey home

What kingdom awaits you
harbored in
your longing heart

What paradise
is circling
in your soul

How would the event
of your awakening
to your eager eyes

O i implore you
to dare to reach
for the sweet
your restless mind

What secrets
are veiled
in the hidden
of your precious heart….

O Beloved it is you
that forms the dream
of paradise
through the grace
of the love
from which we come
and it is you
who rushes in
to guide us home

Naomi Stone…

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Oh Divining Light spilling from the night

October 22, 2014


10517605_10205193215217948_3030229511955670360_o.jpg spinning

Ohhhh divining light spilling from the night
creating wings and worlds
unfurling and flinging spheres
hurtling through untouched space
giving birth to brilliant virgin stars
drifting and tumbling in slow motion flight
beyond gravity and human boundaries
forming cosmic seas far from telescoping eyes
and launching pads and errant rocket sites
designing a timeless expanse through a secret dance
to royal dimensions out of range of hearing
a castling kingdom so endearing
only silence reigns and peace a gift of being
pure love a deeper way of seeing
surrendering a way of freeing
spin me in the glow of a mystic moon
far beyond this night of tears and dimming sight
into the clarity of thy swirling seeds of light
the kingdom of my own sweet knight
where everything is new and true
and we can choose to vanish into you


Song in the Night

October 20, 2014

Song in the Night

Pure love is the elegance
the pure essence
the fragrance and flowering
of the love
of the Beloved
the sweetest name of all names
opening our hearts
and souls
to the love
of an eternal spring

There is no place or time
that love
can not fill with grace
no troubles we could imagine
that love
could not transform

The language of love
flows from a poetry
of the heart
settling in the soul
arising in the morning sun
shining in each
sovereign ray to light our way

All creation sings
as we feel
the dancing sway
of love
the music of the sweet
song of the soul

Silence settles over
the inner life
the mystic night
a perfect shelter
and blessed sanctuary
we come
to feel and trust

The tenderness of love
and moves our lives
from moment to moment
a constancy
of kindness flows
as a dearest friend

The Beloved takes our hands
holding them gently
gazing through eyes
softly affirming a deep love
freely given
to shelter and support
the gift of life now and always

The light of love blesses us
with vision and feeling
a transforming Joy
around our shoulders
in a flowing robe
of night
and glowing moonlight

Love is a river of music
the breath
that carries life
through a caressing breeze
the fragrance and essence
of a flowering love

Life unfolds behind a veil
of transparency
a pure lightness of being
free to create
and give birth to the cosmic
beauty of
the spirit of love

Let the spirit flow
in the circling winds
of vision
and the sweet surprise
of divine revelation

Feel the eternal nature
of this exquisite
meant for all
calling us to live
in beauty and peace



a mystic journey

October 14, 2014

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love is my shepherd

my outer eyes behold
a spirit of beauty
into the shadows
of a forest of secrets
my breath quickens
the molecules stir and move
in my being as everything
begins to dance

love leaps all distance
to reach the lover
calling the heart
into the mysteries
of breath and life
in sweet shadows and light
dancing in the darkness
seeding a trail of tiny wildflowers
luring us to follow love

the lover has gone too far
into the dense forest
thick with silence
past the point of no return
all paths have grown over
and only love
can guide the soul

the lover blindly steps
into the unknown
following a music
no one else can hear
a soft summoning love
a luminous glow
like a candle in the night

boundaries fade
old ways become a barrier
no more a rescuing ruse
for love is the muse
a portal only
the lover beholds

a warrior cries out
ready to battle
the enemy in the night
the elusive Beloved
still hidden from sight
this is a fight for freedom
to discover love
in this faceless place

the heart is pounding
breaking and aching
in the chest
the warrior carries
only silence as a sword
conquering the sounds
of fears

a deep cry pierces
the silence
as the warrior
calls out for love
through tears
falling into
a sweet embrace

and suddenly
a portal opens
a green valley appears
an open meadow
a spring begins to flow
winds ruffle the hair
and caress the skin

a cooling spirit streaming
with peace
filling the soul
creating a fountain of light
rising in a morning sun
a chalice
overflowing with life

love is my shepherd
my rivering guide
a sheltering grace
a kingdom
of love
forever known
to love alone
my eternal home..

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Point of union

October 9, 2014






















What more could I sing of thy presence
what unfolding glory in this deepest night
could express the grace of wings of light
flown on breath of love alone

A beam of silence falls upon a threshold
opening a spiritual heart of sunlit gold
enmeshed in a caress of divining darkness
heaven blesses and anoints a womb

Tips a dew-filled chalice to release
a stream of stars and a reigning moon
rivers rushing to create a sea
birthing life expressing thee

Alchemy of awe inducing mystery
grants overwhelming ecstasy
spacious skies of cries and sighs
giving birth to seed the earth

Circling forever in your arms
my destiny perpetually dissolving
in thy taste upon my tongue
songs of wonder still unsung…



Painting by Rassouli

“Point of Union”

Communion at Dawn

October 6, 2014
1620419_10203422899921172_295794368_n  spirit in my hand
Long ago I was emptied
of words
to describe God
and only then
did the voice of Love
begin to speak
through my pulsing heart
the throbbing ache of longing
becoming a drum beat
creating beauty
arising from my quiet soul
brought to life
by the One who comes
earth and sky
touching you and I
as we become
a holy breath dancing
ever so lightly
on a breeze from heaven
we are
like delicate butterfly wings
in an eternal spring
looking for a blossom
spreading its flowering beauty
on dewy petals
offering the sweetness
deep inside
the light of spirit creates
a new wine
cradled in the palm
of God
allowing us to sip
the delights
of the purity of love
vintage wine
through holy communion
offered at dawn
Love fills the sky with glory
preparing the way
the approaching
Stars are born
and planets formed
a garden appears
anointed and new
a scent of musk
mingling with the fragrance
of night blooming jasmine
filling the air
causing me to sigh
and surrender
the coming
of my dearest Love..

1463986_10202739576358510_792369126_n  dawn

Free falling into Love

September 28, 2014
Free Falling into Love
Whatever else we may discover…
it seems there is always a new threshold to cross….
a new horizon to kneel and kiss…
a new opening…. 
a way to another possibility………
something we may never have considered…
or couldn’t imagine was open to us……
there is the thrill….
of feeling the presence and energy of love
 in some new way………..

how could the heart turn away to refuse such Joy

what gives one the creative energy to face the unthinkable
and leaves another fearful of the unknown

what reveals beauty to one…….and causes another to see nothing
hope rises in one heart…….

and hopelessness overwhelms another

where do the resources come from that see light in the darkness
and makes another hide in the dark
in the face of great silence

what is it in our natures 
that feels presence in the stillness to some
and only emptiness to others

when we walk to the end of existence
and peer over the edge
what do we see

when we touch into the infinite power to create
what happens to us
all boundaries seem to fall away……

all desire to judge melts into nothingness

blaming is transformed into a gateway of possibilities
love generates energy to face the unknown….
to touch it…
a kiss christens our tongues with words that come alive when we speak
opens our hands to caress the skin of the universe and create
to reflect beauty with color and texture and wonder

what is it that invites one to open the door

 and causes another to close it in fear

the awakening of our ability to create 
is an awakening to life itself

one thing the womb of the heart knows and feels
that the body and mind sometimes forgets… the gift and revelation of love

love becomes a spring of creativity….a fountain of becoming…..a vision of life itself
the spirit carries us into the light and the streaming energy of love…
to the ends of the earth and beyond……… 
opening the eyes of the soul

the spirit of love wraps us in the wings of imagination
giving us….. new life and sweet hope…….faith in the kindness of the unknown…..
love creates new worlds….

flowing and shimmering in the sea of surrendering love….
crowns us with stars……wraps us in moonlight…..and love lowers a wing
to lift us into the welcoming arms of freedom

594_500_csupload_42068818.jpg  paradise

Veil of Mystery

September 19, 2014
Surrender into the passageway
of divine streaming light
to enter the threshold
that disappears into
a depth of God
deeper than we are able
to know
or even imagine
as it spreads out
across an unknown sky
allowing us to fall
into a Silent Presence
hidden portals
leave divine clues
in gateways of splendor
gardens of ethereal dust
glittering with light
fashioned into stars
that guide us
into music
and the pulsing rhythms
of a great spiritual
the master of love awakens
with spiritual touching
cool winds
of unseen veils
and fleecy softness
of dreams bursting into life
the creative journey of a different
kind of ascension
than theology supposes
mystical poetry is not about
playing word games
but a flowing action of love
into the cupped hands
of heart longings
anointing us with silence
offending the ears
with noise that might deaden
our hearing
O give us living words
launched into the unknown
that slide down like melting light
on the inner walls
of intimacy
colors of sweet harmonizing
dancing intuition
and celestial recognition
the world is drowning in noise
saying nothing
now is the moment
we can slip through that hidden portal
of sweet silence
in the open sky of Spirit
the ascending lover
discovers the way
lifted by deep longings
dissolving time
beyond mountainous nebulas
through the dimming
remains of dying stars
immortalized by a requiem mass
of a dreaming Mozart
as new ones are being born
created by love
launching the way
with the light of cosmic play
come into the showering grace
of arias of celestial music
creating the cloudy trails that are
woven into delicate citadels
of waking dreams
creating a new heaven
where we will dwell
and dance in the whispering mist
of the sweet breath of God
only lovers feel



September 16, 2014

beloved   397123_137344406387615_117912128330843_163633_1093053632_n

There is a moment
when a true covenant
is formed
between two friends
who meet in God.

There is a presence
to the unique gift
of a person
that becomes
when each
is fully awake
to the beauty
of the other.

God raises the love
and consecrates
the spirit
between them
with his own
holy spirit.

In that union,
we become friends
across forever.
I am grateful
you are mine.


Sangreal1.jpg  covenant


September 16, 2014


There is a moment
when a true covenant
is formed
between two friends
who meet in God.

There is a presence
to the unique gift
of a person
that becomes
when each
is fully awake
to the beauty
of the other.

God raises the love
and consecrates
the spirit
between them
with his own
holy spirit.

In that union,
we become friends
across forever.
I am grateful
you are mine.