arriving promise of a kiss….

January 21, 2017



Beauty extraordinaire..
blossoming divinity..
cosmic garden of a beloved
that scatters rainbows and patterns
of light slipping
in and out of perception
as elusive as spirit,
an angle of seeing that sings
of wingless angels
carried like velvet arrows
to caress the heart
by the breeze
of love.


Caught in the glancing rays
of color and light
of a dancing dawn,
spinning wheels of energy
sweep away the darkness of night
giving birth to morning
and the radiance of love
a day
that is seen with eyes
that have been
kissed by the beloved
arising and trembling
in the heart.



Walking in the fire of love…

January 20, 2017


Energies of Creation


Creative energy is stepping
on our heels
pursuing us
looking for an open portal
pouring out like wine
anointing us
spilling over
from a sacred heart

beauty catches us
like a ray of sun
and snowflakes kiss
and caress
while birds bless us
with their own kind
of music

drop their gowns
lining the path
with velvet petals
meeting us
in the beauty of nakedness
and a fragrant trail
of enchanting essence

sublime beauty stalks us
like the tiger
roaring from inside
like the lion that wants
to be king
find your voice and sing
and let it bring
you freedom to be
and create

who whispers in the dark
whose voice is it
gives your soul a chance
to dance
let your spirit fly
and whatever else you do
or don’t do
oh…..dear one….
dear friend…
let the Beloved
love you
and tap into
that divine
unending stream
of life-giving creative love


Celebration of Life…

January 14, 2017


Everything that is created is living
into its beingness
whether conscious or not
with language or without…
each is given the grace of a space
of its own…a window to the world and its infinite
variation…a place in creation…a nation..
a universe expanding seeking some kind of order
in this mystery of existence..


We are an expression of a greater Heart
a divine mind….the wholeness of a Soul and the
freedom of a sweet flowing Spirit…
we become sensual beings to feel
ourselves and our surroundings..
evolving into the thrill of seeing…..the delight of tasting..
the wonder of touching…listening to the resounding music
of the universe…breathing the fragrance
and scent of everything to explore and discover
the nature of otherness..
with a deep attraction to become
aware of our part in the glorious intention
of life itself…


It is ours to find the treasures and the pleasures
that give us joy…and to choose what we will leave alone
and learn the restraint to let it be…to abide in the mystery..
and celebrate what we share with reverence
and kindness for all life…


There truly is a time for every purpose under heaven..
and a timelessness for dreaming
for every imagined possibility…
we are the world and everything in it and beyond..
blessed beyond our comprehension
gratefully…we rejoice at the altar of life
to be a part of it all…



The light of your own radiant being…

January 11, 2017
Angels…….messengers….beings of Light…
rising image of the Soul within
delicate wings of vision
transparency of Spirit
revelations of the heart..
so many ways we could describe
what gives us a glimpse of how each
one of us sees heaven…
Allow the Light of you own being
to speak to you from your own highest truth….
for it is forever unfolding within you 
welcoming your precious being 
to express itself to you…..
in your own creative expression…….
in infinite ways…….
The light of love is truly a mystery
that touches your awareness
breaking open your beauty
like a morning star
calling you home…
it is the light of revelation 
in the kingdom of you..

In the creative flow of spirit….

December 28, 2016
Pondering the living waters 
of the Eternal Mystery
Touching the flowing Spirit 
in which we are all One..
May the glory 
of the new world 
awaken in every heart!
Serenity of the sea carries me
peacefully to thee
to lovingly feel the grace
of thy living embrace
as the swaying surge
of my heart is drawn
deeply into the rolling waves
of timeless flowing love…



Divine secrets of Eternal Love….

December 17, 2016
an opening portal..
Ahhhhhhh…we were destined to be born into the DIVINE FAMILY……..the GREAT MYSTERY…
I let my birthday vanish into the birth of Jesus, my life into the eternally divine milieu of God, and my moment to moment life
in its unfolding in a dancing, flowing, life-giving Spirit that creates itself in the Present moment….guided by all that is natural
in the sweet Love that crowns this existence….the challenging and stumbling I do as a vulnerable human being allows me to engage in the sacred listening I do to those who need to pour out their confusion or share their wounds or celebrate their joys…whoever the divine Muse chooses to send to me…to bask in the moon that suddenly appears at my window and smiles at me….to delight in the stars….as the millions of lights decorating the sky….to listen to the birds rustling in the evergreens to keep warm….to hold close all those I love…to pray for the earth and all life within it……….to let the breath of Christ tend to my breathing……..
I commune with the whispering spirits and listen to their secrets…letting them flow wherever they are guided to go…
I lead a completely surrendered life…which is where my well being finds its freedom.
Our Master CREATOR is a soft wondrous breeze through every one of us if we stay awake and aware of the infinite caress and deep beauty of such Generosity and Sharing of the Divine Nature…..I have infinite trust and faith in the Love of that Divine Heart…the wisdom of that Divine Mind….the Gift of that Divine Touch…..the Peace of that Divine Soul…….the Perspective of that Single Eye on our Becoming……the Divine Taste of Goodness……the Divine Fragrance of Purity……..
The Great Presence carries the complexity…..and I live the Simplicity……..
If I were to choose the secret that guides my way………it would be my profound and deep love for God as a Beloved….which is guided only by the FLAWLESS LOVE through which we were created….My Gaze is ever upon the WONDER of this BEING I call Beloved………the FAITH that guides my surrendering….and the HOPE for that Divine Mercy to keep us on the continuum of this rivering flow of being so incredibly blessed by the Divine Diversity of our UNIQUENESS in this unbelievable DIVINE FREEDOM we are granted to be a part of experiencing such a LIFE….from the Divine One from which we come.

The gentle light of love…

December 15, 2016



An amazingly bright full moon
is just outside my window
like a single eye of light
from a heavenly night sky
calling my soul to fly
and flow in the silken stream
of moonglow in this waking dream…

Surrendering to God…

December 8, 2016
This achingly beautiful transparency of surrendering yielding
through faith and love to the light of Life….
Song of Spirit
There is a centering revelation
that continues to reveal
itself to my heart and soul
in the flight of a higher mind that finds
its wings and freedom
from captivity
and a Spirit that expands
invisibly into the flow of the Spirit
from which we come
where we discover on endless levels
the ways in which we are
truly One..
There are infinite paths
that guide us to rise in the awareness
of the great love that
shaped us and shared a being
and existence
beyond our imagination
forever dissolving our notions
of knowing..
Surrendering into the purity
of transparency..
of light that catches the movement
of the current of love that creates and manifests
 the evolution of life itself..
we fall into the vision
of the centering revelation
that gives form and life to the fertile
darkness that conceals
the secrets of a God that can
replicate the Presence
and Essence
all that is possible
through Love
that is powerfully
attracted to
express its beauty in
infinite ways..
Vanish into the embracing arms
of a majestic brilliance of invisibility
a gentling breeze
of whispering breath
an intimacy
that gives and shares life
through anointing
There would be no life unless
the sacred tenderness
of a creator
yielded the secret in the spinning seed
of the light of God..
A complexity and diversity
 we cannot imagine
is creating an unfolding existence
in which we are invited
to share
out of the purest love
we shall ever experience..
Image by Rassouli

A Deep Cry for Love for all Life

December 5, 2016
A Deep Cry for Love  for All Life
Flashing, pulsing signals of the higher brain
the living energy within the earth
 the incredible language of light
the rhythms of the heart,
the sensory stimulation of scent,
sound, taste, sight, touch, speech,
 the diversity of language,
and how we visualize
and imagine is constantly
sending signals and messages
 to who we are.
Love guides us in how to process
and respond
to this flood of information
uniquely and creatively if we trust
the Source of Life,
that force and power which has designed
and manifested the universe
in which we live and move
and have our being
as we experience life itself.
True compassion for the differences
in how we do that is so crucial in discovering
ways for us to live together
across the vast expanse of this existence.
Fascinating, complex, colorful, and alive, we
are often overwhelmed and turn away
 or we seek the quiet places
where we can find peace and calm
to process the rush of information
and overwhelming stimulation
that we experience day after day
moment by moment in thousands
of different ways..
The unseen gifts of Spirit of peace, joy,
love, light, faith, hope, patience, endurance, qwest,
curiosity, passion to explore come to us
through grace if we surrender to the Source
of All Life and let
the Muse of Divine Design
guide us through the unique path that
will utilize who we are
and what gifts we have to survive,
to express, to find meaning in this life.
I long for solutions and pray for the generosity
and kindness that we might listen
and learn new ways to help each other
to do this tenderly, with human warmth
and call on divine insight
to guide us in being the community
we were meant to be.
We are truly blessed to appear in this
creative experience
in the midst
of this great mystery
we call Life.
May we each be full of care
with this amazing chance
to be a part of
the incredible beauty
of this dance
this divine romance
this unfolding story we are living
this very moment.

Whispering revelations…

December 3, 2016
The fluttering whispers of the intimates
 of the winehouse 
continue to sing their songs 
in the ears of those who love them
….and those who 
listen to the flowing secrets….
the Source of All Life
……the Source of All Creation…..the Source of All Truth……
the Source of Pure Love…
which is the spring that rushes forth 
and anoints us…. 
pouring living water
 over our hearts and souls 
and the higher mind that is purified….. 
through the spirit of love and the light of revelation…..
flowing through us as rivers of light
that come from the 
deep within our being
which in the vision of pure love
reveals that
We are being thrust into a new world
responsible to the deeper vision
being revealed to us
We are each a part of the pattern written on the sky
of imagination…invisibility…..
of the artistry of visualization and music
of the tracings of shimmering spirit 
guiding us 
toward whatever we are given to create and reveal….
 what is given to us…to express…