A Calming Embrace for you

August 27, 2017

20953865_879794115506781_1100923014248896936_n.jpg Calming Embrace by Yongsung Kim

Gazing in awe and wonder

August 25, 2017

20989143_10214203755595826_8318475790980390217_o.jpg Lars


gazing in awe and wonder at the glory of God

a horizon of light and stars

mystical love of the spiritual heart

drawing the caressing love

of the Beloved

to touch the earth







O beloved spirit sharing your power…

August 24, 2017
O beloved spirit sharing your power
your radiant energy
you forever bewilder us all
challenging everything we think exists
everything is nothing before you
you activate life
where there is only illusion
you pierce the darkness
move the stillness
see without eyes
feel without senses
exist beyond all elements
you are intimately and infinitely known
a beauty which eclipses
whatever we try and cling to and claim
our foolish copyrights
our man made laws and rules
all dissolve in
your presence
where is it…who is it…how can we name it
elusive beloved surrounding
and within and beyond everything
dissolving us
embracing our spirits
that were always and already yours
spirit that spreads
and rises
spins and spirals
a love beyond definition
you save us from
beyond our reach
a moment
and all is changed
light can be seen
yet spirit exists beyond sight
O eternal beloved
you are the grace and truth
of freedom

a witness from an unseen breath…

August 20, 2017
14196112_10210553021529756_6489253675859332054_o.jpg Presence
Deep in the heart of the universe 
and in the heart of humankind 
is an awareness of God, 
and when one receives the grace
of experiencing
the Womb of the Creator,
there is no description that will 
satisfy the mind.
The indwelling Spirit 
rises beyond
the greatest words
and description, 
beyond all stories, 
all prayer 
through the deep revelations 
only God can give.
One must walk through the fire
and the light 
in a totally surrendering
which can only be 
guided by God, 
uniquely experienced
in a sacred encounter 
through the divine nature.
The spirit flows
from an invisible union 
with the One Spirit 
from which we come. 
We are embraced and received 
into an eternal 
and immortal existence
invisible to the human eye. 
How we receive 
it is known only 
to God.
The response 
and how we live it 
is a deeply divine intimacy
to God alone.

Forever free..

August 16, 2017
Messiah Rassouli 2
Forever free..
Out of pure Presence
the essence of Spirit was rising
and in a divinely
given moment
a penetrating glance
gave me a chance
to become a spirit being
 the vision of your seeing
stirred the spark
within my heart and soul
that allowed me
to behold
the flow of your light
as sight
 a radiance of the grace
of awareness
igniting flames of gentle fire
of you within me
rising and spiraling
as the wholeness
of all
I could be
by surrendering
into the pure love
you were
offering me
I let go of everything
and fell into
the invisibility
of you
and knew instantly
I was home
 divine communion
sustained the union
making us one
warmed by the energy of the sun
and the glow
of a peaceful moon
the stars to light our way
thy divine will
became my own
and I am eternally
one with thee..

Dear One…

August 14, 2017
Dear One..
We touch the infinite in the common soul 
and the flowing Spirit 
that sings in the mystical depths 
of existence
in thousands of ways 
as the names and forms vanish 
and change 
beyond the endless
ways of exploring
the deeper nature of the
source from which
we come..
in the spacelessness 
beyond time
yet somehow touching earth
in the delicate
of incarnation
through the elements
the divine senses
and perception
of the spiritual heart
and glory
of the soul..
the spirit of love 
that infuses every breath
and the higher music of the free mind
of the infinite Oneness
in which we find our being
through a faith that trusts
the presence of that which flows
and plays  
in the rhythm of the divine..
in great variation
of improvisation
and the composing brilliance
and creativity
of life itself
discovering a joy
that rises
out of the bewildering mist
of pure beauty..
clarity comes in the caressing
blessing of grace
in that which brushes
our lips with the kiss
of life
that awakens
that which is forever hidden
in the
secrets of an evolving 
of creation
giving birth to possibilities
that spring
from divine intention
the sweetness of love
overflows from a divine nature
forever replenishing
 eternally giving
all that is 
breathtakingly new in the depths
and purity of the great
and wonderful
elusive mysteries 
and miracle
of the Beloved..
I am here 
in the invisibility
of life longing
to appear
tingling in your heart and cells
your fingertips
and creative hands
that explore the empty spaces
of the skies
the light
of empty pages 
of the skin of the canvas
the music of the dance
the song 
of the heart
alive in lovers..
I am in the dissolving 
of all distance
in the fusion
of the spirit 
of an ever flowing
eternal moment..

Fountain of Life

August 10, 2017

17435929_10212614289300162_2258286417404637045_o.jpg fountain of life


O how the universe sings
of the One from whom we come!
Life is infused with light and love,
the answering song to every longing!
May each listen and hear the dearest love
awaiting the moment of awakening,
of new birth, of the fountain of everlasting life,
anointing us with the delicacy of divine touch,
spreading beauty at our feet, painting the skies,
blessing our eyes, filling us with the flow of music
the sweet cry of the night bird, the caressing spirit,
the dance and romance of sharing all that we are,
may joy be our sweet communion as people born
to express the greatest love this world has ever known!


A song to sweeten the air..

July 24, 2017

1472760_10202651190068908_1048250042_n (1).jpg The Oracle



Forever awakening me
into this pure silence
and the sweet joy
of your presence..

You touch my heart..
my hand is resting there..
love is in the air
nestling in my hair..

for this I was born
and given form..
to share my prayer
rising and warm..

like mist from
my tears and cries..
surrendering sighs
and my laughing eyes..

the way a river knows
and flows to the sea.
your spirit guides
my way to thee..

fashioned by fire
dancing higher and higher
a vanishing flame
is melting my name..

every moment is new..
a symphony of sharing..
oracles of caring
sing songs of loving you..






The Mystery of Grace

July 19, 2017



The very mystery of this

whirling and unfolding universe

is the constant variation,

the centering Source of evolving life,

and a deep sense of belonging

to a community of divine imagination.

We are challenged to have faith

in this magnificence and gratitude

for the pure Grace we are given!


Spiraling energies of creation..

July 18, 2017
There is something wonderful
working in the world
and in the natural flow
of life..
an energy
that moves this existence
moment to moment..
Trying to name it or trying
to control it changes
the inner wisdom
and steals the wonder
of discovery..
Watch a child exploring
his world..
with delight starting
at the beginning..

And a little child shall lead us..

We are seldom taught
to trust it
because someone
wants to pay you to live
their ideas and answers..
or charge you for learning
them by luring you away
away from the gift
of your own gloriously
divine heritage..
you are entrapped..
doubting who you are
in a world where
everyone else seems
to think they have the answers..
Live the awareness of the flow
and the infinite portals
ever opening
around and within you
here on earth
as it is in heaven..