A Song of Freedom

June 17, 2017
1463417_586335301402801_1343474464_n.jpg opening portal of light
A Song of Freedom..
Come live in me
and be with me in the garden
of truth
and the peace
of the soul..
Let me be with you
wherever you go
whatever you do and whoever
you are with..
There is a moment when Love
springs into life
and explodes into a star
that begins to guide
your deeper heart
to follow a light beyond anything
you can explain..
The radiance beckons
and illuminates
the path
that will always lead
you home
into the warmth
and timeless sanctuary
of a sacred state of being..
This is the illuminating glory
of a sacred shelter
within each of us..
a feeling of being in the arms
of the glorious Oneness
I call the Beloved..
It flowers into an
inner kingdom that rises beyond
all the boundaries and limits
that an outer world
tries to impose
on us to try and control
and manage our
our beliefs..
Faith in love
is not a surrendering
anyone can give you
or frighten you
into choosing as a way
of life..
for there is a glowing alchemy..
a rising energy already
within us
waiting for us to remember
who we are..
It comes as a grace
and a light
to guide
the flowing journey
of each life
on this
sacred earth..
Only the beautifully pure Love
of the Spirit of God can
truly awaken
our heart and soul to
pass through
the gate
of the secret
of living such a relationship
here on earth..
Listen for that song
that is the music of your
very own soul
calling you
A portal is opening…

Feathering a nest in Thee..

June 10, 2017
17264876_10210544475901577_8276441987715263009_n.jpg Rassouli Wings of Paradise
Feathering a Nest in Thee
Let me rest upon your chest
next to your heart
and feel the fluttering
within my breast
its quivering wings
I have been a teacher all my life
it seems…and now
everything has vanished
like my dreams
upon waking in the ease
of that gentle breeze
at dawn
the songs of longing slipped
into the sea
when love emerged
like the mist
and kissed away
all I thought I knew
leaving sweet morning dew
upon my lips
mixed with tears
and with it years of learning
disappearing like clouds melting
in the rain…
washing away the pain and the ache
of a breaking heart…
lifted me into a flight
lighter than air
and love was there
rainbows of light that stayed
through the night..
the flow of sweet cradling arms
and now love is all I know…

Morning song of creation..

June 2, 2017

1487683_750032868373439_355061339003347284_o little bird in flight


A Morning Song of Creation


I hear a soft rustling of wings

and the sweet melodic

song of a bird nestling close

to my window where I write

seeming to settle near

the flowing alpha waves

of my heart

as I listen to my soul..

my own nest of pillows

surrounding me..

my pen in hand…

as I begin to sing my own

deeply human arias of love

as dawn touches the earth with light..


Somehow this tiny feathered beauty

and I share a destiny

which warms and comforts me.


We are never alone when receiving

the grace of communion.

A community asserts itself into

our lives that we never expected..

surprising our longing hearts.


This little one uses her wings

building a nest of fallen twigs

feathers and colored things

warming a space given to her

through grace alone

to nurture life and give all she is to allow

new life to flow through her

to the rhythm

of her throbbing heart.

She shares her inner warmth with the

seeds of light inside her.


I feel the stirring of love

that finds its strength from

the seeds of light within myself.

They flourish and flower into the beginnings

of a new creation this earth

has never known.


Every soul carries a whispering music

within them from the Beloved

somehow inspiring and moving us to nurture

this new life with a stream of never ending love.


We are lifted into flight by a Spirit

that contains us All.

All we can do is surrender

and be true to the glory of telling the story

of creation and a new world that

perpetuates and creates

the precious reason

we were born into these renewing

seasons of love

empowered by an infinite divinity

sharing life-giving

breath and living presence

all from the Source of the One who sings

within each life.


We hear the sweet refrains

of a new creation

swelling into a chorus of songs

becoming a sacred hymn

celebrating the gift of being

as we unfurl and discover each other

intimately alive within us

in never ending ways.



The music of the beloved..

May 17, 2017

18527084_10209296912359734_7165159126231052991_o.jpg waterfall in Tasmania


All over the world there is phenomenal beauty

with a music of its own,

places of beauty where the beloved

has walked

to share the very nature of spirit

spilling over into form,

a sacred place shaded by palms

that become psalms before our eyes..

and in our hearts

feeling the flow of the soul..

makes me want to kneel in gratitude..


And how does paradise appear

through a single tear

of pure love

when we feel the beloved is near​..

drawing our eyes to the skies

of magnificence

a moment of sacramental presence…


a glory of communion

spilling from

the beloved’s flowing songs..

the soul spreads its light

like the rays of the sun

and fills the sanctuary of the moment

in the purity of loving praise

raising and surrendering


to the beloved…

and through intimate grace

becomes a

dwelling place..


From a mother’s heart..

May 11, 2017
18402578_10213121293534951_8999971574194271297_n.jpg Mother and child
When a mother holds a child next to her heart and dreams
and prays for the gift of freedom
for this precious being to know pure love,
to feel and live it,
to love and be loved,
to surrender self into becoming
 a beautifully inclusive manifestation of love here on earth,
 it fulfills a deep destiny
 for which she knows she was created.

Love is the Mystery of the Beloved

May 6, 2017
Love has a thousand faces..
and it is also faceless…
sometimes it comes softly…
or through wildness…through storms…
or shock…….through pain….
or through healing….
may hide within words.. 
or nestled in the wonder of nature….
can overflow from your own heart….
or arise from the stillness
of your soul..
perhaps you will meet 
your own vibrating aliveness….
love may come through your longings…
may pursue you with the faces of your own fears
love may tear away your veil….
revealing your hiding places…..
or shine in the precious jewels in the dust….
love may come through a child..
watching and waiting..
for you to remember your forgotten self..
Love is intimately creative…
and will help you find your way to freedom..
Love is relationship 
with who you truly are…
a glorious creative…eternal….Friend
the beloved one of your own becoming…

Our shepherd

May 4, 2017

15042000_1234719893262370_5049828688902179476_o.jpg Jesus the shepherd

With Jesus as our shepherd

no one is left behind…

guiding us to His Father

and the glory of His Love..

Jesus and lamb 2

Paintings by Yongsung Kim











Behold each child as a child of God…

April 17, 2017

fd9f4e929bc37869de86f769da5e1bea.jpg Mary


Hold the child close to one’s heart

with tenderness

and a totally pure and unselfish love,

value the integrity

of each child’s life,

nurture and empower

each child’s freedom

to follow how God is calling

and guiding

the heart and soul and spirit

through the flow of responding

to each life experience..

feel and share

how precious a gift

each child is to all life…

embrace with great joy

the being of each child

as a child of God….



the deep beauty of silence

April 12, 2017
12042979_869517319798579_674144616165908906_n.jpg wave
The silence curls around me
like the listening
of an awakened
caring heart
like a dear soul friend
gentle arms
 to hold me so tenderly
 in the darkness
of this mystical night
beneath the moon
arousing feelings
of gratitude
for this deep beauty
we share
words appear momentarily
to whisper
assurance of the love that
invites the melting
flow of the pure
in my heart
like the pull
of the moon on the tides
of the sea
the rising waves
that reach for thee
to touch the mystery
of this sweet

an unknown corner of the house of love

April 7, 2017
03-08-Europa Gazing in Awe Gaze of Love
The deep journey into the mystery
of the greatest love
I have ever known
nestles into the heart
sings in the soul
wraps me in a sweet
smiling peace
as the music
of being
rises into the skies
of the eyes
of the beloved
sharing an intimate gaze
of adoration
a rivering current
of communion
a silent vanishing
giving life
and subsistence
to this
precious unseen
of God
as a Beloved
image by Rassouli
“gaze of love”