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i am a portal of expression for the beloved

April 22, 2015

unnamed (6).jpg  Light

i am a seed opening to the sun

i am silence savoring the song of the soul

i am the open sky feeling the creator’s touch

i am a page opening to the energy taking form

i am a path luring the seeker to explore

i am a cup overflowing with the wine of mystery

i am lips feeling the brush of a soft breeze

i am a tongue tasting the dew at dawn

i am a womb nurturing seeds of light

i am light dancing with the darkness

i am a portal for expression

i am a heart awakened by love

i am a river flowing to the sea

i am love seeking a path

i am free

Rassouli - Joy Vibrations

Adorned with garlands of love

February 11, 2015


amazing-forest- Light

Sweet touch of dawn
awakening me
kissing the last
of lengthening
shadows away that like
to follow joy
and obscure the emanations
of light
that bless the world

Love so fills my eyes
that the gaze
brushes everything in sight
with beauty
using darkness
to deepen
the soft robe
of night
the beloved tenderly places
around my shoulders

Starlight lingers
in my hair
and garlands of secrets
are hidden
in the tiny flowers
clinging to my gown

My countenance is radiant
with the beloved
and the light of day
reveals the Joy
I carry inside
I am helpless to dim the glow
so I treasure the grace
and hide my face…

Laughter dances all
around the room
and the voice of intimacy
has opened
my sacred listening

Night surrounds me
while I close
my eyes
to pretend to sleep
the stars linger
in the morning light
but we are unable to delay
the light of dawn

The birds are already singing
and building nests
with strands
of hair
left in the grass
for love
is in the air

Bewildering dew
like sips of wine
the silvery tongue
of the moon
transforming me into
a living tree
of heaven
in the golden rays
of eternal love


Ascending into unseen arms

January 3, 2015










There are moments we rise

beyond the endless words

perceiving and feeling

the delicate breath of a sigh

curling and weaving…

weightless…. unseen…

slipping into a flow of spirit……..

a secret entry

spinning soft emanations….

silken strands of purity

deeply intimate

 infinitely divine secrets

of belovedness….

approaching silently like fog

melting into whispers

of home


Creating my Days and Nights

September 15, 2014








CallofFreedom  Rassouli

Oh Beloved who creates the morning

in this moment when dawn appears

touching the horizon

with fingers of light

brightening the sky


First a luminous glow

from the star of the rising sun
divine sparks from an infinite light
the same that gentles the night
simmering flames igniting my heart

Divinely patient you scatter
a skittering light through the leaves
hanging sun stars in my trees
dancing rays play in my room
caressing my laughing eyes

You create a misty haze
brushing the sky ablaze with color
whispering clouds across the blue
I sigh and gasp to know its you
my loving God makes all things new

There is nothing you could not do
as you spread beauty beneath my feet
hang a lingering moon next to the sun
awaken rivering currents of delight
flowing to sweeten my soul

Wildflowers in my hair

your fragrance fills the air
spring comes out of season
melting reason into love
until I feel you everywhere

Your nearness calms my fears
arouses my tears
you surround and summon me
as i surrender everything
you set my spirit free



Painting by Rassouli

Love’s Wingless Flight

June 4, 2014


Love’s Wingless Flight

Clinging to the remnants
of the world’s demands
to belong
keeping a white knuckle grip
on an identity
that was slipping away
trying to hold
the tension
of a profile
of who i used to be

my fingers slipped free
as i went spiraling
into spacelessness
ascending in
a wondrous wingless flight of joy
into the lightness of being
that rises to the top
when everything else
falls away
dissolving and melting
rising like the mist
on the river
when the coolness of night
is warmed
by the rays of the sun

in the pure winds of dawn
radiant light
gliding on the sweet breeze
of breath
slipping from the lips
of a beloved
now a nameless being
swept from sight
in the sheltering
bliss of an eternal kiss

scattering music
of smiles and laughter
leaving silken trails
spun from the whispers of lovers
i crossed the threshold
into a hidden garden

feasting on the fruits
of love
sipping vintage wine
dripping from
the succulent grapes
ripe on the vine

drinking deeply
from the open palms
of pure love


pinnacle of prayer

March 24, 2014

Rassouli - Sea of Serenity

The presence of the Beloved
is the pinnacle and rising answer
to all prayer
Each morning when I sit quietly
and open my heart to my God
I feel the Silence surrounding me
tenderly sliding a morning breeze
around my shoulders
softly brushing my lips..
a deep feeling of love slips
into the sanctuary of my soul
prayer becomes a Joy ..
soaring beyond words
for pure love carries
its own promise
of presence
whatever comes…..


Thou art the dearest Love in All our worlds

January 13, 2014


Approaching in silence
wearing only bewilderment
and gratitude
to the Source of All Life
touching the feet
of those holy ones
who guide and walk
in awareness
of the awakening Light
of God

such is the kingdom within
the sanctuary of silence
the garden
of the open heart
blossoming with growth
sheltering the soul
as we are swept
into the life-giving
of the Beloved..

arms that encircle the universe
dance us through valleys
and whirling us
beyond the peaks
of inspiration
crowning us with stars
showering us
with moonlight
warming us with the sun

the earth trembles with laughter
blushing love colors the skies
in the gaze of eyes
that melt our horizons
into rivers
that flow into seas

seeds of light spark new life
bursting into flames
that send us
into new worlds beyond
our understanding
prying our clinging fingers
from familiarity

eternity is ever evolving
through the holy touch
of the Beloved
forever delighting in giving
and loving
in surprising new ways
the enchanting play
of the divine romance

dearly Beloved
we spin in the endearing
spiral of all
you create
for you have made us
thine own
forever and ever
and ever


Painting by Rassouli….
ever in awe and wonder


Hubble Photograph from space….star of wonder

the embryos of dreaming

January 10, 2014

1476539_10201762441195229_510122324_n light

Giving birth to something new
we see ourselves in it
something of the dream
from which it came

we become more
than we ever were before
as sparks ignite the flames
the water turns to vintage wine
matter thins to light
launching music high on the wind
into a sky of feeling
of the sweet and wild secrets
only love can touch
in surrendering moments
of something so real

the touch is unbearably tender
asking us
to bear the nearness
without clinging
a fluttering dance
like butterflies dancing
on naked skin

as the brush of eyelashes
caresses the heart
warm breath rises
like the mist
on the fragile wings of lightness
a sigh born from the freedom
to feel

laughter turns to colors
breaking the mirror
set free to dance with a life
of their own

to be swept into the arms
of such a creative lover
in the night

is to touch
the still point
of a spiraling existence
of blossoming

the dream is real
unwrapped by silence
the breeze
ruffling the hair
with fingers of spirit

whispering the wave to rise
the sun to flame out
calling the tide to disappear
into the sea
something slides inside
to pierce the heart
and fills the womb
of creativity
with starlight
swimming in the warm nectar
of life

the castling mystery of love
enchants and bewilders
beyond our knowing
and drowns us
in One so exquisite
and enchanting
spirit becomes the essence
of breathless
emanations of divine flow

we dare not make
such a luminous caress
less than God intends
but simply
let it glow
and light the world
with kindness


Song of the Beloved

January 10, 2014


song of the beloved

the dew on the flowers in the garden is an elixir
which is the quintessence of morning
longing to anoint your eyes

the morning is a new threshold
and the visions shine out more profoundly
than ever before
as if each is the first time I ever opened my eyes

and the beloved sings

may my playful words align your heart with mine
and may this devoted lover be yours
for in the divine light of your sacred heart
you shine more brightly
than heaven’s brightest star

the words fall helplessly and humbly
into the inexpressible beauty
yet each encounter
is a delight that longs for expression
and the touch is more real
than any that has ever happened
in the history of humankind

how can i ever share the visions
of the blinding light of the divine
appearing in the darkest corner of the night
in the heart of the tiniest firefly
through eyes that are seeing and experiencing
a grace that no one else can see

disappear into the cloud of unknowing
and feel the lightning of love
sending soft sensual arrows of light
straight into your heart
wounding you with a tenderness
that leaves you moaning with bliss

whoever senses and perceives the nearness
of the One who bewilders you
will feel the spirit passing by
and will be drawn into the field of radiant energy
that surrounds you

the rays of my gaze will follow your steps
as long as you walk this earth
and the wings of my spirit
will lift you beyond
all that would try to limit
your freedom to love

the beloved

divine light of spirit surrounding the heart

September 4, 2013

00 Flow  Rassouli 02-27-PillarsofLife

divine light of spirit surrounding the heart

Beneath the sacred cover
of the night
of hidden kingdoms
in the patterns of moonlight playing
like errant sparks
tiny orbs of light
stars and blinking fireflies
dancing flames
the sudden flare
of souls
feeling the warm breath
of a whispering dance of intimacy
empowered by
a throbbing in the heart
touching…caressing….spilling secrets
in the trembling silence
of the pure embrace of dawn
the sweet scent of skin….mellow and warm
in the folds
and tender feeling of rumpled sheets
concealing a crowning
silky halo of flowing curls
nesting and resting
upon a sacred chest
of treasures
hiding a divine altar
pulsing with
tremulous rhythm
yielding in a quivering
surrender to a dewy dream
awakening the streaming misty vision
of flashing shadows and the first fingers of sunlight
swirling and rippling in the reflections
of the crimson wine of love
lips curving in silent smiles and sweet laughter
muffled in the melting alchemy
of souls
a transparency of communion
beneath the soft veil of eyelashes
blinking revelations
revealing a gaze that penetrates
through the hazy cloud of sweet sleepiness
awakening spirit
moving and guiding the senses
unseen and free to explore the secrets of pure love
that gives and gives and gives
deep within the sheltering satin of dawn
spilling the precious secrets
within the embrace of spiraling arms
of surrendering and dissolving
in the rising and falling glow
of cresting waves
of beauty
of the beloved