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the art of living and creating your life

February 1, 2014

00  Rachana Yoga   (Creation Energy)

….in the depths of the unknown
hovering secrets….suspended in our unbelief
wait to be discovered
to be clothed in the imagination
or in the streaming dreams
that sprout wings
in the gentle night
of all that is still unseen

can we pluck a vision
from the tree of life
and charm
the world to believe
its true

are we able to frighten
the innocent
to bend to our will
and claim the power
over life itself

a holy moment brushes the sky
with the blush of wine
granting us communion
with the divine

i lovingly bow
to the possibilities
and lovingly touch
your feet
with reverence
and hope
in the purity
and sacred silence
of this early morning light

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Love is falling into snow

December 24, 2010

Love is falling into snow

The Beloved covered
my courtyard
with new snow in the night,
soft, silent glowing whiteness
of overwhelming beauty.

I am swept into beholding,
drawn to the window by a gentle
unseen hand
to see this crystallized
sanctuary of stillness
and am
moved to tears by the vision
of this transformation
changing the face
of love
from the night before.

A voice whispers to me from a space
within my soul,

O beloved one,
I am new for you this morning,
spreading snowflakes
of light
before your eyes,
so you will know
I am in your heart, and still
I sweep my hand
in an arc
to change the sky and land
for the pleasure
of your eyes.

Sometimes, when I create,
it is hard to wait
for you to open your eyes
and awaken,
so I reach through time
and take your hand
drawing you slowly from your sleep
to show you
that beauty is not a dream,
but a reality beyond
the words.

O my dearest one,
it is Love that makes it so.

I circle your resting place,
watching over you,
rearrange your covers,
into the flow of your breathing
and caress your hair,
whisper love secrets
in your ear
to see you smile in your sleep.

I love the delight in your eyes
when you see the snow
and the light
spreading morning
across the sky.
I hear your quiet thank you
for the beauty
and you see snowflakes melting
my tears upon
your window pane.

Your love inspires me to create
what I have never
done before
to please you,
and suddenly, you are
murmuring words of love
knowing I am there
so near to you.

I am ageless and formless
but feel the throbbing heart of a lover
when you whisper to me
with the certainty
of faith
that I will hear.

I spiral to the moon and back
to feel your love.
I send rays of the sun
to spark the fire
of warm desire within you.

Loving you is the sweet
incentive to save
the earth and heal the wounds
of neglect
hoping all will awaken soon
to realize the paradise
that love allows
for lovers arising from
my welcoming soul.

Dreams of Light

June 17, 2008

Dreams of Light


Sometimes dreams are kind,

and yield a taste of something new,

making nonsense out of nothing,

rearranging fragments

of form and colored memory

 into raucous fun.

The world becomes a place

where propriety is a cast off word.,

and playfulness is a path!

The night is full of disguises,

Yesterday wears different clothes,

Tomorrow is a meadow of sunlight

filled with possibility,

and I can feel and run and fly.

I poke my head through a cloud

and startle an angel

and wake up laughing.

I do get weary of common sense.

Dreams can be delicious,

wildly free, and foolish.

Can you come along and play?

Let’s rearrange reality

for at least a little while.

I will leave the door

of my dreams open,

 so you can wander in and out,

whenever you like.

Let’s honor joy

and have some fun!

Perhaps our dreams will touch,

and our hearts

will remember beauty.



Painting by Rassouli

Joy Vibrations