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the grace of divine kindness in creation

April 14, 2014

10013375_716873588369335_201230912546805260_o  milky way morning...

the sacred touch of spirit

February 23, 2014

894758_10203048853690584_449320431_o   Ingrid   - Mystical Presence

the touch of spirit
is empowered
by faith and longing
………by heartfelt love…
soulful devotion…
by a mystery infused
by divine grace..
a transforming alchemy
that moves us beyond
what we can truly explain
in words…
kindling the flame
and hope
of creative vision…
and inspiration…


image by Ingrid Henzler

The grace of all beginnings

June 6, 2012
Sanctuary of the heart
by the vintage wine
of love
image of a sacred heart
evolving into
the eternal moment
savoring existence
and lightness of being
as a nameless beauty
hidden in purity
created to dwell
in the Soul
To be hidden
in the radiance
of infinite Love
is to surrender into 
the mysterious glow
of the pure Light
and flowing Spirit
of the

Sweet song of freedom

May 30, 2012

Pure love whispers with a Voice

attuned to your heart

and soul

and surrendered mind


and aligning you with the flow

of creative power

a deep and heavenly peace

carving a pathway

through mountains

and valleys

and the seasons of your being


Love brings eternity

to the music of your soul

calling you to express the rhythm

yearning to be free

to tumble from the headwaters

of your rivering heart


Pure Love creates a secret spring

that issues forth

from a mystery that reveals

a hidden beauty

through you

a creative flow of joy

that can no longer be contained


Your radiance shines

dancing in the spirit of the wind

ever changing form

meeting you in the green

pastures of peace

and the rivers of silver silence

beneath the moon


The earth is filled with invitation

to share and express

the longing

pressing from within

your sacred self

to let it live and align

your voice with Love that awakens

the kingdom of beauty

forming within your soul


Gratitude and Joy

leaves a trail to see where

you have been

when your spirit flows

to touch the gardens

of open hearts

longing to give birth

to a spring only you can bring


Love beckons to you

preparing the way

arising in the light to greet you

with arms still warm from shining

to welcome your birth

however it comes

in the freedom of  your awakening soul

the clarity of your open eyes

the breathtaking flight

of your spirit

to wander with the light

of  Love

wherever it calls you to flow


the grace of a friend

April 15, 2012

The most exquisite gift
we have to share
is friendship
whatever else we might
choose to name it
for we long for one
we can trust

Each heart carries
its own dreams
and visions
of how that might
in a more
perfect world

Religions have carried
their golden keys
for centuries
to open the ancient
of the holy grail
we seek

Artists create visions
to ignite
our dreaming
and inspire us
to awaken
to a new world

So many have
advice and theories
to offer
or a service to sell
to lift the veil
of awakening

Yet we forget
that deep inside
we hide
the potential to be
the friend
we have known

The spirit flows
and rises
in the wave
of the sea of serenity
in the promise
of all creation


Morning Lovesong

June 21, 2008


 O sacred morning,
O precious breath of dawn,
flow through us,
as a fountain
of new life.
Allow the rushing
eagerness of our longing
to become the
the gentle streaming
of love’s grace,
making its way to you,
through the vibrant colors
of the earth
in the fullness of spring,
in the passionate heat
of summer,
in the coolness of fall,
and in the purity
of winter’s patience.
Grant us the flowering
of friendship
with all Creation
dissolving us
as we dance into
 your outsretched arms.
Bathe us in the sunlight
of your golden gaze,
when all life turns toward your
lifegiving lover’s call.
You summon us with your glance
to surrender into the dawn
 as we feel the
 greening of our souls
and the blossoming
of our hearts.
Our life becomes the
transforming Joy of lovers
 discovering our melting
  oneness into all
 you create.

The Grace of Kindness

June 18, 2008

The Grace of Kindness


 There is a voice,

a voice that emerges from the heart

that offers hope

in so many different ways.

It can be a writer, an artist,

a poet, a photographer,

 a gifted orator, a painter,

 a dreamer, a visionary

that helps us remember love

 and stirs our hearts awake again.

Yet ,it is the ordinary person

doing heroic things in times of trouble

that inspires those hit by disaster

and war and illness and loss,

that helps us remember

how much we need each other,

and how love in action

goes hand in hand with the dream.

It is one who forgives us

when we least deserve

to be forgiven

who helps us go on.

It is an ordinary person

in ordinary times

that offers us the helping hand,

the listening ear, the presence,

and the caring heart,

who says we matter to someone, 

that keeps us from giving up

on ourselves

and on each other.

It is the grace of kindness

that helps us remember

 the beauty of life and relationship.

 Never wonder if the things

we do out of love for others

makes a difference.

No matter who we are

or how important we have become,

 no matter how famous,

or how rich, or how poor,

or how talented,

or how admired we might be,

we are all vulnerable

and have times of feeling alone

and need someone to care

about who we are

beyond what others see.

 I am always amazed

how true kindness

can bring tears to the bravest soul

 as it reaches through the outer layers

 and touches a desire

to be loved

that the heart

had almost forgotten.

Bless the heroes

who do this every day

as a way of life.

Bless you and thank you

for helping us remember love.