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the art of living and creating your life

February 1, 2014

00  Rachana Yoga   (Creation Energy)

….in the depths of the unknown
hovering secrets….suspended in our unbelief
wait to be discovered
to be clothed in the imagination
or in the streaming dreams
that sprout wings
in the gentle night
of all that is still unseen

can we pluck a vision
from the tree of life
and charm
the world to believe
its true

are we able to frighten
the innocent
to bend to our will
and claim the power
over life itself

a holy moment brushes the sky
with the blush of wine
granting us communion
with the divine

i lovingly bow
to the possibilities
and lovingly touch
your feet
with reverence
and hope
in the purity
and sacred silence
of this early morning light

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