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A Cosmic Love

February 9, 2014


A Cosmic Love

Your heart is calling you toward
a cosmic love
a spiraling dance of longing
to know the beauty
of the light within you

The energy of color and movement
from your own seeking
leaving a trail of light
from the flight of your spirit
guiding you into depths
of love still unknown to you

Love is reaching
to come into being
and create through all that you are
for the wonder and wholeness
of the universe
is a mirror of the Source
of beauty from which
we all have come

Surrender to the belovedness
seeking you
and fall into love
feel the mystical tides
of your soul
inviting you into the arms
of the friend
within your heart
searching and waiting
for your awakening
since the dawning of creation…

Fly into the arms
of the enchanting embrace
of pure love
feel the breath of beholding
caressing and awakening
every cell

Let the glowing essence
of the light of spirit guide you
on a journey
deep into the beauty
only the eyes of the beloved
within you can see

Create a garden of glory
woven from the cosmic sanctuary
of all dreaming and imagining

Sip from the well
of the spring of inner joy
flowing to express and create
something new and alive
that could only happen
through you
and all that you are becoming

The beloved is you
wonderfully made to share
in fashioning a new existence
a world of many gardens
for we are
a cosmic family
of compassion and caring
welcoming all


When the portal opens

January 12, 2014

433  Portal

When the portal opens
a silence falls over the garden
as the light of the Beloved
takes an unseen bride
to dwell inside

the garden walls
of the heart
and the way is prepared
by one who dared
to dream the impossible dream
of longing for God

Only divine love
can hear
the pulsing heart
and somehow
make this real enough
to truly feel

dissolving in mystery
no words can ever reveal
what the Beloved
gives to the lover
who surrenders

This is holy ground
the centering flow of a river
of fire
and only the source
of all life
can ignite
this interior light



Love is the dearest prayer

April 5, 2010

The first time ever I saw wisteria,
it grew in my remembrance,
like a special garden,
where I could wander beneath
an arbor adorned
with the beauty of lavender blue.

I beheld the glory of a falling flower
that hung suspended like the hair
of the goddess of spring,
a fountain of violets dreaming of rising
from their hiding place in the grass
to weave their sweet scent
in the flowing hair
of a dancing beloved.

Love becomes a prayer
entwining the grace of a blossom
wanting to be more,
with the longing to unite with
the essence and spirit
of a dreaming heart,
surrendering into the vision of eyes
that allow the possibility
of something new to happen.

What would we create if we melted
into the unseen arms of love,
and who would we become if we shared
this moment of being
with the longing vision of another?
Who would we become
that we would not be alone?

If lips were to touch in the imaginal
realm of longing,
would the taste of love somehow
flower into a kiss of union?
What impossible dream would happen
through faith that fuses
with a vision of becoming real?
Love that finds the treasure of a heart
that opens wide to the living
vision of love,
discovers itself flowing in rivers
of belovedness
beyond imagining.

Precious secrets of life’s longing
for itself are veiled
in the mist of a cloud that shelters
the soul of lovers conceiving
and giving birth
to a new realm of possibility,
enticed by the glowing face of a radiant moon,
already surrendered into the heart
of a golden sun
anointing lovers with the crowning
light of love in the night.

O shelter the secrets of creation
in the quiet corners
of your ecstasy,
guarding the precious truth of your delight
to allow the innocence
of pure love
to arise again and again
in the long reach of longing
dissolving into the divine nearness
of communion.

When Longing Prayers Meet

July 2, 2009

00 Longing
When Longing Prayers Meet

Somewhere in the world
a heart is longing for a word
of loving support,
some show of kindness
to feel someone is there,
who hears a silent prayer.

Somewhere in the world
someone is wondering
if anyone cares.

Somewhere in an unknown place
another heart is longing
to offer an embrace
to sing a song of hope and grace,
to give and share the prayer
and be the one who cares.

Somewhere out in empty space
the longings touch,
and a face comes into view.
Where there were two apart
the two become as one
reaching for the sun.

We will never know how many times,
when we cry out in the night,
a light goes on in someone’s room,
as someone hears our prayer
and begins to sing a lullaby
to soothe the lonely cry.

Love keeps a vigil night and day
to catch the silent tear that falls,
for love knows when someone calls,
there is someone on the way
to kiss away the tears
and calm the mounting fears.

Love may be found in the softness
and sound of the brush of wings,
in the nearness of a friend,
or in words that fall upon this page,
but for each heart that is broken,
somewhere a prayer is spoken.

Painting by Arthur Douet