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secrets of creating

November 16, 2014

10006983_10201925147449841_1571518298245618890_n.jpg  Motherhood


……an amazing experience…..

wouldn’t have missed it for anything

divine feminine draws its pattern

from the secrets

deep within the great sea of that which gives birth to all life



trusting the beloved to give it flavor and form

we cannot begin to imagine


the deepest secrets swim in the sweetness of the silkiness that lines the passage

through which we invite the magnificence of the beloved

to flow

and glide into the glory of the ultimate

receptivity and creativity

we call love

while the truth hovers far beyond our words

melting in the murmuring music

of the songs of our mystics

in the moonlight glowing

with luminescence

that summons

a tiny nightingale to serenade

the rose

to reveal the beauty

of the heavenly softness

of the petals

that open to the beloved’s


entry into the soul


miracle enough to create form

and breathe life into a seed of shimmering light

and yet beyond the form

a greater mystery

is born as

a spirit rising from a deeper union

more delicate than wings

a sigh lighter than air

soft laughter

of lovers

quivering flame of essence

that does not burn

but vanishes

in silent awe into

the womb of divine mystery

opening to that which seeks to experience

and be touched by

eternal love

10308323_10203881733551726_1202822067452670609_n dove 3

Valley of Wonder

April 14, 2014

10001102_10203635095505929_80859777_o  Valley

the nameless mystic arises like the sun from within you

January 27, 2014

ImmortalKnight (1)  the mystic  - rassouli

How does the mystery unfold in your life…….
how does the mystic come into your awareness……..
what attracts you into the unknown…….
into the rising wonder of the imagination
and the bewildering experience of love….
what voice whispers to you in the night……
is the muse in your heart calling you…….
is the beauty of your soul shining its golden rays
to touch you with the light
of the Divine Beloved…………………………
listen…….listen ……
for every name dwells in the Beloved……..
in the remembering of God

the embryos of dreaming

January 10, 2014

1476539_10201762441195229_510122324_n light

Giving birth to something new
we see ourselves in it
something of the dream
from which it came

we become more
than we ever were before
as sparks ignite the flames
the water turns to vintage wine
matter thins to light
launching music high on the wind
into a sky of feeling
of the sweet and wild secrets
only love can touch
in surrendering moments
of something so real

the touch is unbearably tender
asking us
to bear the nearness
without clinging
a fluttering dance
like butterflies dancing
on naked skin

as the brush of eyelashes
caresses the heart
warm breath rises
like the mist
on the fragile wings of lightness
a sigh born from the freedom
to feel

laughter turns to colors
breaking the mirror
set free to dance with a life
of their own

to be swept into the arms
of such a creative lover
in the night

is to touch
the still point
of a spiraling existence
of blossoming

the dream is real
unwrapped by silence
the breeze
ruffling the hair
with fingers of spirit

whispering the wave to rise
the sun to flame out
calling the tide to disappear
into the sea
something slides inside
to pierce the heart
and fills the womb
of creativity
with starlight
swimming in the warm nectar
of life

the castling mystery of love
enchants and bewilders
beyond our knowing
and drowns us
in One so exquisite
and enchanting
spirit becomes the essence
of breathless
emanations of divine flow

we dare not make
such a luminous caress
less than God intends
but simply
let it glow
and light the world
with kindness


Mystery of the Universe

February 28, 2011

This stunning visual expression entitled the “Mystery of the Universe,” sends me spinning. For me, it becomes a metaphor for abiding side by side, dwelling in the creative explosion of life around us, co-existing in our own beauty and our own wholeness, reflecting and celebrating the creation of life, expanding in our love for each other without clinging or holding on, without judging, without trying to control another or without trying to steal the gift of our freedom to live in the creative currents of love in our own unique way of living in the world.

I felt moved to invite you to enter into the painting, to step through the veil of mystery, to make a pilgrimage into a journey of wonder and beholding, and see where it takes you. The music of love in my own heart is my muse and my guide.
Let it become a point of meditation and feel it come to life in your own imagination and longings. Let it ignite and inspire an opening in your own journey to explore the the unknown dimensions of your deeper self.

the light of joy

December 27, 2010

The mystery of the unannounced
and unplanned
holds something
far more wonderful
and new if we are awake to it.

I love a blank page, an open sky,
an open heart and soul……….
a sudden pouring out
of the radiance of light,
the rising love that transforms
everything we look upon….

I love the night and the silence
and these quiet moments….
cannot sleep in this wondrous realm
of possibility!
Awake and aware of seeds opening,
stars being born,
something being created
at this very moment…

Life is creating and giving presence
to the act of creation,
……to feel Love rising from the heart,
to see how light rushes to illuminate
and reflect the Love…
and beauty is in the experience of it……….
in the feeling of it…………
and in the beholding of it!

Something hidden has awakened forever
and will never sleep again
and Joy is in the birth of the unknown presenting itself…..
restless to reveal something so new….
to share it….
and make us gasp with wonder.

The creator doesn’t know what it will be
until it appears……..
the heart doesn’t know…..
we only know the
stirring movement….
the inner longing…..
the beauty of desiring
the energy of life seeking itself…..
for the dance of beholding is the glorious way
of life with the beloved!

O Love….I am made of particles….
each holding the potential of giving birth to You
…..Overflowing fountains of silvery light
sliding from the moon of your face
to give light to our nights….
and the golden light of the sun of your soul
… streaming out in every direction
to give light to our days!

Wondrous truth of love
is the hidden glory
ever unfolding and revealing itself!!

painting by rassouli

Love is falling into snow

December 24, 2010

Love is falling into snow

The Beloved covered
my courtyard
with new snow in the night,
soft, silent glowing whiteness
of overwhelming beauty.

I am swept into beholding,
drawn to the window by a gentle
unseen hand
to see this crystallized
sanctuary of stillness
and am
moved to tears by the vision
of this transformation
changing the face
of love
from the night before.

A voice whispers to me from a space
within my soul,

O beloved one,
I am new for you this morning,
spreading snowflakes
of light
before your eyes,
so you will know
I am in your heart, and still
I sweep my hand
in an arc
to change the sky and land
for the pleasure
of your eyes.

Sometimes, when I create,
it is hard to wait
for you to open your eyes
and awaken,
so I reach through time
and take your hand
drawing you slowly from your sleep
to show you
that beauty is not a dream,
but a reality beyond
the words.

O my dearest one,
it is Love that makes it so.

I circle your resting place,
watching over you,
rearrange your covers,
into the flow of your breathing
and caress your hair,
whisper love secrets
in your ear
to see you smile in your sleep.

I love the delight in your eyes
when you see the snow
and the light
spreading morning
across the sky.
I hear your quiet thank you
for the beauty
and you see snowflakes melting
my tears upon
your window pane.

Your love inspires me to create
what I have never
done before
to please you,
and suddenly, you are
murmuring words of love
knowing I am there
so near to you.

I am ageless and formless
but feel the throbbing heart of a lover
when you whisper to me
with the certainty
of faith
that I will hear.

I spiral to the moon and back
to feel your love.
I send rays of the sun
to spark the fire
of warm desire within you.

Loving you is the sweet
incentive to save
the earth and heal the wounds
of neglect
hoping all will awaken soon
to realize the paradise
that love allows
for lovers arising from
my welcoming soul.

falling into the mystery

January 23, 2010

Morning breaks in my heart before dawn comes….
for love has its own timeless cycles
that are not dependent on the clocks of the outer world….
or the circling spheres that bring us light and dark…..
vision is triggered
by something unseen….a flow….of sweetness….
a fragrance….a flame….by music…by mystery

the sound and energy of a voice of love
touches the rising of that sun in us at times….
because it triggers the alchemy of journeying into the hearts
and mysteries of the warriors of love
as we do in our hearts
and our dreams night after night after night…..

and the visions we create from the source
of our own expression of the beauty…
and experiencing the sublime also touches the source
within each of us

we coax paradise
into the limitations of seeing
and creating from the heart
to share with others

instead of a microcosm of a media portrayal…
or a small television screen…
we allow love to melt the boundaries
to be able to share the private glimpse with others.

this vision enters into the one
who truly looks at it
gazes into the beauty,
and if they fall into love..
they receive it into themselves
and are deeply affected by it
and love is life-giving
and it begins a rhythmic movement
to give birth to a new beingness
a creative stream
of sacred joy
that expands and flowers into
becoming a new creation

it doesn’t end in oneness that blurs all lines and dissolves uniqueness….
that would end the cycle….for each new breath of creation
is a new beauty….a new warmth ….a new life…..when creation falls into love
with the heart of its living expression….and every time it is new
making love may be man’s version of tasting and experiencing it…
but creating love is the wonder of the beloved
that enfolds the lover in the embrace of a love
beyond our comprehension

the stars and strands of moonlight and the essence of jewels…
not the hardened forms…but from the glimmering flowers of light…
falling around their feet where they walk…
the prism of the heart releases the colors that radiate out from the lover….
wherever they gaze….the gaze of love shoots the arrow
one doesn’t even know the energy has gone into them
until it expresses in a surprising vision growing from their own hands
or their own eyes….or from their own hearts
and the tears fall in thankfulness for tasting the sweetness

the telethon for haiti last night radiated that love…
nameless contributions for the benefit of others
offering their heart expression of love to the world…
no money….no names
streaming love…..through the medium they knew
for when we release it….it flows out touching hearts…..
we don’t even know where
or how most of the time….changing everything.

the energy flows and flows and flows and flows
and where it goes only love knows

no one can stop it….or even see it…one can only see its effects
if they interfere…they are touched by it
and they forget the harm they might have done without it
it belongs to no one….it is controlled by no one….it is protected by
its own beauty and by grace

we don’t hide it and keep it for ourselves….for the moment we try…
we lose its transformative power…..its movement is commanded by its very nature
to appear in the flow….it is like trying to catch the lover’s breath
we can only surrender to its flow and feel its whisper
in our ear….lingering around our lips……caressing our eyes….
discovering the hidden places within us….
light knows the way…….breath knows the way…….and love leads the way
love prepares us to be open to its entrance
and we melt and dissolve and surrender to keep it flowing

this is the invisible essence in the holy grail
which is the chalice of our sacred bodies uniting with spirit
the spirit of love….nothing in the universe or beyond
is more powerful
for love is the gentleness of the lamb
lying down with the strength of the lion
and rising like the sun….the mane of the lion in love
streaming out from all directions
why wouldn’t the creator want to share in this love poured out on the earth….
why wouldn’t love design a spiraling cycle to keep it circling between us

we know it’s true….we experience it……it touches us…..
we reflect it and learn how to create with it
it gives the gift of freedom….true freedom……and when we love
in the freedom of flight..gliding…..soaring……coasting in the open air
we are truly free
as the beloved appears in thee
and in we
and cradles us in the sea
of eternity

painting by rassouli
“serenity of the sun”

Path of the Wayfarer

December 30, 2009

Path of the Wayfarer

O my wandering ones!
Come to places you have never been,
hearts you have never known,
and visions you have never seen.
The beloved prepares a path
leaving clues for you
along the way.
Love listens to your heart
and creates a life
spun from your hidden dreams,
your hopes, your thoughts
and your deepest longings.
Wade into the waters
of beauty and promise
and be anointed by love.
This present moment is sacred,
awaiting your surrender
to open the chambers
of the heart
of the beloved,
the blessed source
of all creation.


painting by rassouli