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spirit rising lighter than air

February 11, 2014

000  Hidden Spirit

Deep beneath the cover of the dark flowing waves of night
i touch the Source of a guiding light
a light that guides me in a flight
beyond anything i could ever hope to write
or even find an image that might
create within the range of human sight

i dive deep into the living womb where life begins
where the air vanishes and thins
an altitude where only the divine lives
and lovingly gives
sharing the breath of generosity
allowing a space for the grace of diversity

now flowing from a Source unseen
transforming the earth with a glowing sheen
vibrant and breathlessly alive
where the purity of love can truly survive
the whispering song of life is streaming
cradled in the soft and gentle sway of dreaming

spirit slips through the barriers of form
a rising embrace invisibly warm
billowing wings enfolding everything
as every heart begins to sing
feeling the gentle winds of a sacred call
a divine breath that summons all


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