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Valley of Wonder

April 14, 2014

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the gaze of love sees beyond the clouds

March 4, 2010

The gaze of love sees beyond the clouds

Sometimes, life steps out of a dream
and the heart remembers
that what appears
to be life is really the dream,
and it was you, my Beloved One,
who were always with me.
It is you who contains us all!

When I dare to open to all
that hovers outside
of time itself,
I am in an ever expanding garden,
a meadow, a sea, a sky, a soul,
a boundless spirit
circling in the truth
of the heart,
creating new realities,
new lands,
new ways of seeing,
new feelings,
new species, new revelations,
volcanoes of centuries
of longing
imploding and exploding
that blow the mind into fragments
to be swept under the carpet
of reverence and devotion
and awakening!

You are surrounding me,
within me,
and this heart is
waiting for you to touch love,
waiting for you to see,
to love, to recognize,
to remember
to embrace, to explore,
to integrate, to share
to behold, to dance, to fly,
to unite, to melt, to mold, to liquefy,
to solidify, to create,
to mix it up and start again,
to swirl in the currents of wonder.

How can you choose to live
in confinement
a moment longer,
when freedom invites us
to breathe the fresh air
of looking through the eyes
of thrilling love
of the beauty and belovedness,
of the Creator who
formed you.

Come see with me!
Come look through the gaze
of love’s eyes that see
your beauty,
who sits at your feet
drinking in the sweetness of you.

Look through the heart
of the One who cherishes you
before you were conceived,
before you were born,
before you tried on the disguises
you wear in the world.

See who you were when you were free!
Learn to walk in the skin
you are in,
touch the ground,
feel the grass under your feet,
and feel how your hair is blowing
in the winds of paradise.

Behold with me,
the light that glows within you,
and feel how tenderly
the gaze of love
sees what dwells behind
the clouds that are surrounding
and covering
your precious heart!

You are so loved.
You are so perfectly loved.
You are perfect,
because you are love’s
own creation, truly you are!

And I love you so,
with a love beyond all other love.
I love you now,
as you are in this moment,
and when you awaken to that truth,
Now blossoms into the soft
caressing petals
of forever.

the beloved

painting by rassouli