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The Gift of Life

November 24, 2017

A living song of golden silence glows

deep within my being

a moving silence like breath

a soft caressing breeze

or the quiet sighing of love that creates

the miracle of life forming

in the magnificence of infinite expressions

like the light that rests easily on the ripples of the sea

clinging to a wave that rises

as it dances with the wind….

the mystics call it the beloved

for it sustains life as its very nature

a sacred giving of itself

an inner purity of innocence that blooms

in moonlight

a spark that becomes a flame

that lights the darkness

the beauty of healing hidden in the touch

of unseen hands

the love that draws a silent breath

when we forget to breathe

we are the rain for a thirsty earth

the vision and form

of life seeking itself

a silent surrendering passage

for the thrilling gift of belovedness