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The Light of Creation..

June 30, 2016

Eternal Annexation (1)



We flow beyond time into the light
of awareness beyond the roof of the world
a freedom of spirit that bridges the seen
with what is not seen, yet perceived
through the love and grace of God…

Each journey is unique and personal
empowered by relationship with
the infinite and intimate presence
of a creative and caring Beloved
generously aligned with every heart…

We are inspired by others and encouraged
but we are called in this dance of life
in which we have awakened to the light
to live the truth and nature of our being
in this diverse and changing world…

We are the creative expression
of the Source from which we come
conceived in likeness through spirit
yet formed in life, framed in culture
and time, flowering here on earth…

We are the rhythm and songs of love
the movement and waves of seasons
walking and whirling in spiraling variation
a kaleidoscope of tumbling color and form
caressed by gentle winds of divine breath…

We are the holy family of all beginnings
the wondrous continuing creation
of Love giving birth to itself
light from Light spreading its rays
from moment to glorious moment…

May we learn to rejoice and celebrate
in sharing the privilege to create our lives
and live the joy we are given one by one
reflecting the kindness and love we feel
in this adventure of becoming real…



Painting by Rassouli…

the flight of infinite love..

June 28, 2016

Priti-di_49.jpg  swans

the eternal circling  of love

(painting image from the art of Priti Ghosh)


Classical poetic expression

can become an alignment with a divine music,

a flight into imagination,

a witness to life beyond the restriction of time,

a moment when the heart takes wing,

and the soul becomes a revelation

to one’s inner self,

an intimate sacred journey,

a sweet dance in the light of spirit,

cradled in the arms of a love

beyond description.

It has life beyond the words,

and a deep and profound presence

that calls a surrendering being

into the light pure joy………….


Patterns of flight

The grace and gift of flight, the spirit patterns caressing the skies….

(Appeared in National Geographic images)


Play of the light of love..

June 17, 2016

10641088_10206451440432792_4658247966968904071_n.jpg  Rassouli painting

Slipping into the fresh morning air
to meet you
where the mystic’s play

where the spirits move freely
in the gardens we create

and the sweet spring of living water
is forever renewing our souls

we feel the refreshing cool caressing winds
from the kingdom of the Beloved

the sweet streaming spring
creating rushing rivers

cleansing the earth and us
on the way to the great rhythmic sea

of alpha waves of wellbeing
and the cresting moments
of pure Joy

pouring out the mystic’s cure
shared through centuries
of secrets

to heal the world
with beauty
of the light of love

the pure sanctuary
of freedom

a tonic
of embracing

where the wild flowering
of the heart and soul
is possible

may our spirits
be attuned and aligned

with the new creation
and the music
of wandering minstrels

scattering seeds
and sharing
the visions and songs
of joy

In the flow…

June 16, 2016
95135676d7131e88e8eceb62f3cb5617.jpg  Eternal Flow
Awakening in the clarity
of the timelessness
of the thinning of the veil
that obscures
our vision..
we hear the sweet music
of the heart..
 the living silences
of the soul..
the maestro caresses
the quivering strings of our heart
to hear and experience
the beauty
that reveals itself
in infinite ways
through our
alignment with the spirit
of love
filling us
and flooding the being
the Beloved..
In our becoming
we fall into belonging
through the creative power
and attraction
of that which transforms
and enlarges us
to allow
a magnificent relationship
with the Source
of All Life..
Anointed in love
transformed through grace
we become
the living flow
of breath
giving birth to spirit
soft and swirling
curling misty glow
of sighs..
gentle brush and sweep
of eyelashes..
dewy moistness of morning
in the blosssoming
of our hearts..
ever in awe
of beauty
that forever dances
our words
yet dwells deep within
the sanctuary
of the soul
free in spirit
to encircle the earth
and create
and create and create..
13458680_1008266512614666_1412036563021915903_o.jpg  The elegance of the beauty of flow........of living in the flow of love

Veil of innocence

June 2, 2016



A veil of fog settles and softens
the morning light
shielding the sweet innocence
of the bride of night…
as the falling stars
are caressing and nestling
in the darkness of her hair
beneath the blessing of the moon….


Sweet Spirit at play…

June 1, 2016

Naomi in the garden 001


The Spirit at play creates a way
that sets me free to feel
the fluttering wings
of fireflies and fairies and “other things”..
to see the secrets in the clover
as my soul sings in quiet joy…
for over and over..the night is new
a glow is cast that seems to last
all the while…a smile lingers
upon my lips…tasting sips of dew..
as you…dare to share
your belovedness
everywhere I glance
in the mystic dance of light
at night in the garden
of my heart…


Resting in the arms of grace…

June 1, 2016


11011249_10204846101772251_6426328483152819491_o.jpg  Farshchian


How much can a word hold, I wonder.
Sometimes they dissolve under
the flames of my touch….too much…
and silence settles softly around me
sheltering my surrendered heart…
feeling the peace within my soul
scattering strands of silken music
from cloud to cloud muted in softness
where I rest in the arms of grace…..


Painting by Farschian…