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the gift of beholding

September 25, 2009

Rassouli - In Awe

The Gift of Beholding

Belovedness is a flowing essence
an incandescence
rising far beyond the letters
of the word
an exalted spirit of nearness
an unseen love
that falls into the heart
that is forever young
expanding into soulful revelations
of green valleys
and meadows of eternal spring
of mountains that touch the sun
renewed in the coolness
of a cleansing autumn rain
replenished by
deeply enchanting music
cresting on a wave
of silent sweetness
and aching tenderness

Belovedness is an expression
of a private vulnerability
a sacred innocence
concealed in the soul
released by love
appearing in the beauty
and light of creation
placing the glowing crown
of divine love upon
the curls
of the beloved

painting by rassouli

Love Song

September 21, 2009

Rassouli - 02-12-SoulMigration

Love Song

I have transcended the centuries
to reach through time
to come to you
and split the moon
to see you smile.

I scatter stars across the sky,
pouring light like wine
in the night
to fill your heart
with the rushing rivers
of my love.

I create a thousand paths
to your door
circling the earth.

I sing your dreams,
await your awakening
to behold my presence,
for at the end of every breath
my longing heart
is here
with arms open wide
to welcome you inside!

Tear the veil
from your eyes!
Trust the enchanted skies
already adorned with
your beauty.

Come to me!

Painting by Rassouli

Intimacy of Love

September 19, 2009


Intimacy of Love

A beloved resting on the chest
of the beloved is calmed by the
stream flowing through the heart.

A weeping woman clutches a robe
drawing strength from the one
who wears it.

A mystic enters into a painting
to wander in the secret
gardens of the soul

A lover draws a breath
from the lips of a beloved
through a trembling sigh.

A child falls asleep
in the sweet scent and softness
of a mother’s breast.

A whisper seeks a hiding place
in the graceful curve of a curl
of the beloved’s hair.

A tear flows from the beauty
of a soulful embrace
blessing the moment of presence.

A word in the heart gives birth
to a blossoming essence so delicate
it can never be spoken.



The Secret of Silence

September 16, 2009


The Secret of Silence

Deep silence has a purity of its own.
I touch the quiet like a friend
and feel the lightness of my being
rising beyond the concerns
and sadness of the mind.
I gaze beyond the face
of my own human limitations
and rise into the enfolding arms
of divine grace.

In all the many wonders
of the world.
there is none so beautiful
as the face I cannot see
with human eyes.

The unseen lover comes
wearing the cloak
of night
illumined only by the moon
and dancing stars
and discreetly disappears
with the light
of the rising sun.

The beloved gathers the sweetness
of all longing
from the flowering blossoms
of a secret garden
surrounding and engulfing me
with love
beyond all other beauty.

Silence sweeps me
into invisible arms
in a dissolving embrace
and a deep kiss of the Soul
that only the beloved
can give.

Love is the golden key that opens every door
of all that would keep us hostage
to anything less than love.
Only the heart
knows the nameless lover
behind the sacred veils of silence.

Entrust your beloved
to the intimate whispering
the blessed sanctuary
of your soul
the unknown place
the world cannot reach
for in the silence no one can teach
dwells the ultimate grace
and beauty of love.


Love hears our cries

September 9, 2009

0 - Veil of Mystery

We can search the world
for faces and names and places
where answers are
dispensed for a few silver coins!

Oh dear ones, we can hunt
for the answers to riddles,
bow to the robed ones
with knowledge and books,
wear our pretentious pleading looks,
but the treasure we seek
is cleverly hidden
from our ravenous minds,
from our ambition,
from our acts of contrition,
from our purchased pardons,
from our framed degrees
and our desperate need to know!

Beneath the hard ground of winter,
seeds are waiting to grow,
and deep within the ground
of your being
are secrets of spring
to be revealed
when the ice begins to melt
from around your tender hearts.

An eternal essence
waits in the blossoming joy
of a mysterious beauty
hovering within you
spiraling toward freedom
beyond the prison of your fears!

Cry the tears!
Allow love to melt the years
into moments
of streaming joy.
Let the flowering fragrance
of your longing
fill the air with songs
for the beloved
and every heart will hear
love’s call!


Companion of My Heart

September 1, 2009

Companion of My Heart

O sweet love
heart of my heart
sweet breath of spirit
silent beauty of my soul
whispering wave of creation
blossoming mystery
a remembering laughter
bubbling up in the scent
and softness
as a child in my arms

O sweet love
sudden beauty bursting forth
as a new way of seeing
from a deeper place

O wondrous and following star
candle of the night
lighting the way through life
a visiting wisdom of creation
ever fashioning
new seasons of love
manifesting and mixing colors
forms and faces
changing and rearranging
flashing into
a divine moment beyond time
falling into
the dancing curls
of children
dancing light on dancing waves
dancing words
prancing across a page

O sweet love
my playmate and my friend
transforming every sorrow
into a new tomorrow
wings spreading in flight
sweeping plains and open skies
herald of expanding light
of morning
where I feel the breath
of love’s tender sighs

O sweet love
you set me free
from the boundaries I build
around my self
you welcome me
into your great embrace
the protecting aura
of your grace

O sweet love
rhythmic pulsing of my life
wondrous rushing wind
caressing breeze
beloved one
you are my rising sun
my sweet release
into the glory
of love’s returning peace