A night flight from heart to heart..

November 4, 2018



The beauty hidden in the gliding flight of outspread wings
is deeper and far greater than anything these eyes can see…
The mystery of life itself clings to thee….O Hidden One..
in which we dwell in silent ecstasy
held in balance by eternal energy…an alchemy
an enchanting sanctuary….without which
not a single thing would move or live…
A golden brilliance…a hidden light within illuminates
and ignites the spark that starts the heart and breathes
us into being…an unseen face is the flowing grace
of every song…….of every vision…of every possibility
we feel magnificence…a precious presence…an essence
the billowing whiteness…the transparency of spirit…
blessed and anointed by kindness….weeping
before never ending generosity…melting into winds
of invisible security….curling into rays of golden purity
we are guided through the haze by a piercing gaze
that creates the soul…aware our destiny is in the surprise
of your blinking eyes…an infusion of immortality….
clouds of unknowing….dancing atoms…molecules of ability…
infinite variety….secrets of freedom in every cell
to keep us well and free to be with thee….



A Grateful Heart

October 29, 2018
Rassouli_The_Gaze_of_LoveWhen I awaken in the early hours,
I listen to the silences,
am present to the energy and beauty of life,
feel the flow connecting us all;
I feel overwhelmingly grateful for the gift and grace
of the positive and nurturing influences
that create and sustain life and keep it balanced.
I feel the Source and Intention and Resonance
of a Benevolence from which we all evolve.
I am in awe of the deep wisdom and creative playfulness,
the humor, of all that guides the moment of our lives. 
I feel the vibrations and rhythm of life, 
the sounds and music that touch and move us, 
the beauty that enchants our souls 
and delights our eyes, 
I fall in love with our potential 
and possibilities
over and over again,
a great generosity and grace 
that fill
me with hope.

Sacrament of Presence

October 15, 2018



IMG_9527.JPG sunburstOur presence here on earth is a chance to live

the secret hidden within each one of us

to bring the truth of our being to life

to give form and expression as it rises from the silence

like the lotus emerges and blooms beneath the moon..

We kneel in the temple and sanctuary of the soul

before God and feel the Presence

of the Great Spirit from which we come

and are anointed with the sacrament of Life itself

christened in the Divine Light of Presence

from His beholding eyes that see all that we are..

and the revelation of love is a communion

of grace that writes the truth upon our hearts..

everything changes in this sacred moment

when the path is illumined by this

very precious Presence of our Lord..

We humbly surrender and are surrounded

by a divine countenance and glorious embrace

that comes as pure gift through the deep blessing

of belonging and belovedness guiding us

in the moment by moment unfolding of our

becoming in the highest creativity

we will ever know..


The Beloved is eternal…

September 17, 2018




My heart is overflowing
as I wander in the timelessness
of the infinite expression
of the Source of all beginnings..
the ethereal mist
of the lightness of Spirit
the elusive mystery
of the spring of all well being..

I soar in the enchanting flight
of that which disappears from sight
melting me into sweet rain
and spreading me across the sky
in soft colors and clouds
and sweeping winds

I am One with an intimate Beloved
that touches and moves me
in every waking moment
a breathtaking earth at my feet
and an endless sky beyond
my scope of seeing
stirring feeling and song
in my soul..
anointed and blessed
with the sweetest joy
of the deepest love..

the light of my being
and breath of my life
appears and vanishes at will
settling in my soul
and flowing in Spirit
flowering in whispers of love
in moments of rivering surprise
always and forever new…

the divine gift of beauty

September 15, 2018
The beauty of Spirit is a timeless renewal,
an anointing of the light of love,
a strengthening of faith,
 a sheltering silence,
 a remembrance of love,
 the inner chambers of the heart and soul,
 the heartfelt prayers for all life,
 ……the wonder of hope…….
Rassouli-mystical-ar.jpg Fountain of Life

The Healing Wonder of Love

September 14, 2018

There is a mystical place I go
when the world is too much..
I vanish into Spirit and rediscover
a freedom from all that stifles
creativity and the light of Joy
All restraints disappear
the boundaries vanish
no time or form bind my flight
an enchanting light clears my sight
and I am new again….


Anointed by Love

August 10, 2018

Rassouli-Cosmos-art- (1).jpg flowing


fountain of grace


O beloved…the deeper the love

I feel the words falling away

and my being sways

in the warmth of nothing I need to say

my throbbing heart finds its rhythm

a dance of spinning stars

lighting my way

walking gently along the shore

as the flowing river touches me

with soft kissing waves caressing

my feet with a swishing blessing

that makes me smile

all the while

from within my laughing heart

the flow of divine wine swirls from thee

for pure love is thine alone

no matter the face it seems to wear

for everything vanishes in the essence

of your overwhelming presence..

O beloved ..you sweep me in your arms

as I melt in the privacy

of a garden of intimacy

and infinite grace..

tenderness and patience

the crown of thy gentle nature..

tears falling as a veil of gratitude..

Spirit a luminous seclusion

a sheltering flow our souls know

and feel beyond form

more real than mind or matter

love is warm and kind

breathless sighs before the power

of this endless holy hour

in thy sacred embrace……



Looking for Infinity

August 7, 2018


Rassouli_Looking-for-Infinity (1)Entering the world of a Mystic

 This mystic cannot help her vanishing

into the living mystery of God…

it calls the soul beyond everything I have ever known

and then surprises by manifesting creatively…..

infinitely…….and intimately

in the feathering of divine essence

as such variation and beauty…

i experience a melting of all identity

into the softness of love

and the magnificence of light

in the gift of caressing waves of peace….

God is an artist of stroking color and vision…

a sculptor of glorious expression….

the sound and symphony

of the evolution of spinning stars…

a glowing luminous and embracing moonlight …

mountainous stairways to the sky…….

whispering tenderness….

an interior river of flowing peace…….

an eternal companion…….

magnifying and enlarging and deepening

the expanse and reach of divine love..

the sacred path

of the sweet revelation

of relationship

where everything is transformed into life itself..

i surrender into the sacred surroundings

of an absolutely enchanting Beloved..

this is the exquisite and elegant dwelling

within the One

from whom we come..


Painting by Rassouli





The Beloved of each and every Life..

July 29, 2018
O God in the eternal sweep of your spirit being..
you draw us into your unseen arms..
holding us close to your centering Heart..
breathing life into our every breath..
infusing us with your Light..
anointing us with your sacred tears of Love..
creating an arc..like a rainbow-colored..
nature-filled temple of your Spirit..
You warm us with the golden eye of your sun..
cool us with the glow of the moon..
luminous stars spin and whisper the way
vanishing and appearing and forever new
as part of your heart-lifting play..
We are You gazing back at Your life-giving glance..
You are the divine romance of unending time..
the rhyme of creativity….the music of infinity..
dwelling in the sweet intimacy of your glorious soul..
a vast love.. making us whole and One with your glory..
All metaphors are only a flash of your eternal light..
Your night caresses and eases the radiance..
of your great and piercing..all-seeing visionary sight..
flowing in gentle rivering and living waters to the sea..
to dwell eternally in thee.. for You bless us in foreverness..
You are forever our beginnings and our becoming..
entrancing and enchantjng..dancing..and romancing us..
Your billowing soul a great and gentle nest giving us rest..
Invisible and transparent..translucent.. sending
and surrounding us with Your sacred glow..
O God grant us the faith to trust Your Presence..
so very near and dear to each and every life..
Allow us to feel how real is Your loving embrace..
You are every glory..each and every story..
creating our moments in rays of Your grace..
This gift of being You have given us is Yours..
Shimmering and breathless beauty of Spirit..
You open doors of feeling new worlds and mornings
of magnificence reeling in Your Presence..
now and always revealing our Home in You..

The Beloved has many faces

July 24, 2018
Come and make me new again
Ohhhhh the caressing silence
of the touch of dawn
and the tenderness
of long warm fingers of the sun
the twittering songs of my feathered friends
nestled in the evergreens
awakening to the light
soothing me with sounds of music
silky dew glistening on my skin
a rising light slips
in my window and dances
me around my room
a quivering rainbow
creates an arc in the skies
of shimmering colors
blessing my moistened eyes
my heart plays a rhythm
inside my chest
reminding me how good it is
to be alive
mystic friends are near
a sweet ear to hear
my love songs and to create
a garden where we can play
spirit opens the gift of inner sight
melting distance through
the feel of soft palms
spreading light upon my skin
sharing love is filled with surprise
pure delight of exploring secrets
creating cries and sighs
that fill the eyes with grateful tears
the grace is for everyone
for when we fall into the golden charms
of the arms of the beloved
every heart is filled with the sun
IMG_6697.jpg river of fire
Image by Dan Stone
beloved face of the river