A new beginning

January 3, 2021
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The thrilling mystery

of wandering with the mystics

beyond time and place

in rhythm with the grace

of creative love

that takes a chance to dance

with those who are present

to a moment of divine beauty

that invites and excites an encounter

in the exhilarating

freedom of spirit

and the sudden appearance

of those dearest beloved ones

that slip into the heart

and settle in

creating a sweet sanctuary

where they are for ever welcome..


Song of the Soul

October 12, 2020

Every single life
has a beauty of its own
some are slower
to awaken to the music
of the dance
with the universe
to sing the song of their
inner joy
to live the dream..

Let no one try to steal the gift
of the grace of who you are
or tries to make
you believe
you are less than a beloved
creation of God..

Sometimes the world contrives
to sets its own measure
of worth on another
but misses the mark when
it claims to know
what is best for you..

Something happens when
a golden ray of sun
warms and caresses you
touches and blesses
your upturned face
and welcomes you into the day..

A green valley beckons and invites
you to lie down and rest
in the soft meadows
and listen to the river sing
its songs for you..

Arms of love encircle you
placing a robe around
your shoulders
and a crown of light
as the universe kneels
to greet you..

Forgive the ignorant and fearful ones
who make you doubt yourself
for you were created to be loved by
a great and glorious creator
who wants to share
the riches of Nature
and the divine glory of love
to grant you the freedom
to be…the beloved is
waiting for thee to set you free…


Incredible vision of Himalayan peak

August 12, 2020

16864728_10211891047253185_6789486920918402162_n.jpg mountain

Such a mystical image and vision through this photo taken by Neeraj Pandey, a devotee, who climbed and explored this mountain to seek and feel the divine energy and Presence of the Creator, to witness the glory and transforming power through his own experience and faith.

(Other photos may be witnessed on his facebook page.)

O gracious and empowering Love

August 12, 2020
Thousands of prayers
pour out from all over the world.
Millions cry for help
wondering if everyone has forgotten us!
O Love! Have we forgotten you?
The true treasure of your gifts
is your Presence within us…
A kingdom of Peace and Precious Love
streams from your Spirit to our own,
a Sanctuary of Silence, of Energy,
of the great Mystery of divine Love.
Give us the Faith, the Hope and wisdom
to remember and know you are with us
no matter what is happening.
As promised, you are with us,
you comfort and soothe our fears,
you help us to feel the power
of your love for each one of us
now and always, here and now, and beyond.
Love is our home, our nature, our muse,
our light that will never be extinguished.
The glow is hidden within
in your centering and transforming love.
May all hearts be opened
to feel the grace of your flowing embrace.
Draw us together in Spirit
and help us feel the beauty
of your never ending, rivering stream
of whispering life-giving love.

We stand in awe before Creation feeling the Presence of God shining from the Beauty…

August 1, 2020

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A precious wisdom
arising from a glorious
awakens A Beloved
deep inside this kingdom
within me.

My cells begin moving
silently in a night
like a soft wind
stirring my heart.

A mystical glow
settles all around me
a vast wilderness
of God.

An inexpressible Presence
a magnificence
surrounding and calling
me to vanish
in the infinite reach
of gentle arms
of Spirit

A swirling invisibility
voluminous and expanding
seems to be rousing
and awakening
my Soul.

I listen to the whispering
sighs of the wind
a song of overwhelming love
and incredible

Feel a beauty of being
a realm of divine
gloriously reaching
beyond my words.

Dissolving and melting
in a profound
a gentleness
blessed by a sweetness
of peace
and belovedness.

The golden treasure of the sea and Thee…

May 24, 2020

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The divine presence walks with us

May 9, 2020

He walks before us to prepare the way….

He walks beside us that we might feel his nearness and love….

He walks behind us to protect and support our journey…

He watches over us in Spirit ever vigilant with his gaze…

He dwells within us to whisper and guide us to His Father…

He lives the relationship with God that we might learn and create our own…

He is with you now and always….forever in communion…




and she pondered all this in her heart…

April 19, 2020

71906547_10220509835923893_6558818848047366144_n.jpg Mary

The touch of love

April 2, 2020

Woman at feet of Jesus 775103_10200251095628381_1851937862_o - 2

Divine Healing

March 11, 2020

My Prayer

Oh God of all people! God of all Creation!
Oh God of Glory,
God who has made the heavens
and the earth!
God, who is the very substance
of all that we are!
You who have made us in the image
of your Light and your Love,
perceived and conceived
in your Divine mind,
flowing from your own Spirit
and from your own divine Soul
we are created to be your people here on earth
to live in harmony as a global
and cosmic family.
I come to you in this moment in time
here on earth feeling your presence within me,
loving you with my whole heart,
my whole soul,
my whole mind, and with all that I am.
It is you, who have given me life,
and you who has given it meaning,
and it is you who gives me the vision of who
we could be if we can turn to you
for help to sustain the gift of this planet,
and life itself.
You give us so much!
Give us hope and help us
discover the joy!
Help all see how you surround
us with beauty
and how many ways you invite us
into relationship with you!
Oh God, give us the faith we need!
Awaken us to your Presence!
Help us become aware
of how our lives would change
if we could only know in our hearts
how close you are to us!
Help us God!
So many are suffering and struggling
and have lost their way.
Cure their blindness and help them see!
Help us all to feel your love!
Help us to love those who cannot yet see
the wonder of your healing power!
May your divine breath move across
the face of the earth
and give us life that is true.
Give us hope!
I pray with all my heart for all those
who do not yet know
the miracle of your love.
I come to you in deep gratitude
for the gift of life and love,
and praying for your help
for all those
who do not yet truly know you.
Thank you for hearing my prayer.