Surrendering to God…

December 8, 2016
This achingly beautiful transparency of surrendering yielding
through faith and love to the light of Life….
Song of Spirit
There is a centering revelation
that continues to reveal
itself to my heart and soul
in the flight of a higher mind that finds
its wings and freedom
from captivity
and a Spirit that expands
invisibly into the flow of the Spirit
from which we come
where we discover on endless levels
the ways in which we are
truly One..
There are infinite paths
that guide us to rise in the awareness
of the great love that
shaped us and shared a being
and existence
beyond our imagination
forever dissolving our notions
of knowing..
Surrendering into the purity
of transparency..
of light that catches the movement
of the current of love that creates and manifests
 the evolution of life itself..
we fall into the vision
of the centering revelation
that gives form and life to the fertile
darkness that conceals
the secrets of a God that can
replicate the Presence
and Essence
all that is possible
through Love
that is powerfully
attracted to
express its beauty in
infinite ways..
Vanish into the embracing arms
of a majestic brilliance of invisibility
a gentling breeze
of whispering breath
an intimacy
that gives and shares life
through anointing
There would be no life unless
the sacred tenderness
of a creator
yielded the secret in the spinning seed
of the light of God..
A complexity and diversity
 we cannot imagine
is creating an unfolding existence
in which we are invited
to share
out of the purest love
we shall ever experience..
Image by Rassouli

A Deep Cry for Love for all Life

December 5, 2016
A Deep Cry for Love  for All Life
Flashing, pulsing signals of the higher brain
the living energy within the earth
 the incredible language of light
the rhythms of the heart,
the sensory stimulation of scent,
sound, taste, sight, touch, speech,
 the diversity of language,
and how we visualize
and imagine is constantly
sending signals and messages
 to who we are.
Love guides us in how to process
and respond
to this flood of information
uniquely and creatively if we trust
the Source of Life,
that force and power which has designed
and manifested the universe
in which we live and move
and have our being
as we experience life itself.
True compassion for the differences
in how we do that is so crucial in discovering
ways for us to live together
across the vast expanse of this existence.
Fascinating, complex, colorful, and alive, we
are often overwhelmed and turn away
 or we seek the quiet places
where we can find peace and calm
to process the rush of information
and overwhelming stimulation
that we experience day after day
moment by moment in thousands
of different ways..
The unseen gifts of Spirit of peace, joy,
love, light, faith, hope, patience, endurance, qwest,
curiosity, passion to explore come to us
through grace if we surrender to the Source
of All Life and let
the Muse of Divine Design
guide us through the unique path that
will utilize who we are
and what gifts we have to survive,
to express, to find meaning in this life.
I long for solutions and pray for the generosity
and kindness that we might listen
and learn new ways to help each other
to do this tenderly, with human warmth
and call on divine insight
to guide us in being the community
we were meant to be.
We are truly blessed to appear in this
creative experience
in the midst
of this great mystery
we call Life.
May we each be full of care
with this amazing chance
to be a part of
the incredible beauty
of this dance
this divine romance
this unfolding story we are living
this very moment.

Whispering revelations…

December 3, 2016
The fluttering whispers of the intimates
 of the winehouse 
continue to sing their songs 
in the ears of those who love them
….and those who 
listen to the flowing secrets….
the Source of All Life
……the Source of All Creation…..the Source of All Truth……
the Source of Pure Love…
which is the spring that rushes forth 
and anoints us…. 
pouring living water
 over our hearts and souls 
and the higher mind that is purified….. 
through the spirit of love and the light of revelation…..
flowing through us as rivers of light
that come from the 
deep within our being
which in the vision of pure love
reveals that
We are being thrust into a new world
responsible to the deeper vision
being revealed to us
We are each a part of the pattern written on the sky
of imagination…invisibility…..
of the artistry of visualization and music
of the tracings of shimmering spirit 
guiding us 
toward whatever we are given to create and reveal….
 what is given to us…to express…

Vanishing into the Light of Love

November 26, 2016




Feel the music overflowing and
slipping through the moon
softened in the glowing
night giving rise
to moonflowers sprouting
from unseen fingertips
luminous light flowing through
vast and open palms of sky
nurturing and spinning beauty
scattering stars falling
falling from laughter
twirling spheres leaving trails
of whirling sparks leaping
from infinite love
expressing the intimate heart
from which they come..

Synergy fills the spaces
creating visions of
fountains rising and vanishing
as they fall caressing silently
those who are awake and watching
and those who sleep and dream..

Weaving a glowing quilt
of light to cover and shelter
the luminous spirit
in silvery strands of the
beloved’s hair
and as tender as the whispers
of the soul moving between
the divine and dancing spirits
seeking to discover its source..

New galaxies appeared
and constellations formed
in the night sky
visions rising
from the unseen touch
of spirit
suddenly free
to create and express
a love unrestrained by time
or space..

Without a sound
love vanished
dissolving into the eyes
of the skies
and into the infinite heart
and sanctuary
of the soul of the Beloved..



When a great soul appears….those surrendered to love gather in the light….


Song of Freedom

November 22, 2016

LightDance (1).jpg  Rassouli


The beauty of the earth suddenly
seems radiant beyond belief
as I gaze with the eyes of my heart
the noise of naysayers and the blight
of imitation begins to fade from sight

The rumbling tremors of the earth
seem to be shaking off
the weight of “too muchness”
which may crush the land
and the spirit of life itself

The deepest nature of being cries
for freedom turning toward the skies
to call for the sweeping winds
that will clear the air
and save this sacred dwelling space
for all who were meant to care

We pray for love to guide us all
to embrace the wayfaring souls
that sing our way to being free
to regain our inborn right to roam
as we turn our hearts toward home


The alchemy of longing

November 19, 2016
The alchemy of spiritual fire…
A longing and open heart…
a gently rising and ascending soul…
a truly free and wandering spirit..
is drawn to endless and infinite beauty…
and a capacity for surrendering
to the light of love’s guiding…
a willingness to feel deeply
and compassionately…
encountering a deep and life-giving Joy
that forever changes and sustains life itself…
such a soul discovers a path of creating
that celebrates love as a way of being…
and the human possibility and potential
for revelation…
which ultimately is without limit…..
a vision of an inward eye
breaking free to see eternally..
the ways we are
created to be truly alive…

the living essence of love…

November 17, 2016



I know the sheltering of resting deeply
in the petals of roses
the caressing tenderness..
as soft and alive as skin…
the whispering embrace that emanates
fragrance and beauty drawing
the nightingale’s song
of longing to nestle there…
in a delicate fusion of feathering
and flowering love…

I know the swirling thermals of wind..
the currents that invite us
to spread our wings and glide
with a moment of spiraling play to slide
on air that isn’t there to see..
yet…sings to thee.. to let love cradle
and carry the soul becoming whole
in the sweet breath of God…

I know the kiss in the night brushing
my heart with a pulsing essence
creating a rhythm that aligns
with a divine rushing stream flowing
like a dream
igniting a wakeful awareness
of love anointing my life with a sweet
lightness of being…

Spirit arising in timeless beauty like
the foaming crest of a wave
reaching high enough
to touch the moon or to follow the mystical
pull of the tides…. like the muse
of silent music that guides
my wandering flow to know and feel
the fusion of love as my eternal home..



Touched by the Purity of First Light

November 11, 2016
Touched by the Purity of First Light
First comes pure silence
as the purity of a breaking dawn
brings the grace
of a flow of energy that is thrillingly new
cleansed by the light of innocence
clearing the way
for the radiance of vision
of the spiritual heart
anointed by the aura of the soul
arising from spirit
it comes to us
like the breath of Christ as pure light
or the gaze of a newborn child
a holy gaze
like a ray of sunlight warming
a moment of being
We feel seen and touched
as it draws and attracts us
into existence
and the creative potential
of the art
of life itself
to be born into an awareness
that awakens the possibilities for which
love itself is creating us
sharing the ever conscious spirit
that longs to share
its very nature with us
an eternal exchange of always and ever
new experience
that brings the soothing breeze
of dawn
to the dance of light
and love
a covenant rainbow
of color that curves around
us like arms
and encircles us like
 spiraling into spirit to create
love as the guiding force
in the universe
transmitted by light
to give us glimpses of eternal moments
and yet dwelling in unseen
waves and currents of movement
that can be felt by spirit
containing the sweetness of the heart
and the purity of the soul
moving beyond the gift of our outer eyes
but felt with the grace
of an inner
sensing and purity of tactile experience
that flares like a flame
and comes into being like
a spiritual fire
oblivious to restrictions
it moves through the purity of freedom
pure intention
communion of pure spirit
This is its own protection unknown
to those who have not
surrendered yet
to this pure state
best left undescribed
No word can contain this essence
no environment can contain it
no manifestation
can contain it
only reflect its flow
and the purity
of light and love
that creates it
Surrender to this and it guides
our every moment
and breath
of pure presence

Sharing this deep longing…

November 10, 2016


The gentle touch of Spirit awakens me so often in the night….
am feeling profound gratitude for beauty,
for the light of love
and a deep thankfulness for kindness,
for truthfulness, for purity of intention, for compassion,
for joy, for peace, for creativity, for hope, for integrity, for humility,
for patience, for the flow of presence and for help to those in need,
for healing, for mercy, for humor,
so many qualities in people
that make this a better world…..and make us more fully human.
 Now is the time to align with these graces
 and affirm the divine reflections across this earth, 
that which makes us fully human that exists and moves within us…. 
and to truly try our best to live them.
The times when we need these qualities the most.. 
challenge us to be the best we can be, 
to let love guide us to a wholeness of being
 and the fullness of life to live in community in covenant relationship..
to hold them sacred… with the Source of All Creation….
from which all goodness comes…
and may it awaken it in all of us and help us to thrive in our highest energy.

Living a deep longing for this for all life…for all people…for all nations…


Longing the day into being..

November 5, 2016
Out of the night
and into the first soft rays
of light
words burst from the bud
of the heart
longing to caress the sky
with feelings of love
still unspoken.

Some rise from a heart
that is broken…
sprouting wings

to begin

to sing the songs
that soar in sacred silence
in the sweetness
of sighs
that are cradled gently
and released
from the breath of God


veils the night..
The shivering coolness
of the moon
vanishes from sight
as the warmth of the sun
drapes its golden light
linking the treetops reaching
for warmer skies.

Morning can be a cathedral
for the eyes
rising in music


the soul
in graceful sighs..
We are blessed to behold
the unfolding play
of life

the dancing

one more day