A truly great Presence and Spirit has created you

November 14, 2019

12891045_1064314136969614_8972662328645418122_o.jpg Jesus and the stars

When a holy one prays with an open heart, all of heaven must open and every star listen is listening!

We are called to hope, to pray for faith, and to trust the love which has created this earth

and all Creation, all Life, and certainly each and every one of us!

Love says,

“I have created you and hear your whispering.”

“I am as close as your beating heart loving you into being.”

” I am with you always until the ends of the earth and beyond.”

“You were created for Joy out of my infinite Love for you.”

“You are my sons and daughters,  and I have made a place for us to be together!”


Each life is its own revelation

November 13, 2019
I have been in love with the unknown
forever it seems,
and it is like the sunlight that plays in the leaves, 
ripples on the water, dances on my walls, 
and illuminates 
my journey and relationship with God. 
Something touches the heart 
and the soul,
transforms the eyes 
from seeing to beholding, 
and guides my being
to discover the Beloved
in every breath I take
and in my own lived experience
of the Word manifesting
a lived experience of the Spirit
that finds its lightness
of being in a Love
that cannot be
translated into form.
Who guides us to discover the invisible?
Only one who has vanished into God
can draw us into the unseen…
and there the divine
sweeps us into 
a beauty that encompasses
all existence…
an intimacy so sweet
a love so rare
I fall silent.

Trust the Spirit within you to guide you

October 30, 2019

There is so much potential within you

waiting to be released

to be lived

to guide you

Love is in the air

in the wind

the rushing waves

the sunlight

Let it sing however it comes to you

Find the flow

and bring the secrets of heaven

to earth to live

as we were meant to live….






Sweet fragrance of the Spirit

October 28, 2019

65941923_2437166613017686_1902907650157314048_n (1).jpg The sweet fragrance of the Holy Spirit...Come to my Heart

Come bring your sweet fragrance to All Hearts

Spread the Love here on Earth as it is in Heaven….

A glimpse above the clouds…

October 7, 2019


The beauty of God is everywhere longing to appear to us………..


Beloved forever manifesting…

October 3, 2019

IMG_0101.jpg evergreens



Greening mountain side

mountain pines and evergreens

Love is ever green

ever alive

thriving and reflecting

the depth

of Creativity

God’s eternal expression

that His precious Spirit

activates within us

within our very life force

our own energy

like the rushing stream

of melting snow and rain

pouring down the slope

of Grace itself

as if it were His very Face

His Divine and turbulent Heart

pounding and pulsing

with deep And passionate Love

peaceful smiles in the rays of the sun

cool glow of the moon

sharing His Mystery

the sweet warbling sounds

of the winged birds

to whom He has given rising flight

like the soul

soaring to meet Him

in transparency

and the softness of embracing mist

and clouds with silver lining

and tears of dew

overflowing with tenderness

moist and soothing

as a balm from heaven..

forever expressing the love

with which

He created us….
Glorious beyond

our dreaming hearts

scattering stars

across the sky of our vision

wind in our hair…

tossing and touching

soft warm caressing breath

surrounding embrace

with arms of unseen Love

palms stroking

and resting lightly over our hearts

a music touching

our longing and blessing

our hearing..

a divine incarnation

of intimate love.

Our Beloved in the mountains

meeting us with open arms

our place of Joy




Point of Union

August 26, 2019
14642430_10210949937692412_4875538587780411085_n.jpg point of union
O divine belovedness
I flow in the wind with you
Soar beyond the clouds
Transfixed as I watch the sunlight
Playing in the leaves of the trees
Outside my window
I sigh when you slip into my room
Creating patterns on the walls
With soft golden fingers of sunlight
That ever so lightly touch my skin
Warming the longing 
Hidden in my heart
And the stillness in my soul
Paused and waiting to feel 
The life and breath you give me
Moment by precious moment
O Love that lights my way
Shelters and cradles me
In beauty
Delighting and exciting my Spirit
To spring free to play with you
To dance our way to the moon
O create a way
As night falls and softens the day
That I might rest in your arms a while
As only you can

God says, You are my miracles!

July 26, 2019
Pure Love is the secret to Freedom
What if we awakened to discover
we are actually being drawn
into a vortex of energy
that fuses us
into a flow of love..
a oneness of spirit
and yet quite distinctive
in the unique way we live it
moment by moment by moment..
What if each of us were to discover
ourselves in another in a way
surprising our very self
opening our hearts
to truly feel
that excites
and unites our lives
through the insight of revelation
and the expansion
of awakening..
The beauty of the other is recognition
of something in ourselves
that wants to be born
and live
in a new way
opening the portal
to possibilities we might
never have known by our selves alone..
The flow of life has a sacred beauty
that our heart longs to behold
and each expression of life
harbors a wondrous
that invites us
to blossom in the flavor
and colors of feeling the other
who invites us into creation itself..
We are the prism of colors in light
that become living rainbows
when we fall into spring
as the birth
of beauty that flows
from love that is ever new
in the mingling of sacred hearts..


O Light of My Life

July 18, 2019

Rassouli-goddesses-G.jpg Grace of Alpha 1

O beautiful light of my life,

inspiration of my soul,

and the One who opens my heart!

I awaken in this silent darkness

and feel the ever expanding Joy

your Presence gives.

How do I share it?

How do we learn to live with

the infinity of you

that opens into

all that reaches beyond

everything we know.

All that you are is so much more

than all that manifests

before our eyes,

more than every universe

and the immeasurable skies

we name and describe!


You go on creating,

dwelling in the unseen,

revealing to us

the limits of our control

in a world in chaos,

inviting our faith in your

compassion, your mercy,

your forgiveness,

and the greatness of your love.


You open your arms to gather us

in the comforts of your inexpressible grace.

Oh, strengthen our faith in your reach,

in your power over all that exists.

Help us surrender our

foolish delusions that we know

anything at all about

who you truly are!

It is difficult for us to

comprehend the endless space of you,

to imagine vast

unlimited possibilities.

We fall on our knees, hide our faces,

and feel the fear of such greatness.

You scatter wildflowers

around us, caress us with

soft breezes, help us up

and gather us close to your heart.

We feel unworthy and

unable to know how to live

in helplessness.


Though shadows hover

over the world,

though fears coil around

our thoughts

to make us doubt and

worry and wonder

how we will live,

how we will find our way,

it is faith that rises from deep

within our souls that

kisses hope alive.


We use words to try and speak of you,

words so small

they fall like autumn leaves before

your magnificence.

We sing and the song cannot

reach around the divine mystery of

of all that you are.

All creation pales before

the brilliance that blinds us

in your glory.


Your prophets and poets and mystics,

your divine ambassadors,

your angels and archangels,

your messengers of love,

share countless stories of your miracles,

your goodness, and your gifts,

and yet they cannot touch

the omnipotence of you.


Oh teach us to surrender and stop

fighting divine truth that cannot be changed

or hidden or controlled!

Show us the way to trust your

promises and live in the kingdom of you,

an existence where all are welcome!

Awaken our spirits flowing from

your divine spirit,

spiraling and touching the earth

and opening the bridge

that connects all worlds to

the kingdom of you.


I reached the end of all we know,

became lost on paths to nowhere and

saw the futility of my words,

and I called out to you,

night after night after night,

day after day after day.

With an open heart, I asked

you to pray in me, for I no longer

knew how to pray.

Perhaps, I never did.

I surrendered all that I ever

believed I was.


You swept me into your blinding beauty,

and overwhelming love,

as volcanoes erupted, and hurricanes blew,

tornadoes wiped out towns,

waves washed over islands and

earthquakes split open the earth.


I saw through the sun.

I saw the stars fall from the sky.

I saw all the evil done in the world,

as mountains crumbled,

and I saw there was no darkness great enough

to hide from your gaze.

Yet, in the midst of every vision,

you held me close to reveal the truth

that the only life I have

is the one you’ve given me.


The only life that exists beyond it all

is you, and we are the light in your loving eyes.

We come alive when you create us

and we are lost in your gaze

in the blink of an eye.


I became a living flame of your love

burning with love for you.

My only life was consumed in

a love beyond everything that exists.


I live in the fire and creation of your love,

and I love through the power of

your love moving through me.


This is the testament of my heart,

my song that sings

of where I have been and

of what I have seen,

and what I share with you now

with outstretched hands

and an open heart.


The touch of the Beloved

July 14, 2019



Beauty blesses our eyes
softens our hearts
to open to the vision rising within us
and the Beloved slips in
expanding the soul
beyond our comprehension

O mesmerizing Presence
breath of our breath
our eager vigil is constant
forever watching for glimpses of thee
as surrendering lovers

O dear one
the Beloved has swept the vision
into divine arms and hands
touching hearts and souls with creative freedom
and one can only behold such results
with humility and bewildering awe
to feel the empowering energy
that penetrates those who are attracted
to the sacred path
and footprints of such a Beloved

When Pure Love
enchants and penetrates the hearts
of mortal men and women
infusing them with the Light
of the divine source
conception occurs
and the magnification of Life itself
begins to stir and divide
and generate cells
to create new offspring
of the divine

Spirit is brimming and running over
the chalice of the heart
and scattering orbs of light
from the sensual dew of lips
kissed by the Beloved

Super strings of Light
dancing in quivering whiteness
a milky way of ecstasy
whirling with spinning stars
and golden nectar
mingling with the essence of roses
and night bird songs
soaring on wings of transparency
like membranes
of embryos
shimmering with the emerging
beginnings of life
creating a new world

Drawn into the fertile valley
of many moons
and suns
a divine plan begins
to unfold
and grant us the right
to be born again
cradled in the arms
and gaze of eternal eyes
flaming with vision

~ Naomi Stone ~