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The Beloved is eternal…

September 17, 2018




My heart is overflowing
as I wander in the timelessness
of the infinite expression
of the Source of all beginnings..
the ethereal mist
of the lightness of Spirit
the elusive mystery
of the spring of all well being..

I soar in the enchanting flight
of that which disappears from sight
melting me into sweet rain
and spreading me across the sky
in soft colors and clouds
and sweeping winds

I am One with an intimate Beloved
that touches and moves me
in every waking moment
a breathtaking earth at my feet
and an endless sky beyond
my scope of seeing
stirring feeling and song
in my soul..
anointed and blessed
with the sweetest joy
of the deepest love..

the light of my being
and breath of my life
appears and vanishes at will
settling in my soul
and flowing in Spirit
flowering in whispers of love
in moments of rivering surprise
always and forever new…

the divine gift of beauty

September 15, 2018
The beauty of Spirit is a timeless renewal,
an anointing of the light of love,
a strengthening of faith,
 a sheltering silence,
 a remembrance of love,
 the inner chambers of the heart and soul,
 the heartfelt prayers for all life,
 ……the wonder of hope…….
Rassouli-mystical-ar.jpg Fountain of Life

The Healing Wonder of Love

September 14, 2018

There is a mystical place I go
when the world is too much..
I vanish into Spirit and rediscover
a freedom from all that stifles
creativity and the light of Joy
All restraints disappear
the boundaries vanish
no time or form bind my flight
an enchanting light clears my sight
and I am new again….