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The spiritual life creating itself……..

October 4, 2015

1234768_907699585956700_5336363201160850137_n.jpg dance of light

I think it is quite natural to grow quieter 

and to live in a kind of peace

in these later years

when we truly come to know

the companioning Beloved

appearing and disappearing

in moments of beauty

ever inventive and creative

as relationships that are truly alive 

seem to be


Our energy can rise and fall

but that which sustains our inner life 

flows with a lightness

and grace of being

and is constantly creating

I am deeply involved

and feel a wonderful belonging

to the Beloved

to God Alone in the sense

that Everything is God to me

there is nothing that exists that is real to me

 except for that which carries that glow

..the rest is illusion..

..simply an identity we build for ourselves..

in the world

…making a name for who we are…

..and yet..

even that is part of the journey

Deep down….I know

that the “Presence is in all life”

….but many are not aware

or consistently aware enough to know how that feels

or how to commune with it

…or to sacrifice the life.. 

they are more familiar with……and would like to control

I am sort of a hearth

…of home…

……a living stone………

…where one can touch base and go on about their life…

..a promise of love and acceptance…

….a heart that sees the inner beauty of the soul…

… if they desire to make a connection…

…and here if they don’t…

…..alone with God as the Beloved….

..the Lord is my Shepherd..

…there is nothing I shall want..

We sort of create the life we want

.. choice by choice by choice..

..moment by moment..

God is a ravishing Grace
A Radiant Guide
A Silent Muse
All the words in the world could never capture
the divine purity and sweetness
of the quiet spaces of the intimacy 
of an Infinite Beloved..
Surrendering is a song we write between us..