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Midnight ride to freedom

July 29, 2012
Midnight ride to freedom
Deep within every heart
is a creative power
like a wild stallion
or restless mustang
wanting to break free
of the ropes that hopelessly
try to bind the wind
We go crashing through the corral
that imprisons the heart
when we smell
something in the wind
that remembers the wilderness
we shake off the sweat
of too much thought
to ride a new energy
to the moon
and beyond
We race as far as it will take us
until it throws us
into unknown spaces
without a name
where we can breathe
It doesn’t matter
if we are
plundered under by rising
and falling waves
or wandering in a clearing
that invites
our imagining heart
to fill it
with visions of a new world
When we disappear
we reappear
in a place
we have never been
and we begin again
to search for those apples
fermenting in the orchard
that made us laugh
No page can confine us
no threats can control us
for we remember
the wine
pressed from wild grapes
and the creative power
of the heart
the way home
to love

Hymn of thy morning beauty

July 26, 2012



Thy morning opens divine treasures

tumbling and falling

before mine eyes

widened with the loving awe

of adoration

and sweet bewilderment

rivers and seas

flowing with the shimmering light

of thy passing

thou art combing stars

and weaving wildflowers

in my hair

thy gaze becomes reflecting rays

of radiance

shining from the face of the earth

the hymn of sunrise

and the grace of thy nearness

wraps me in majesty and gentleness

drawing tears of light

spilling over from mine eyes

touched with the essence

of roses

as they slip into my heart

face is flushed

and blushing

with love

and i am trembling

in thy beauty

touched by the tender breeze

and intimacy of thy breath

The transforming touch

July 21, 2012


Love writes
and creates with Light
within the heart
and upon the soul
pouring beauty
and breathing new life
out upon the earth

Love flows
through the transforming
gaze and vigil
of divine awareness
shining out and flowing
from the Beloved
like an inner sun

Beauty of a single glance
awakens our souls
with the radiance
of vision
a profound presence
manifesting all creation
falling gently upon the earth

To be touched by spirit
is to be born anew
again and again
to feel the brush of wings
of flight
spreading in the soul
giving birth
to a gentling grace
meant for all mankind

Kneel before the altar
at the pinnacle
of your highest reach
and feel the breath move
to create an opening
for Love to soothe
the deepest pain

There is healing love
from the divine Spring
of the Beloved
opening the portals
between heaven
and earth

Let it flow
and feel the glow
and bringing you
to life that is new
and love that is true

Spring comes to the Soul

July 12, 2012


Aroused from sleep by a dancing heart

playfully pulsing and prancing

creating a rhythm of  inner joy

spinning out

the soft sounds of mystery

of a new song


Waves of feeling from a sacred chamber

inspiring spring

in the swirling sweetness

of a symphony

of  smiles and laughter


A divine orchard of swaying blossoms

and tender leaves

emerging from blessings

of touch

and so much love

caressing the boundaries

of the heart

inviting heaven to dance

upon the silent waters

of the soul


Without the beauty

of the Beloved

the enchanting breath

of Spring

would never come


As the reach of the Beloved


the sacred garden

with a tender embrace

tears of the luminous dew

of love decorate

every spreading petal and open hand

as lovers bow before

the rising light of dawn







July 7, 2012


climb the mountains to feel the bliss

of the kiss of the open sky




cross the desert to reach

what soothes those thirsty lips




follow the music of the spinning stars

and discover what excites your heart




pour us the wine of you and dare

to sing the song of longing




how dreary the day might seem

without the hope of a dream




dare to whisper your deepest prayer

trust the source of life to care




touch the hovering joy

that laughs within your heart




feel the touch of spirit

stirring you to life




suddenly the rays of light

are like arrows in the night




warriors of love are we

when we are guided by thee


July 4, 2012


Disappearing into solitude

deep listening

and watchfulness

a vigil of inner senses

dwelling within the silent  soul


harmonizing and blending


a caressing wave washes over

my stillness


rocking me gently

in the serenity of the sea

the inner peace of the kingdom within


the awakening beauty

of the Presence

of the Light


of the Beloved

nestling softly

spirit into  spirit


scattered scent of  musk and roses rising

from a place of rest upon

the warm and welcoming chest

of  Love


silken covering of divine skin

protecting the tender pulsing beat

of a rhythmic heart

that creates the world


a moment comes when a heart

must confess

the truth of a divine caress


emerging and coming

to life in the glowing moonlight

of  a sacred night