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March 21, 2012

Precious flight of the soul
through the grace
and the guiding gaze
of the eye of love
we make our way
to God

graphic by Sadiq

Morning offering at dawn…

March 17, 2012

If I were to call out every name
resounding in heaven and earth
it would take forever…….
for You are everywhere
in every breath
and sigh
and every gift
and grace of life
so I whisper…
Beloved..oh my Beloved…
You…who are everything
and more
in creation’s flow
in the seen and unseen
in the known and unknown
in that which ignites
the new
and touches
the eternal embrace
of all that is
or ever will be…
You are the fountain
and waterfall
of the music
of Love…
of All surrendering
when first I felt
the flowering…
the opening
of my heart and soul
to feel Your piercing gaze
Your breath of life…
the fragrance
of Your eternal spirit
Your nearness opened
streaming visions
of the endless
spiraling movement
divine gentle winds
of Your swirling
I melted into the flow
of Your
divine beauty
and the depth of Your
eternally expressing
now and for always
Humbly aware
exalting in ecstasy
from one glimpse
of the expanse
one glance
one entrancing embrace
of Your grace
and it was clear
this heart belongs to You
this soul only exists
within Yours
this life forever flows
within Your eternal
Dearest Love
flowing as All
Life can only move
through Your compassionate
kindness and gentle
loving truth
Creation is only
in Your infinite
in the magnificence
and glory
of Your unfathomable
Love and grace

Morning glory

March 12, 2012

Time slips into the crevice between worlds
the past pours down like rain
and disappears into a sandy shore

Light dances upon the eyelids
and beckons to the heart
to follow an invisible flow

A fragrance of night blooming jasmine
surrounds our dreaming
streaming within a wilderness of you

Stars twinkle and laughter echoes
through the skies of heaven
shining from bewildered eyes

We awaken quietly within the dream
as a morning glory blooms
around the moon

Sunlight cloaks the earth with golden
light as shimmering stillness
hovers in enraptured souls

Fluttering fragrance of petals of roses
emerge from buds unwound and loosened
by songs from every nightingale

The musky nearness of the Beloved
awakens every sense and cell
as the breeze arouses us from sleep

Murmuring through shivers of ecstasy
we fall into the cosmic arms
of an eternal dawn of misty rainbows

Whatever and whoever we might be
is reflected only in thee dear One
swirling in sweetness of your Sacred Heart

Blessed answer to every prayer
our hearts feel you here and everywhere
flowing breath of whispering love

Surrounding us in glorious essence
slipping through lips blessed by caress
of communion of your purest wine

Morning brings new moments of you
and we sing of joy and divine surprise
glowing in the light of misty eyes

What a gift is morning and evening too
when every moment is brimming
with the truth and beauty of loving you

Open your hands and heart

March 11, 2012

Light has touched the horizon…
the birds are singing outside my window…
and the silence feels like
it has its own fingers touching me
like a butterfly lightly resting on my shoulder

a time to share the flow of those wonderful souls
who come to us through the openings
at dawn and midnight ….
between light and dark….
the remarkable mystics

the journey into the mystical beauty
of our own souls

I feel the wonder
of this placelessness
this depth of timelessness…..of the transparency of light
the glowing aura of sweet souls who can just be
in awe.
and present to life
in its deeper dimensions
of feeling


this amazingly fertile silence
where anything
is possible

silence is truly a breath
of eternal spring

reason enough
to sing

pouring light from the moon

March 7, 2012

Light is a vision carrier
bringing messages
from the blazing heart
of the Beloved
scattered in infinite ways
to commune
with our hearts

some nights the clarity
of a gracious moon
spills its divining rays
to shine
through the trees
and casts a glow upon
a waiting river
welcoming the light
like another sky

anointing the heart
to receive
the glorious light of love
as cascading love songs
from the moon

the soul perceives
in stillness
a moment of flaming
insight melting
all boundaries
between us
soaring on
great white wings
of light
on a royal flight
to the moon

the creative power of love
is masked in the light
so only the spirit
in the dewy mist of
lover’s tears
to lower the veil

open every portal
to receive the blessed light
through faith in the love
that calls you awake
to slip out
into the night
to listen to the singing
sound of the stars
singing messages
of love
since the beginning
of time