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Wings of poetic vision

August 30, 2011

wings of poetic vision

I write as I live
in an energizing stream
of light and breath
and life-giving love

You should know the rhythm
of my heart
quite well by now
for we are all contained
in a larger heart

A stream of energy flows your way
like the rivers flow
and the same light dances
on the prairie
as the ripples and waves
of the ocean
in which we are embraced
we watch the sunrise
and sunset of your life
wherever you may be

The same light dances you
into the day
as dances on my page
the same pulse of life beats
in awakened hearts
and the same breath
flows through the manifestation
of our lives as flows
through our beloved mystics
and those who live
by love alone

The music of the heart
is the harp
of divine fingers
and the light that circles there
is as rich and golden
as if it were wine poured
through the sun
or as crimson
as the passion that flows
through the veins
of the creator

When my heart begins to sing
the song is like
the nightingale gazing
at the rose
whether it is in the dark
of night
or the glow of morning
for the tiny heart
opens within a greater heart
and music flows
from a mystery no one
can name

It is always new like the breath
no matter how it sounds
to another
for Love is encoded
with a beauty only the heart
can recognize
and only hidden eyes
can behold

My words dance out of the dark
like your
lives dance
on my page as the curls of beauty
that have entrapped mystics
through the ages
and time stands still
and falls away as a measure
that has no meaning
to the heart

There is no such thing
as separation
to the pulsing heart
of one abiding in the mystery
of Oneness
and of the one who listens
to the pulsing hearts
of nameless beings
who have sweetly surrendered
their boundaries
to heaven right here
on earth

I am not a poet
in the sense of category
but the poetry of the heart
has taken command
over the gardens that grow
from my fingers
each one a brush
that freely strokes the keys
or caresses the pen
with love
from a source beyond my ability
to describe or control
and the day I quit resisting
is when it began to fall
with the ease
of breathing
into the fall line
of my immortal days and nights
which energizes
whatever is this thing
called life
that we are living
or is it that
we are being lived

My fingerprints would never reveal
my identity
because I am never the same
from one moment
to the next
and when someone wants me
to reel it all in
to be who they thought I was
I can only smile
and cast a line of love
on the breeze
that makes them forget

All the histories of all
of the faces and names
have melted
in the dancing flames of the beloved
and the creator and sustainer
of my heart
is creating
a new one as I write

The only guide
is that it always be new
and so who is it
that is awake and listening
….only hearts
that have an inner glow
who feel
and are guided
by what cannot be named
or tamed

thank heavens

this sweet existence
is the perfect
for this invisible flame
of the wings of poetic vision
and the power
of the living word

Choosing love as a way of life

August 29, 2011

The most powerful choice I have made that has affected the quality of my life has been to choose to keep my heart open to love no matter what is happening around me. It aligns me with the creative energy of love that allows me to remain open to my own feelings, open to others and to new experiences.

We all feel flashes of anger, of jealousy, of emotional pain, of having our feelings hurt by what another chooses, sadness over tragedy, grief over losses we experience, disappointed by the reaction of another, and we all have times of feeling alone in this journey through time. It can become very tempting to close down, to turn away, and to want to end the feelings of vulnerability that can leave us open to suffering of any kind.

Yet, the moment I choose to do that, I become smaller, and I lose the chance to be a part of the expanding energy of love’s transforming power.

Everyone has access to divine sweetness… beauty…….to Nature….to the changing seasons, to the unconditional acceptance and love of the One who created us, and amazingly, we are invited to share in the creative process that results from being touched by this divine energy flowing in this world….and within us.

If we begin to judge others, to blame them for how we feel or for what is happening to us, we begin a downward spiral that is difficult to transform. We give away our power, and when we do that, we lose our joy.

The sweetest joy in all the world is loving and sharing in the beauty of the expansive love of God. We can call this living presence by many different names, but when we fall into the wonder of a Being who loves all of Creation, we have found the secret door to an exalted existence. There is nothing to compare to this precious anointing, this rediscovery of innocence, this purity of sharing…………….nothing.

For me, the secret passage to this freedom is in choosing to love, to feel the generosity of the One who gives to us, to forgive and forgive and forgive, to love enough to want the freedom of those I care about, to rejoice in another’s success, to recognize the light of God deeply infused in every heart.

To know God as a Beloved….we open to knowing the incarnation of the divine here on earth….an indwelling spirit of love within us….and to know the joys of being human in heaven.

May we be ever aware of the Grace of Love

August 28, 2011

In all the world
and through all our reaching
toward the highest Love
may we be lifted by Grace
and soar with the eagles
the angels and open hearts
who long for Love

May our souls ascend
to the white wings of purity
and beauty to proclaim
the Source of All Goodness
and Truth

May we discover
the Compassion of God
for All living creatures
within the very life stream
of Divine mercy and love
flowing through us
in the gift of this life

It is not ours to be clever
or powerful or filled with our own
rather it is our call
to sense the greatness
that guides
the very turning of this planet
and the borrowed breath
that sustains our life

May we be granted Faith
to follow
the perfection of Love
that brings the watchful gaze
of Divine Sight
over our every moment
whether awake or sleeping

Life flows from the One
who showers us with the Light
of a Divine Nature
we cannot
begin to fathom
or describe

We create and imitate
and think we touch greatness
in our finer moments
and yet All greatness
flows from the Source of One
who grants us a taste
of heaven
through benevolence
beyond our imagining

We are beautiful
we are so profoundly loved
and showered with Light
from a Sun hurled
in the sky
with the mighty sweep
of a Divine Hand

We sing because a Divine Voice
sings within us
and we dance because
we are swirling and guided
by Divine arms
in the Music of Life
that is pure gift

May humility arise within us
to know and feel
the Presence of All
that sustains us
and may we live in kindness
and generosity
with All created Life

May we greet each day
with thanksgiving
and Joy
for this incredible
to live as the people
of God


A Morning Star

August 25, 2011

A Morning Star

As my gaze was drawn
into the image
of my beloved
I could see the reflection
of a day star hovering
gently whirling and dancing
and drifting near
as if to steal a glance
of the surprising
of the beloved
still visible in the light
of dawn

If I turned toward the star
it slipped out of sight
for stars are usually seen
against the dark
of the sky at night
by the reflecting light
of the moon
yet this brave
star was drawn
to the presence of
something more

An altar of silence
the beloved walks
flowers blossom in the dust
of footprints
that move softly into
my heart
as peace floods my soul
to rest
in a greater Soul

The breathtaking waves
swell and break
against the shore
of all separation
washing away everything
except the Being
that attracts
and embraces all
into One

All faces rush to gather
in the glow
of Light flowing
across the expanding
of great tenderness
and intimacy of this Love
that melts all
to surrendering
dissolves all boundaries
into perfect peace

Out of the ruins of centuries
of illusion
transparent wings
of Spirit
emerge from the dust
to spread
in the pure light
of the welcoming dawn
taking flight
into freedom that yields
and makes way
for the lightness of being
soaring on
the golden wings
of Joy
and Belovedness



Follow the Divine Flow of the Beloved

August 23, 2011

Deep within you
the Spirit of the Beloved
is communing with your heart
and drawing your soul
into the Greater Soul that rises
in Spirit to fly free
with the beauty of divine Love
that knows no captivity
no oppression
but draws you into the fresh
clear air that breathes
new life in you.

Flow into the Beloved
align your heart and soul
and mind and spirit
toward the beauty
of that great Love
and let the creative power
carry you into the ocean
of those surrounding arms.
Trust the promises
of divine mind and divine love
to guide you
into the relationship
you desire and long for
in your heart.

All earthly visions
will come and go and fade
and dissolve in the infinite power
of the Beloved
All faces are manifestations
of the One who seeks your heart

You were created to be loved
and completely
given as a gift of grace
as sweet as anything
you will ever know in this life
or the next

Hold the intimacy
of the Beloved in the secret
places within you
a light that flickers
and illuminates the Heart
created by the Beloved
as a place of refuge
and renewal

Feel the Love
expand and spread throughout
your body
for it is the cure
and remedy for all sadness
and feelings
of separation

Many voices tell you to follow
their leading and to listen
to their teaching
and the Voice of the Beloved
is whispering
for you
to come and flow
in the great rivers of Love
and will set your
spirit free
in the powerful alchemy
of transforming Love

Love will look through your eyes
and the breath of Spirit
will give you new life
and be with you
in secret ways
known only to the Beloved

You are known
and seen
and loved beyond
your dreams
dear one


Communion at dawn

August 21, 2011

the energy field that unites us all….
profiling faces
of the same breath of life….
the same bridging birth of our relatedness…
the same air we breathe
and share….
beyond our illusions…..

in silence…..
we hear a deeper language…..
and when the eyes
of the beloved gazes through our eyes……
we see a deeper vision

the light shoots toward the sky
like a fountain
visions burst forth
manifesting themselves
across the invisible
field of our expanding spirits
felt as energy
conveyed through veils
and membranes of the music
of the soul

divine birth
reaches us through warm hands
and cool breezes
softened by a whispering wind
transporting us
through a sweet flowing fragrance
forever nameless
in the mysterious well
of silence
from a source
beyond our own reach

and yet
the beauty reaches
the delicately resounding
echo of a distant love
whose breath
like a falling feather
graces the skin
stealing our sighs
transforming them
with a sip from the holy chalice
and the pouring wine
of a divine heart

this is a communion beyond
the limits of expression
still….the essence of words
slip through unseen lips
gracing the tongue
vanishing in the light of love
so freely
and tenderly given

image by rassouli

Someone is looking for you!

August 21, 2011

There are mystics and lovers
angels and prophets
beggars and kings
who are pursuing you
to tell you
the beloved
is looking for you!

Someone has felt
your longing
and the attraction
to sweet love
is the secret
to your heart!

The fragrance
of an opening heart
is carried
to the kingdom
by the soft
summer breeze.

Align with love
that lights
the way becoming
a lantern
burning brightly
in the dark.

Keep a vigil
through the night
and let it be a beacon
to guide
the beloved
to the entrance
of the garden
with the beauty
of your soul.

Prepare for the royal
searching for you
who has heard
your silent prayer
and glimpsed
the moonlight
shining from your hair

….and will soon
be there.


Song of Solitude

August 19, 2011

The gentle tides
of solitude
roll in
and swirl around my feet
while left over rain
to the leaves
lets go
and disappears
into my hair
without a sound

I have become
like the water
unseen in the depth
of my silence
as foggy images
of my mood
and feelings
appear in the gathering
pools of light
in the mist
kissed by
my remembering

There is a promise
of sunlight
beginning to glow
from behind
a veil
of clouds
slowly creating
a golden horizon
where there
was only rain

My heart is
lost in the serenade
of beauty
a silent song
of freedom


painting by Rassouli

The heart is a portal to the infinite

August 16, 2011

Your very own sacred heart
is a portal
to the opening
of intimate dimensions
of life
that lifts
your awareness
to pinnacles of beauty
that elevate you
to the eternal

The vision is for
who dares to see
to feel
and to behold
the light that reveals
the passage through the dark
to realms and dimensions
brimming with energy
of creative power

No one can tell you what
your eyes alone
will discover
for no one knows
what will reveal itself
to you

Enter into the mist
of the cloud of unknowing
beyond the restraints
of boundaries we so carefully build
in thousands of ways
and feel the spinning fields
of energy
out of which we are invited
to create

A heart that summons you
to become a port
of entry
for more than
you could ever imagine
is an energy
of possibility
a circling medium
for worlds within worlds
within worlds

The journey is not
for greatness
or exalting your small
for the world to worship
but for the exaltation
of the heart
and the formation
of a soul within a soul
within a soul

Feel the spirit arising
exploring the unknown
expanding the light
and colors
of the universe
and beyond
brushed by an invisible
flow of energy
moonlight streaming
from your hands
stars circling the divinity
of mind
and golden dust
anointing your feet

Every simple moment
you are blessed by beauty
when you feel
it deep within your soul
and your heart stirs
with gratitude and wonder

the eternal source
of all inspiration
is drawing and attracting
and welcoming you
to taste the fruits
of the feast
of a visionary life
that creates
and creates and creates

Night blooming Wonder

August 15, 2011

Divine night blooming passion
gathers the darkness
and explodes with energy
greater than thousands of volcanoes
or thousands of tornadoes
brighter than flashing lightning
that blinds
millions of watching eyes

awakening dreaming lovers
across the globe
to feel the Light within
thousands of Hearts
bursting into thousands of stars
shaking the foundation
of all the worlds
in the created universe
and beyond

shattering the complacency
and certainty
of every coined belief
ever held by self-righteous
humans so certain
of their exclusive hold
on truth
invented out of their
fearful uncertainty

The Divine Passion of Love
infuses thousands
of surrendering hearts
with the energy
to give birth
to thousands of blossoms
drifting in the dark
glowing with
the elegance of night blooming
flowering passion
with a hypnotic fragrance
curling into dreams
that sends thousands of sleep walkers
and thousands of snoring
roaring lions
into ecstasy

sober judges awaken
at they know not what

albs and robes
and degrees and doctrines
crowns and turbans
and baseball hats
turn to smoke
and disappear

jungles bloom and monkeys scream
and rain forests multiply
and swell with cures
for everything

clothed only in moonlight
in fountains
of youth and beauty
fairies and fireflies dance
with children
in the wee hours of timeless lands

floating flowers flutter
and caress upturned faces wondering
what is happening
swooning and swaying
and singing sweetly with voices
like angels
murmuring of the beloved
passing by

Is it any wonder
I never sleep