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the veiling moon

June 14, 2015

11270201_842529002468175_7684826609811021737_o.jpg veil of moon

Each new moment breathes a vision
arising like the mist from the rivering dawn

an invisible choir seems to touch my spirit
with the silken strands of spinning beauty

expressing their songs in a thousand ways
weaving and leaving invisible trails in and out of time

the curve of a smile harboring secrets summons
those who vanish in the slipstream of a dream

an enchanting essence creates and emanates
a fragrance of the Beloved drifting on a breeze

a living garden appears to the surrendered heart
composing and singing a kingdom into being

the Beloved lifts the veil revealing the glorious sacred light
of awakening in the arms of the sweet joy of morning


Monarch of Love

May 13, 2015

0 Monarch of Love

Chasing words like feathers
in the wind,
seedlings that float away
when I try
to hold them in my hand.
Ideas turn to fluff,
like fairy dust dancing just
beyond my reach.

Stars twinkle away from me,
and the moon
slips behind a cloud.
Sunlight flickers and hides
in the shadows,
and the shine in love’s eyes
lights up my heart.

Love is laughing
at my serious quest
teasing me,
playing hide and seek,
peeking out,
blowing kisses that turn
into flowers
all around me.

Love wants to play
and walks all over my words,
leaving stardust
on the page
for me to follow
wherever it leads.

Sometimes, we follow
a butterfly
or a rainbow
after the rain
and we slip through
an open portal
into an enchanted place,
where love’s secret
joys are shared.


Painting by Rassouli

“Monarch of Love”

Communion at Dawn

October 6, 2014
1620419_10203422899921172_295794368_n  spirit in my hand
Long ago I was emptied
of words
to describe God
and only then
did the voice of Love
begin to speak
through my pulsing heart
the throbbing ache of longing
becoming a drum beat
creating beauty
arising from my quiet soul
brought to life
by the One who comes
earth and sky
touching you and I
as we become
a holy breath dancing
ever so lightly
on a breeze from heaven
we are
like delicate butterfly wings
in an eternal spring
looking for a blossom
spreading its flowering beauty
on dewy petals
offering the sweetness
deep inside
the light of spirit creates
a new wine
cradled in the palm
of God
allowing us to sip
the delights
of the purity of love
vintage wine
through holy communion
offered at dawn
Love fills the sky with glory
preparing the way
the approaching
Stars are born
and planets formed
a garden appears
anointed and new
a scent of musk
mingling with the fragrance
of night blooming jasmine
filling the air
causing me to sigh
and surrender
the coming
of my dearest Love..

1463986_10202739576358510_792369126_n  dawn