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Song of Light

April 30, 2015


i write as i live
in an energizing
of light and breath
for love
has its own

we feel the rhythm
of the heart
for we are all
in the music
of a larger heart

a stream of energy
simply flows where it goes
and the same light
dances on the prairie
as on the ripples
and waves of the sea
in which we are all embraced

the same source dances us
into the day
the same pulse of life
beats in all awakening hearts
and the same breath
breathes us into being

the music of the heart
rises from the sweep and touch
of divine fingers
and the light that circles there
is as rich and golden
as the pure light pouring
through the sun

when the heart begins to sing
the song emerges
springing from joy
whether in the darkness of night
or the glow of morning
for it opens
from within that greater heart
and music flows
from a glorious mystery
no one
can truly name

music is always new
like the breath
no matter how it sounds
to another
for love is encoded
with a beauty only the heart
can recognize
and only unseen eyes
can behold

words dance out of the darkness
like our lives dance
and swirl in the curls
of beauty
that have entrapped mystics
through the ages
and time stands still
and falls away as a measure
that has no meaning
to the heart

there is no such thing
as separation
to the pulsing heart
of one abiding in the mystery
that listens
to all longing hearts
of countless beings
who have sweetly surrendered
their boundaries
to love
right here on earth

i am not a poet
in the sense of category
but the poetry of the heart
has taken command
over the gardens that grow
from my fingers
each one brushing
and freely stroking the keys
or caressing the pen
with love

everything falls from a source
beyond my ability
to describe or control
it tumbles like a waterfall
into the fall line
of a timeless stream
this life
moment by moment

all the histories of all
of the faces and names
ultimately melt
in the dancing flames
of the beloved
and only the one
who sustains
my heart remains

this sweet existence
is the perfect
for this invisible flame
as the shimmering wings
of poetic vision
are carried by the light
of life itself


i am a portal of expression for the beloved

April 22, 2015

unnamed (6).jpg  Light

i am a seed opening to the sun

i am silence savoring the song of the soul

i am the open sky feeling the creator’s touch

i am a page opening to the energy taking form

i am a path luring the seeker to explore

i am a cup overflowing with the wine of mystery

i am lips feeling the brush of a soft breeze

i am a tongue tasting the dew at dawn

i am a womb nurturing seeds of light

i am light dancing with the darkness

i am a portal for expression

i am a heart awakened by love

i am a river flowing to the sea

i am love seeking a path

i am free

Rassouli - Joy Vibrations

O beloved mystic hidden in silence

April 19, 2015

O beloved mystic hidden

in the beckoning


the call is deep

and wider 

than the universe

 beyond thought

love arises out of the darkness

inspiring the reach 

of spirit 

to transcend


and to lift the veil

of the sheltering disguises 

we create


mystical gardens 


can be a bridge

to other worlds 


perhaps to dream

to imagine

to enter into the soul

to meet the deeper longings 

of the heart

to feel the beauty 

of this glorious earth


to meet the beloved

and discover the invisible 

wings of wonder and the gratitude

only love can give


divine flow

April 13, 2015
Our longings are fulfilled 
in ways 
we never expected
for love is 
 and spontaneous
 and calling us
 to move 
beyond our little selves
 to touch the greater self 
from which 
we come
we surrender
to the Divine Lover
in variation
in the caressing flow 
of life 
expressing itself
flushed and blushing 
ever grateful
 to realize
 the extraordinary gift
 of the universe 
as the grace and beauty 
of the divine
such an image of flow
soft like a woman’s hair tumbling and nestling 
over the curves of the earth
catching the light
transparent rainbow colors 
 a blessing from the sun
refreshing the earth with the overflowing rains 
from heaven 
renewing sensual stream
of life
am so moved by the beauty 
and tenderness
the infinite generosity  
of God

the divine kiss upon our inner being…

April 7, 2015


Perhaps the ultimate instrument is the heart

discovering the wings of love

that carry the spirit beyond all

that we have ever known before

to experience the mystical flight into

the revelations hidden within

the sacred encounter of intimacy

with pure belovedness

divinely sheltered by God alone


image is a sculpture


Antonio Canova

in the Louvre

(Cupid and Psyche)