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The Beloved is a living spring..

March 28, 2017


Eternal Flow by Rassouli


Melting into camellias
and apple blossoms, azaleas
and violets in the grass..
daisies and lilacs
and swaying willow trees..
the air filled with fragrance,
birds nesting and windows open,
basking in the warmth of the sun
wandering in wildflowers
the breeze ruffling feathers
and tossing curls… blue skies..
as the gardener kneels in the soft earth
moist with morning dew…
the plum trees hum with bees
seeking sweetness..
touching and being touched by
the beloved in thousands of ways..
blessed by spirit and the flow
of an eternal spring
in my heart…..


The Depth of Simplicity

March 19, 2017

12565403_920271574723153_6996995918585239512_n.jpg wave


The Depth of Simplicity


The golden alchemy of divine intention

touches the spaces beyond the sky

where creation begins

where pure love manifests

in the secrets

of imagination and visioning

empowered by the grace

of all giving

made possible by the Spirit

of All Beginning


Surrender into the will of a creator

of beauty and truth

that desires relationship

with each

and every life

trusting that love seeks

our well being

and transforms us

to flow

in the gentle freedom

of the winds

and throbbing force

that moves

the sea

lifts the water

into waves

and incites the heart

to move our lifeblood as the rivers

are empowered

to flow to their source


Feel the warm breath that sighs

arising from life itself

like a spring opening

the earth


falling like a gentle rain

of loving tears

anointing the orbs

in which

we live and have

our being


There is a beauty beyond

this existence

casting a veil of



the membranes of vision

only pure love

can see


Only faith can give us sight

to see the light

from a mystical night

that changes us

an elusive mystery


silently and eternally

within what is

most natural

and true

within the spirit

of being

touching us

to feel the music

of God




The Light of Grace..

March 17, 2017

17264876_10210544475901577_8276441987715263009_n.jpg Wings of Heaven

“Gate of Heaven”  Painting by Rassouli


The Light of Grace…
Light is infinite in its variations as it touches earth
playing with the wind upon the water
dancing in the leaves
hanging stars in the trees
revealing its hidden colors in a rainbow
transparent and luminous
golden in lighting the world
a sentinel through the night
a beacon to guide our way
a flowering gateway to the eternal
delicate wings of light
inspiring flight of imagination
like a dove of heaven
soaring and circling the moon….
a gentle breeze brushing our lips
as the mysterious kiss of the beloved…




Silent Song of Light

March 11, 2017

12378027_904719232945054_4506019817146331913_o.jpg light falls on the landscape


Mystery whispers its story
in silence to those who listen
with an open heart and a soul
surrendered to pure love
without a desire to possess its secrets..
yet lives to sing the beauty..
Flashing lightning illuminates
a momentary vision
in the energy of a storm
the heart is forever awake keeping a vigil
beholding the winds of change..
the shifting seas and turbulent skies
the deep power and sacred flow
of creation brings serenity and balance
to this turning sphere of existence
cradling us in the glowing aura
of a smiling moon sharing
and spreading a song of peace
across the earth….


a deep sigh of the soul

March 4, 2017
the unveiling of a deep spiraling sigh of the soul…
The precious mystery is an ever expanding
awareness….a wind
a breath………a spirit
forever creating…
sweeping the sky and beyond….
gathering the secret
in every seed and sperm
in every seeing star
in stillness
in the transparency of light
in a luminous glow
without a name or form
a flow of movement which cannot be seen
or detected or captured…
the mystery of infinite beauty
that gives itself
as a voluminous invisibility
forever surrendering everything
that ever was or is…splitting the secret
of existence into particles
that dissolve and melt like music
once it finds the air
that silently consents to contain its flight
the mystery gathers
the disappearing mist of tears
and the essence of laughter
the sweetness of a smile
the silence of the sea
the secret of sight
the eternal light
leaving a wispy hint of a
 subtle fragrance of every glory
hidden in
 beauty that dazzles
the mind
and frees the spirit
a feathering freedom that hides in the
gentle wake of a falling feather
in the wake
of a lover’s breath
or in the wake of only the purity of thought
not the thought itself
the tremulous quivering flow
of an elusive spiraling
rising joy
when spirit touches
and all that is
is known as