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Path of the Wayfarer

December 30, 2009

Path of the Wayfarer

O my wandering ones!
Come to places you have never been,
hearts you have never known,
and visions you have never seen.
The beloved prepares a path
leaving clues for you
along the way.
Love listens to your heart
and creates a life
spun from your hidden dreams,
your hopes, your thoughts
and your deepest longings.
Wade into the waters
of beauty and promise
and be anointed by love.
This present moment is sacred,
awaiting your surrender
to open the chambers
of the heart
of the beloved,
the blessed source
of all creation.


painting by rassouli

Birth of Love

December 27, 2009


The creative power of love
tears away the veil
that is shielding a secret chamber
yielding a glimpse
of the cosmic womb of creation
where love is born
sheltering the sweetness
in dimensions
of cosmic beauty
hidden in the sky of the soul
and in the hearts of lovers
for heaven is formed
from light that is shared through
our love for one another

painting by rassouli

Island of Infinity

December 26, 2009


The kingdom of the beloved
is concealed
within an island of infinity
far beyond the range of human eyes
and out of reach
of the restless human mind.

Drifting deep
into the uncreated dark
of the night
calls for faith to
trust the lantern of the heart
as the only guide to
ight our way

Fractyls of color and
broken shards of shattered
crystals leave a trail
that leads to nowhere for
those who would try
to destroy
the kingdom.

Strands of the beloved’s hair
fall gently upon the
shoulders of
a surrendered lover
and glistening curls intertwined
with the blossoming light
of love
will carry us home.

painting by rassouli

the greatest love in all the world

December 26, 2009

the greatest love in all the world

is unfurled in the birth

of a holy child

curled in a welcoming

womb of love

expanding from a seed

of light

into glowing spirit

spreading transparent wings

touched with

delicate colors of the rainbow

formed from a beauty

beyond all

human perception

in a moment of grace

that changed the universe forever

as the divine breath

of the beloved

breathed life into our longing hearts

with a divine kiss

creating a point of union

and passage

between heaven and earth

through which

all may freely enter

into paradise

by surrendering to

the holy kiss

of the beloved

turning water into wine

as we flow

across the threshold

into the spring of eternal life

in the sacred heart

of pure love

painting by rassouli

the beloved

December 25, 2009

Dawn breaks and spreads an empty sky for us to manifest another image, another story, a graphic, in music, in poetry, in a work of love and charity, in countless ways ……..and it offers an open sky to write the seeds of something new of the beloved across an expanse that never ends…..the sky of the soul………….the winehouse of the heart…….

Love wells up in the heart and spills out in dancing colors and waves of movement always new……..

i feel the words forming at my fingertips dancing onto the page ….as each movement creates some new image of the beloved…some new expression of love that gives the heart a face and a voice……brings feeling into a rushing flow of enchantment that can never be contained.

Love will break every boundary we ever build to try and control it or imprison it….. i can feel my heart surrender to its passage…and i open to it with excitement and energy and overwhelming love….to greet the beloved.

Those who are afraid may try to stop it, but love will find its way through any fortress we build to keep it out.

When we are willing lovers….the beloved is filled with joy to play with us….to delight us….surprise us…and to come in a new way to see if we recognize the beauty of the Great Oneness who embraces us with the spiraling arms of heaven….and the turning embrace of the beauty of the earth.

the beloved comes in our dreams to see if we recognize the beloved one….like love catching us in a dance of hide and seek….teases us to come find where love is hiding. We are never outside love…never….it is only that we look with our outer eyes and our thinking gets in our way.

We never know where that belovedness will appear or make itself known in our heart. Every day, every moment, this rush of love pummels us…like playful punches…brings a smile to our lips, a light in our eyes, and playfully strums and drums a new rhythm in our hearts.

It is a thrilling beginning to every day…and once we know the beauty of it….the truth of it…..when faith extends the reach of our vision…..and hope prepares us for its coming…..we share a life with the beloved that is beyond everything.

The threads are woven into a tapestry of love………golden strands…..silver strands……….colors we have never seen….swirls caught by the breeze of a lover’s breath…..floating, drifting, dreaming, landing gently before a child’s eyes that never doubt the wonder of what they see until someone tells them it is not real.

It is more real than anything we will ever know….love is an infinitely creative lover…and our joy is to stay open for the surprise.

What gift could touch it or come close to the ever expanding light of the beloved dancing through our hearts?

paintings by rassouli

Let it be done unto me

December 19, 2009

Mary said,
“Behold, I am the handmaid of the Lord. Let it be done unto me according to your word.” Then the angel departed from her.
And Mary said:
“My soul proclaims the greatness of the Lord;
my spirit rejoices in God my savior.
For he has looked upon his handmaid’s lowliness;
behold, from now on will all ages call me blessed.
The Mighty One has done great things in me, and holy is his name.
(From the fourth chapter of Luke)

Blessings at Christmas!

May you find new meaning and hope
in the joy of the Christ child’s birth
and in His everlasting presence
in our world and in our hearts.

Mary holds all children in her arms, including the child within each one of us. Like Mary, we feel our smallness before God. The stable is such a powerful image of our poverty and innocence and our perpetual longing for a Love that will never die, for abundance that will fill our hearts and set us free, so that we might truly feel our belonging to an ever expanding holy family. Christ dwells in our hearts, a quiet place in a turning world, and His Divine presence offers a portal that opens heaven to our longing hearts.

If it be His Will, I will meet you there, in the beautiful wilderness of our Beloved God. Moistened with morning dew, the wildflowers open, the willows let down their hair, and the valley of love breaks into song. Everything awakens and begins to move. All the rivers run to the sea, and the currents of pure love bring us the beauty of an Eternal Spring. That precious child of God in Mary’s arms, Jesus, will one day turn the water of life into the vintage wine of love to bless us all. We are blessed by the miracle of the lives of our own children and grandchildren and the child that still lives within our hearts.

Love, Naomi

painting by rassouli

Mystery of the Universe

December 16, 2009

Mystery of the Universe

The touch of the Beloved
is concealed in the mystery,
hidden in the sensuous intimacy
and softness of a gentle breeze.

The Beloved finds the secret places
beneath your worldly robe
awakening every cell
with the life-giving touch of love.

No one in the world knows
your heart’s longing
like the One whose divine breath
is whispering your freedom.

In the midst of crowded streets,
and high sounding words,
the lips of love may
silence you with a kiss.

Words scatter in the wind
like a flurry of wings,
and the air is filled
with the rising scent of pine.

The earth is bathed in warmth
when the Beloved appears,
and eyes glisten with love
and the joy of tears.

Divine presence drowns a scholar,
gives birth to a lover,
turns a preacher
into a silent hymn of prayer.

One particle of the Beloved
transforms the whole of creation.
Life stirs in barren soil,
and beauty blooms from the dust.

We gaze in enraptured awe
into eyes that others cannot yet see,
surrendering to the Beloved,
who whispers our name.

Who do you say that you are?

December 14, 2009


Who do you say that you are?


Through whose eyes do you
see the world?


Who does the world see
when they see you?


Who do you see
when you gaze into your heart?


Do you give your identity away
to the projection
of strangers?


In the darkness of the night
with no light in sight,
who are you?


Who are you before God?


A thousand names later,
a thousand years,
and a thousand lives,
and still you search for some
final proof
of your existence.


Suddenly, a lover vanishes
into the beloved,
and all searching melts into
an eternal moment
and there are
no more questions.




NASA photo: A Central Galaxy

An Invitation

December 11, 2009


An Invitation

Come to the poverty of the stable.

Come to the poverty of the homeless.

Come to the emptiness of those who have lost everything.

Come and dwell with us in this new advent,

this new beginning,

to make room in our hearts

for the arrival of love far beyond

our little hopes and dreams.

Light the candles with the flame of hope.

Light them with the burning

of the longing within your heart.

Our God of Love

waits for the opening of our hearts

to come rushing in like a river

to fill us with the Divine Wine

and to touch us with

with the light

of love.

My Prayer

December 11, 2009


My Prayer

Oh God of all people! God of all Creation!
Oh God of Glory,
God who has made the heavens
and the earth!
God, who is the very substance
of all that we are!
You who have made us in the image
of your Light and your Love,
perceived and conceived
in your Divine mind,
flowing from your own Spirit
and from your own divine Soul
we are created to be your people here on earth
to live in harmony as a global
and cosmic family.
I come to you in this moment in time
here on earth feeling your presence within me,
loving you with my whole heart,
my whole soul,
my whole mind, and with all that I am.
It is you, who have given me life,
and you who has given it meaning,
and it is you who gives me the vision of who
we could be if we can turn to you
for help to sustain the gift of this planet,
and life itself.
You give us so much!
Give us hope and help us
discover the joy!
Help all see how you surround
us with beauty
and how many ways you invite us
into relationship with you!
Oh God, give us the faith we need!
Awaken us to your Presence!
Help us become aware
of how our lives would change
if we could only know in our hearts
how close you are to us!
Help us God!
So many are suffering and struggling
and have lost their way.
Cure their blindness and help them see!
Help us all to feel your love!
Help us to love those who cannot yet see
the wonder of your healing power!
May your divine breath move across
the face of the earth
and give us life that is true.
Give us hope!
I pray with all my heart for all those
who do not yet know
the miracle of your love.
I come to you in deep gratitude
for the gift of life and love,
and praying for your help
for all those
who do not yet truly know you.
Thank you for hearing my prayer.