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New Life

June 30, 2008





Breath by breath by breath

we are breathed in

on the divine intake

of a quivering sigh of Love,

swept into a divine desire,

miraculously longing to share

our essence,

to wander in the gardens

we create,

to touch the tender

blossoming of our longing

for a wholeness

that our soul remembers.

We cry out for Love to live among us,

to accept the offerings

of our wounded hearts.

The earth sighs and releases its pain,

as we surrender our resistance

to being loved.

Each heartbeat reaches for the

  intimacy and nearness

of another heart,

 a rhythm that quickens

and strengthens the life force

 that sustains us.

 The Beloved quiets our seeking,

silencing our cries

with a whispering kiss

of Presence

  in a holy moment

of recovered innocence

and new life.














June 28, 2008




wandering in the mist
feeling the cooling droplets
tracing the skin
like fluid fingers of quiet rain
breathing the rich scent
rising from the dampness of the earth
beneath the silent summer grass
only the light from the stars
flickering in the tiny drops
that seem to drift from the sky
fragmenting the distant sun
into tiny lights
like tears mingling with tears
some creative power
far beyond the force of this life
moving each step
in this wilderness of
simple elegance
the heart a glowing ember
a remembrance of a greater flame
burning within
melting into dripping sparks
as they fall from lips
sighing and singing
the unearthly sound of a
lover’s song
like the solitary bird
lost in the sweet
flowing sounds
that announce the light long
before the dawn
eyes take no notice of the dark
surrendered to a beauty
of another kind
caught in the vortex
of a spiraling galaxy of love
spinning silver strands
of light around
the earth
enfolding lovers in
its embrace

Morning Prayer

June 27, 2008


Morning Prayer
O Spirit of the Living God,
move within us
to know your Divine Love,
to feel your Divine Presence,
to breathe your Divine Breath,
to be moved by the beating
of your Divine Heart
surrounding and
 embracing our own hearts.
Move within us
 to awaken our souls,
within your own Divine Soul,
to let all that would
seem to separate us fall away,
and may only your
Divine Intention remain.
Help us to surrender
and yield to your Divine Will
trusting in all that we are
unable to understand.
Grant us your Divine Assurance
and the Grace
 to help us see your face
in all faces
Forgive us our weaknesses,
our ignorance, and all the ways
we fall short of your perfect love.
Help us realize and grow into
the Divine capabilities
you have placed within us.
In thanksgiving and praise
and Love
from our united hearts,

too deep for words

June 25, 2008

“There are great joys that can fill our hearts,
and there are deep pains that can tear us apart,
the Holy Spirit knows them all,
and the prayers and cries of the heart are always heard,
even when they are too deep for words.”
“There is an inner dynamic in the evolution
of all true love
that leads to a level of communication
‘too deep for words.’
There the lover becomes inarticulate,
falls into silence,
and the beloved receives the silence as eloquence.
Love opens us to that deep level
of communication with the Divine. 
Love leads us to a meeting place with God
at our deepest center,
a life-giving dwelling place with God.”
T. Hall,
Too Deep for Love
In reflecting on scripture, 
searching for what is too deep for words,
I came upon this verse,
which has been written into a much loved song,
and it has become an inner prayer for me.
“Do not be afraid.
I have called you by name, you are mine.
I am your God. I regard you as precious,
and I love you.”
Isaiah 43: 2-7
This one speaks to our
deep inner conversation with God.
“Rest in God alone, my soul!
God is the source of my hope. Trust in God.
Pour out all that is in your heart to God.”
Psalm 62: 5-8
May we meet in prayer in that place of love
that is too deep for words.

Revelations of Love

June 24, 2008
My life was changed
by the experience
of falling under the gaze
of perfect love and the light
and revelation
of Conscious Love
In order to live
 into the vision of divine love,
we meet the vision as an embrace
through One that mirrors
our inner beauty to us,
sees within us,
 and graciously forgives us
for the times
we have been less than love
in our human behavior.
This is Conscious Love at work,
opening from one heart to another,
raising and transforming the energy
 through a Love that exalts us
and loves us with a Love
that touches the soul
and releases the light
embedded within us by God,
which is the light of Love and Truth.
We experience being seen
through the eyes of divine perception,
and we know it and feel it,
because it gives us moments
when we feel the ecstasy
of Joy and Union 
through a Love that only comes 
through a lived experience
 of our own wholeness,
when all opposites are balanced,
and we are not living
in opposition with
the Higher Self.
 We feel the life-giving radiance
streaming from our soul
into our cells
and we glimpse
the ascension in a way
that does not exclude us,
but welcomes us
into a divine reality
that becomes our existence.
It is more powerful than anything
that can happen to us
that might try to make us believe
we are less than we are.
It is the triumph of the new body,
 the new earth, the new spirit
that touches
 the eternal possibilities
 of Divine Love.
We leap into a new perception 
through the light
 of our own transfiguration.
We walk with Love. 
Love walks with us. 
We breathe its inclusiveness.
We become Love. 
We taste the sweetness
 of who we truly are,
and the overwhelming response
is to want to share it
with another
and another and another.
It is a fire, a blessed fire,
a burning glory,
that does not harm us, 
but transforms us,
and we experience
a renaissance
of our entire being.
We become One with the Beloved,
and we know
the wonder and beauty
 of Oneness and Belovedness
more perfectly 
than we ever could have
envisioned alone.

Let Love Be Your Companion

June 23, 2008




Let Love Be Your Companion


What if your voice is the only voice

that someone hears beyond their own?

What is the message that you share?

When someone looks into your eyes

wanting to feel you care,

what will they see there?

Who remembers who you are?

When the world feels full of strangers,

where do you go to find a friend?


An elderly woman took my hand

and said with a longing look in her eyes,

please don’t forget about me.

I could see that deep inside,

she was afraid that she

 would forget who she was.

Who are we without those we

choose to share our lives?

If you lose everything you own,

and the world you’ve made

is ripped away, who are you?

What is your touchstone?

Where is home?

We are the creators of our lives,

and we decide who we will be

with every choice we make.

Look deep within

and befriend your heart.

  Whisper your secrets

to the light that shines within you.

Dive into the reflecting pool

of your soul and know that

a greater soul welcomes you home.

Let your heart know who you are.

Let love be your companion

and dearest friend.

No matter where you go,

no need to fear,

for Love is always near.

Look within and know that

Love is always here.



Morning Lovesong

June 21, 2008


 O sacred morning,
O precious breath of dawn,
flow through us,
as a fountain
of new life.
Allow the rushing
eagerness of our longing
to become the
the gentle streaming
of love’s grace,
making its way to you,
through the vibrant colors
of the earth
in the fullness of spring,
in the passionate heat
of summer,
in the coolness of fall,
and in the purity
of winter’s patience.
Grant us the flowering
of friendship
with all Creation
dissolving us
as we dance into
 your outsretched arms.
Bathe us in the sunlight
of your golden gaze,
when all life turns toward your
lifegiving lover’s call.
You summon us with your glance
to surrender into the dawn
 as we feel the
 greening of our souls
and the blossoming
of our hearts.
Our life becomes the
transforming Joy of lovers
 discovering our melting
  oneness into all
 you create.

My Heart is Singing Again

June 20, 2008



My Heart is Singing Again


Oh, dear friends,

on this sacred morning,

when the universe is charged

with the beautiful energy of God,

turn from your sleep

and embrace all that cries out

wanting to awaken

within you!


Let the Beloved

hidden in every cell

come bursting forth and

animate your life

with the divine madness

of Love!


Let it touch you awake.

Let it transform you.

Let it change the way you perceive

all that exists.


Fall in love with the One God

who manifests

through all religions,

through all forms,

through the moon and stars,

through the sun

through the earth,

through the water of life.

through the wind,

and the fire!


Let your heart glow

with the luminous light

of the Holy Spirit

of the Beloved

and discover the Joy

that only the divine presence

of Love can give.













The Grace of Kindness

June 18, 2008

The Grace of Kindness


 There is a voice,

a voice that emerges from the heart

that offers hope

in so many different ways.

It can be a writer, an artist,

a poet, a photographer,

 a gifted orator, a painter,

 a dreamer, a visionary

that helps us remember love

 and stirs our hearts awake again.

Yet ,it is the ordinary person

doing heroic things in times of trouble

that inspires those hit by disaster

and war and illness and loss,

that helps us remember

how much we need each other,

and how love in action

goes hand in hand with the dream.

It is one who forgives us

when we least deserve

to be forgiven

who helps us go on.

It is an ordinary person

in ordinary times

that offers us the helping hand,

the listening ear, the presence,

and the caring heart,

who says we matter to someone, 

that keeps us from giving up

on ourselves

and on each other.

It is the grace of kindness

that helps us remember

 the beauty of life and relationship.

 Never wonder if the things

we do out of love for others

makes a difference.

No matter who we are

or how important we have become,

 no matter how famous,

or how rich, or how poor,

or how talented,

or how admired we might be,

we are all vulnerable

and have times of feeling alone

and need someone to care

about who we are

beyond what others see.

 I am always amazed

how true kindness

can bring tears to the bravest soul

 as it reaches through the outer layers

 and touches a desire

to be loved

that the heart

had almost forgotten.

Bless the heroes

who do this every day

as a way of life.

Bless you and thank you

for helping us remember love.





Dreams of Light

June 17, 2008

Dreams of Light


Sometimes dreams are kind,

and yield a taste of something new,

making nonsense out of nothing,

rearranging fragments

of form and colored memory

 into raucous fun.

The world becomes a place

where propriety is a cast off word.,

and playfulness is a path!

The night is full of disguises,

Yesterday wears different clothes,

Tomorrow is a meadow of sunlight

filled with possibility,

and I can feel and run and fly.

I poke my head through a cloud

and startle an angel

and wake up laughing.

I do get weary of common sense.

Dreams can be delicious,

wildly free, and foolish.

Can you come along and play?

Let’s rearrange reality

for at least a little while.

I will leave the door

of my dreams open,

 so you can wander in and out,

whenever you like.

Let’s honor joy

and have some fun!

Perhaps our dreams will touch,

and our hearts

will remember beauty.



Painting by Rassouli

Joy Vibrations