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surrendering wave of love

May 29, 2010

O surrender
dear one
surrender your heart
to God
and let the creative power
of love lift you
into the divine wave
that will carry you
to the secret places
of the heart
of the beloved

love’s healing power

May 28, 2010

when you can forgive
all that still clings to you from the past
the way thistles and cockleburs
cling to your clothes
while wandering in the fields of the world
you will emerge into a present moment
that is already filled with music

when you stop worrying
about the future
you will become such a joyful
and laughing nuisance
that love will come very close to you
and begin combing you
into the beauty
of the beloved’s flowing hair

when you can finally forgive
every wound your mind drags around
as if it were caused by others
only then
will the heart be free
to truly begin to sing of love

inspired by hafiz


May 25, 2010

Something enchantingly unknown
is calling to us,
a summoning silence,
and however it happens in each life,
it begins to rise within
the heart
that seeks the truth
of belovedness.

Hidden in every creative work
or creative act,
that truly comes
from the purity of the heart,
from the great reservoir
of the sea of the soul,
is a message from God,
from the creator,
from the ultimate divine lover,
from an inexpressible
essence of infinite names.

We can change the word,
and say this is a message from Love,
or a message from the Beloved,
or we can give it names
to personalize it,
which every religion,
and every gathering chooses
to share in their stories
of divine visitation,
of ecstatic sensation,
every impulse of beckoning creation,
offers this invitation
to revelation.

The point is…it is the point
where we meet God,
where God meets us,
where hearts surrender
into a melting point
of incomprehensible love
and breathtaking

The revelation of truth
that is meant for a particular heart
at a particular time
in a particular place becomes
a personal sharing,
and may not have meaning
for others,
a truth bound in the tresses of time.
which leaves tousled hair
and a witnessing to the path
each one follows in love.

My heart is a filter for what is true,
and I can only witness
to the Source
deep within my own unknowing,
which, for me, is consistently,

a beautifully loving, inclusive
compassionate presence,
a life-givine Source
that opens my vision
to see in wider and deeper ways
than I could ever do alone.

When the heart is opening,
it breaks open the inner senses to hear
what is suddenly, profoundly true,
and the fragrance of love
begins to spread everywhere
around us,
filling the room,
and needs the ever expanding space
of a universe to burst
into being!

Love captivates and illuminates
stimulates, pulsates,
and creates,
prances and romances,
takes chances,
enhances with glances
and dances into our hearts
with joy,
leaving us with new abilities,
capabilities, and

We know that however
this deepest love is guiding us
we must make room
for its demand to expand
to command,
to reprimand, to move
to a new land,
a life unplanned,
and we gratefully surrender
and make a stand
to take the hand of a greater love
than we can ever know
or understand.

We are thrillingly willing
to behold
this belovedness,
to watch it unfold
in every moment,
an hour of flowering power,
the story of a glory
of love
that cannot be told
or sold
for gold or coin.

This presence leaves a lingering essence
wherever it has been,
smiles a secret spreading smile
of light,
and whispers,
come, dear one,
enter into the heart
of this greatest of all possible loves,
and, we look around,
cast a last glance,
with eyes glowing,
and we go.

“gateway to eternity”

blessed mystery

May 23, 2010

whatever else i learn
or hear……or see……or touch….
or create…..or discover….
or encounter in my wandering
and pondering the mysteries of the heart……..
the true joy….. for me…….
comes in the freshness……….
every morning….every evening…..every moment….
in the wondrous sweeping winds
that are always new in their unfolding…….
quietly settling….. moving within me…….
like the breath……..
love shares the greatest intimacy
with all that we are….
no one has a monopoly on it….
no edge
no exclusive access…..
for it truly is given to all of us…..
bringing us ever closer
to the dearest and sweetest love
flowing and flowing and flowing…..
in our hearts….
eternal rivers of life-giving love from a source……
that is gratefully beyond naming…..

now when i dance on the roof of the world
i can feel that i am turning and whirling
in the heart of the beloved

light from within

May 20, 2010

the lover
the seeker
the creative energy within us
that goes wandering into the night
sometimes touches something
so true
so wonderfully true

we wander into that mystery
compelled and drawn
by a love
greater than ourselves
into a dimension
filled with the sweetness
of love’s secrets

when we come back into
this waiting silence
something unspoken
in the encounter
wants to express itself
and we open to this inner voice
to let it be born
to let it have its way with us
to allow it to find its form
to sing
to shout
to whisper
to share
to laugh
to express a divine wildness
that reveals its face
in the freedom of joy

with open hands and open arms and open heart
we dare to embrace the beauty
we behold
with new eyes
to meet it with great tenderness
and reverence

with trembling presence
we greet life
as the precious gift
it truly is

“light from within”

Bringing light to the darkness

May 19, 2010

The beloved illuminates
the darkness
with a light of hope
deep within every heart,
weaving ribbons of moonlight
in the flowing hair
of the earth,
peering over the horizon
in the live-giving
of the sun,
calling forth beauty
with beckoning rays of light,
as love comes rushing in
as flowing waves,
cleansing all it touches,
falling as a fountain
that turns us all
to glistening golden light,
leaving us glowingly
infused with the treasures
of the Heart
from which we come.

photograph: Fountain of Light
by Mark Adamus

an open heart

May 14, 2010

From my heart to yours and back again,
love travels an endless loop
of the beloved’s breath

An open heart

What is it that is in the revelation of the dawn
that draws us into the metaphor in a thousand different ways?
What is it in the night that draws us time and time again
into its mystery?
What is within the human heart that guides us into
the sound of a distant drum,
an intimate pulsation, a warmth without words,
something that came with us into this world
carrying some secret of life that we would never understand?
What draws us out into nature into its marvelous unfolding
whether we are there or not?

In this quiet presence to this great “unknowing” this morning,
it seems it is being open to this divine unknowing
that brings the wonder and joy to my life.

To feel alive is a great grace.

To be open to the mystery of the night,
to the light of the dawn,
to the curious and marvelous
deliberate beauty of nature,
to the wilderness guarding its secrets,
and to the human heart
sustaining my life with the sensual rhythm
of an intimate friend and companion
is to witness and experience a profound beauty
embedded deep within this existence
that guides each moment of each day as pure gift.

I greet this day with pure gratitude,
and as I do, all judgment and fear and sadness melts away
realizing that the night, the dawn, the sun,
the wind, the wilderness, the natural world, and the human heart
is available to every person ever born.

The benevolence of a quiet stream exceeds my hopes for renewal.
I feel the cup of my heart running over
with the beauty of it all.
As I breathe in the air around me,
I am aware of a life-giving energy in the atmosphere.
It is air that flows through time and centuries in a continuous stream
that cannot be divided or separated.
It is air that has moved through countless human beings and creatures
across this earth as they breathe to live, without distinction.
Unseen and unproven, this air sustains our lives
regardless of who we are.

I feel a sudden rush of energy
to meet this great presence breathing me,
like a great lover waiting for us to notice
the gifts of extraordinary beauty given freely in every moment.

My grateful heart has opened to love,
and every cell within me comes alive in a new way.

To love is to be touched by the grace of heaven.
Love is the great purifier
that elevates and exalts our lower natures
to rise and meet the beloved,
who has given us

photograph: Endless Falls
photograph: Enchanted Forest
Taken by Mark Adamus

Ever encircling light of love

May 12, 2010

Of all the treasures we seek in this world,
the heart hides the greatest secret
ever known or unknown,
ever found or never found
by the greatest expedition
looking for the richest oil,
for priceless jewels, or the purest gold,
by the bravest explorer
searching for the edge of the world,
or by the journey of those
who climb the highest mountains
to touch the sun.

The heart overrules the greatest kings,
who claim to be rulers
of all humankind.

There is a moment when we are
awakened at night
by an inner light that shines
from a hidden place
within the space of the heart.

A divine glow appears,
deep within an expanding cloud,
surrounding an intimate whisper
of a quiet breath of love
that washes away every word we say,
a dissolving beauty overwhelms,
and from that cosmic moment on,
nothing exists except love.

We are born for the moment
when love reveals
what we cannot steal
from a rising sun,
a moment when we cannot turn away
from One who creates
all that exists,
from lips that rival
every lover ever kissed,
from eyes that see
more than we can imagine
or begin to dream.

Our single act in this precious life
is a deep surrender,
a resounding yes
to the concealed caress
of a beloved
revealed to the heart alone.

Love is the mother of us all

May 10, 2010

Bewildered in the beauty
of heaven,
a young girl
wearing a crown of stars,
felt her heart open wide,
as the light inside
poured out
upon the earth
like a morning shower,
and everything that grew
was sweet and new,
nourished by the love
from which she was made.

painting by M. Farschian

heaven is in this morning hour

May 7, 2010

heaven is in this morning hour
when a secret blossoms in every flower
gently awakened
by a whispering song
it did not take me long
to run to the window and see
what beauty
the beloved had left
for me and thee.