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Bridge of Light

August 30, 2008



The earth is preparing,

renewing, developing a heart

and lungs and forming a soul.

The rays of the sun

 penetrate the soil

leaving the secret of life

implanted in the substance

of her beautiful body.

Compliant and conscious,

she turns her face to the sun

to absorb the warmth and light

as the dawn breaks through

the darkness of a night

 with no moon.

A heavenly choir celebrates

 the victory of the Light

creating a sacred hymn

to the Universe,

as the earth receives the pearl

from the Spirit of Love

It is a sacred time as the seed

nestles into the waiting womb of  Life

to prepare for spring.












waltz of freedom

August 28, 2008


the deep rumblings of thunder
 streaks of sparking light gone crazy
pounding rain and wind 
lashing the trees
are washing out roads
the fury of the storm feels
like gathering anger
 for some place to
 land a punch
power that can turn
the world to cinders and wash
it away
is the new goliath
come to call
fear induced conversion
is so pointless
so I search for a tiny pearl
for the slingshot
 of my words
this wild devastation
belongs to the
crazy technology of
the tinker toys
of men
messing with the earth
and its rhythms
calls out a mighty power to
restore the balance
of beauty
when will we be stewards
and shepherds of
all we are given
and learn reverence
for this life
what legacy is this
to destroy paradise
and lay down our lives
for the nothingness
of ambition
the broken bodies
of christ
lie on the battlefield
and in our streets waiting
 to be found
no one deserves love
it is a generous grace freely given
 that we seem
set upon strangling 
with our fears
the eye of the storm
is a shelter
 a center of stillness
in the wild turbulence
of blustering fools
love is gathering us in
if all the challengers would
  just put down
their weapons and
give up the darkness of war
love will never destroy
but our stubborn
battle for control may
kill us all
we are drowning
in our tears
and love is asking
us to dance on the water
in the light
will this be the last waltz
before one more
barren planet dangles
and drifts
in a timeless sky
break the bank and kiss
the frog
and the turtle and
each other
and celebrate
listen to your heart
and dance with your soul
waltz on the sea
of pearls in the light
of the sun
open your heavy lidded
eyes to beauty
and listen to the music of
the merry fiddlers
hidden in the grass
painting by rassouli

The Heart of God

August 26, 2008


The exaltation of woman,
seen for so long as unworthy by so many,
may one day be seen as the
ultimate divine justice of the Love of God.
 The incredible intimacy that is possible
in the Sanctuary of the Heart of God
  through the Spirit and Purity of Divine Love
is moving quietly and profoundly transforming us
one by one
drawing us into the Light and Truth
of God’s own exalted Nature,
where woman is
cherished and protected,
honored and created
to become the crowning glory dwelling
within God’s most Sacred and Holy Heart,
in the Perfection and Paradise
in Holy Scripture.
Through Grace and Forgiveness,
the man,
who fought to become a god
to rule the world,
who tried to steal the sun
and claim the power of the Creator,
will be allowed to enter only
through his total surrender and submission
to the authority of God.
If woman must become like a male
to exist in the world,
then man must become like a woman
to dwell in the eternal existence
possible within God.
Love will unite them to realize
their wholeness, and All
will become as One Heart, One Soul,
and One Spirit.
Christ will rise like the Phoenix
bearing us all to become
a spark in the manifestation and appearance
of the Messiah,
the great Light and Truth and Love
of God.
Painting by
“The Grace of Alpha” 

Arrows of the Heart

August 23, 2008




Arrows of the Heart


Oh, light of love and awareness,

illuminate the way before us.

Guide our faltering steps,

and grant us tears to

wash the dust

from our



Help us to pierce the clouds,

look beyond the mirror

to behold the gaze

of your seeing

us with



Give us faith to sustain us during

times of doubt and worry

and lift our thoughts

into the purity

of your



Ignite the beautiful flame of love

that burns away the cloak

that hides our hearts

and conceals

your spirit



Release the bow and let us fly

on our way to you through

the power of creation

and the strength of

your loving








by Sadiq








Peace Returning Like the Tide

August 22, 2008


Peace Returning Like the Tide



I feel peace returning like the tide
drowning the memories
silencing the sounds
cleansing my pain.

The peace wraps around me
like the gentle arms of a friend
bringing care and comfort
in the healing touch of love

Peace fills the empty places
and lets me breathe again
settling over me softly
like sheets resting on skin.

Peace draws me into sweet
silence, and sleep comes
reaching for me in the night
curling around my mind.

Peace returns like the tide,
and with a grateful heart,
I close my eyes and let it
gently carry me to God



Blossoms of Light

August 20, 2008



the miracle that we exist at all

sings out from every star

turning and turning and

turning in the arms

of the spiraling

light of



 I reach out and take the unseen

hand of tenderness and love

playing heavenly music

to the quivering beat

 of a pulsing heart

luring mine




 swirling dance across the sky

 as spinning galaxies send

shooting stars and

 silvery stardust

drifting to




mystical ballroom coming to

  life at midnight as lovers

dance until the soft

glowing colors of

dawn appear to

 guide them

  all home



to sleep in spinning dreams

and sing the stories of

 nocturnal journeys

into the secrets

of the beloved

within the













Shower of Light

August 19, 2008

The intensity of the light

 is magnified by our awakening,

becoming more conscious

and developing awareness of ways

we can become more loving to each other.  

Visualize the streaming light of love

flowing to us here on earth,

and let its cleansing energy

surround and bathe you

 in its creative power.




painting by


Sea of the Beloved

August 17, 2008

a morning swim in the sea of the beloved

in the unity of two souls in one

the empowering peace of pure love

the sensuous light of the healing sun and earth


‘Kindred Spirit’

Only Love is Eternal

August 16, 2008






Drawn into the  wilderness


of God


in the stillness and purity


of an inexpressible




my voice endlessly proclaims


the Love


that exists beyond


all the eyes can see


beyond all sound that falls


upon the ears,


beyond all the hands


can touch,


beyond the most exotic scent


of any blossom


ever known


on earth,


beyond the sweetest taste


that ever lingered


on the lips.






 In the sanctuary


of my soul


and in the pulsing life


that penetrates


the heart,




emanates an unseen radiance


 transforming the inner


universe of all





Perfectly concealed in all silence,


perfectly revealed in the


center of all turning,


the matrix of life


exists eternally

















She pondered all this in her heart

August 14, 2008

 And she pondered all this in her heart.

Mary was the wisest theologian. (She was the Mother of the Word ) Who is at once the Theology of God and of Men. God’s Truth entered so deeply into her life as to become Incarnate in her flesh. All Wisdom was centered in her heart, sedes Sapientiae. When the angel came to her at the An­nunciation he found her in deepest silence.

Few words are recorded of her who gave us the Word. And when she had given Him to the world, what should she do but listen to him?

She kept all these words, treasuring them in her heart?

And so, in every way, Mary is the model of contemplatives and the mirror of mystics. Those who love the pure Truth of God instinctively love the simplicity of Mary. She draws them into the heart of her silence and of her humility. She is the virgin of solitude, whom God called His hermit—ana est colamba mea in foraminibus petrae. She hid in the caverns of the rock, as Saint John of the Cross speaks of her.

She lived as a hermit in the lofty mysteries of her Son. She lived all the time in the sky, though she walked on the earth and swept floors and made beds and made supper for the carpenters. What was happening in her unimaginably clear soul, in the stainless mirror of her being which God had made to receive His perfect likeness?

When the angel spoke, God awoke in the heart of this girl of Nazareth and moved within her like a giant. He stirred and opened His eyes and her soul saw that in con­taining Him she contained the world besides. The Annun­ciation was not so much a vision as an earthquake in which God moved the universe and unsettled the spheres, and the beginning and end of all things came before her in her deepest heart. And far beneath the movement of this silent cataclysm she slept in the infinite tranquility of God, and God was a child curled up who slept in her and her veins were flooded with His wisdom which is night, which is starlight, which is silence.

And her whole being was em­braced in Him in whom she embraced and they became tre­mendous silence. 



Thomas Merton

From Ascent to Truth



Painting by M. Farschian