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birthing a holy moment

February 25, 2017
A holy moment touching the essence of intimacy…
Is there anything in a word
that can be mined by the heart
to guide my lips to dare to speak
or write of God…
as I feel and experience
and live such an effusive mystery..
to presume to free the flow of pure love
or a deep kindness looking
for a gentle expression
in the sweet space where I live
and move have my being..
or does the treasure dwell
beyond form and create
a living Word around this stirring
swirling awareness of beauty..
When I feel the sweet rising
of a song of feeling
searching for the grace to soar
on a benevolent breeze
or the warm breath of a sigh
I can only trust the beloved
to set it free
to carry it to thee..
a soft smiling presence
who cares enough
to listen to the sacred spreading
of the wings of my longing
to share in the glorious expanding
of a garden that welcomes
the sharing of a loving flow
from inside this glow
that awakens me…
written during a softly falling snow in the glow of dawn…..

A Divine Alchemy

February 19, 2017
holy presence
flame of spirit flaring
in a sacred moment…
inspiring a creative flow
and the writing comes
as an afterglow
a hushed silence
a curling awareness
gently swirling in the whiteness
of a vast spacelessness
that is
beyond description
yet something reaches for it
to touch the passing
an eternal flow
the brush of gentleness
moving on a most delicate
lifegiving breath
the blessing of caressing holiness
a rushing spring of purity
tingling and singing energy that awakens
and guides the spirit
into a clearing
 of blossoming meadows
an elusive fragrance of emanating
rising essence of love
a tear clinging to an eyelash
that catches the light
everything else vanishes..
disappears in tears
and soft laughter
a radiance
from a deep abiding joy

In the soft darkness before dawn..

February 4, 2017
In the soft darkness before dawn
the light is approaching
and it prepares us
for pure love
in the morning of innocence
that awakens
every fibre and nerve
and every cell
of our being
a gentle breeze caresses
the fire
it ignites within
our hearts
we run our fingers through
the curls of night
until the sunlight turns
them to the delicate essence
of golden light
the beauty of pure love
washes reason
clean of
noisy words
and all that is
not love
the source of this incredible
existence and unfolding
revelation of life
is guiding
every moment of our
journey here
helping us choose
love in as gentle a way
as we allow
if life feels unfriendly
and shakes us
to the core
we need only look
and listen
to our heart
and soul
and let love
set our spirits free
we are not able
to comprehend the vast
wisdom inherent in creation
for it is hidden
in the pure love that
its unfolding
be very cautious
in presuming that we possess
the deeper
wisdom that
created the world
for it is only
through love
that we will find
the path
that will bring us peace
and joy
and the fruits
of the spirit of love