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Eternal flow of life..

February 13, 2019



Eternal flow….sustaining life…divine feminine….divine masculine…perpetual adoration… waters…..baptismal beauty……cosmic attraction……divine spring…..sacred fountain…creative regeneration of life cycling journey…..divine seeds of light….of dancing swimming streaming flow of life- giving Spirit… holy space…..receptacle of grace….purity of womb to receive and cradle the secret of life….divine release to bring heaven to earth….spirit into form……touching invisibility….transparency…..translucence……eternal flow…..


the nectar of life…

February 13, 2019




Rassouli_Nectar_of_LifeSip the nectar of life…

the divine wine of love

that gives of itself

to nurture and create you…

the sacred evolution of Spirit

to generously share

the trembling intimacy of becoming…

the quivering luminous light

of the divine generosity

that invites and inspires you

to fall into life-giving love….

to sing and whisper you into being……..


The creative light of divine vision..

February 13, 2019

wallpapers-room-com-field-by-dinesiac-1440x9001-jpg.jpg Light of earth


The vast imprint of the earth and universe
is the outpouring of the creative flow
of the immortal beloved
the manifestation of a magnificent love
the Mystery of divine breath
the emanations of Spirit
of beauty beyond our imaginings
or our ability to create such wild diversity
the pulsing beat of life itself
and the original flaring of the scope of expression
that bursts into being before our eyes
the flowering of feeling or
the blossoming of being
the creative impulse
of the infinite sparking light
of intention
to share the secrets of the supreme
goodness of godliness
we learn…we reflect…we sing….we fall
into the arms of Grace
weeping with gratitude to emerge
from miracle of intention
and deep love
trust the Spirit and surrender
to wonder and tenderness
of the elements of life
that form us
the wisdom that guides our
every moment
be the music that we are
of the thrilling sound and silence
of eternal love…
the magnificence of existence
the Spirit that soars
and unveils
the vision of God…


The magnificent Mystery of the Beloved

February 4, 2019

The light of the divine mystery
is released by our surrendering
manifesting in profound love
through the seeds flowing through the soul
and finding the flight of freedom
through the spirit of the Beloved..
transformed in a mystical consciousness
pure radiance dancing on the ripples of the sea
the rising waves tossed by the winds
of timelessness blessing us in soft curls
tumbling in beauty beyond our human eyes
guiding us on a path of communion
in the trembling silence of the infinite
and a sweet song of intimacy
through the generosity of a love so deep
it cannot be expressed in words…



the wild and wonderful sea

January 17, 2019

Crashing Waves On A Dark Rocky Shore Hdr HD Desktop Background

the moods of the infinite…..the changing face of a manifesting and creative sea

580181.jpg the wild and wonderful mystical sea

the deep and dramatic rolling waves catching the sun…..


the beauty

of an immortal beloved

forever revealing

a new dimension of divine nature

through movement of spirit




in a secret garden…

January 10, 2019



yearning_to_be_caressed___mahmoud_farshchian_by_mfarsh-d7l4fke-2…as she wandered

in timelessness

melting in beauty

feeling silence in her soul

the flowing movement

of spirit drawing and guiding

her to follow the soft impressions

of where the beloved walks

the fragrance of love

divine music in the singing wind

the sweetest  breath

like soft wings brushing her lips

delicate whispering in her ear..

swirling blossoms

caressing  and nestling

in her hair..

so much to share

only love knows the way

into the charms

of invisible arms….


Moments of Divine Presence…

January 5, 2019

1601_1802792176614730_7171478719401709665_n.jpg vision of divine presence...

Our God is so near to you……….
invisibly streaming through and within you
through the Glorious Spirit and divine nature..
It is a statement of faith and experience
that gives me the grace to share this..
we are given and shown so many ways
the Spirit enriches our lives…
shares the beauty of the earth..
and the intimacy of feeling close
to divine presence in our communion
with holy friends and a growing
holy and sacred family creating a community
of those who love and find the unity
from moment to moment in our lives..
The generosity and divine perception of our
Creator knows who we are deep inside
and draws us closer if we listen…
we are invited to live within this greatness
that seeks our Joy and wellbeing…
blessed to be a blessing for each other..
O may it be so for each of you in a unique
and personal way to fill you with
the eternal love that will lift you
in its truth and be with you always…

O Beloved! You Are the World…

December 20, 2018

36428613_10216868018400731_3618124615299104768_n.jpg living flames of the Beloved

O Beloved! You are my Everything!
You are the flowering of All Beauty
the depth of every sea and the crest of every wave..
You are the Light of the sun and moon and every star..
the Breath of every breath..
the Heart of every heart..the Soul of every soul
You are the secret whispering in the dancing wind..
You are the divine embrace that sweeps me into the
magnificent flowing Spirit that lives eternally..
the life-giving essence that sweetens the air
with the fragrance of every flower…
the scent of life..the glow of every lover…
the innocence of every child..
the purity of deep surrendering…
You are the peace of every being..
You are the dream..the hope..the truth..the vision
of imagination..the manifestation of life itself..
You are the integrity and warmth of Friendship…
the tears of tenderness…the dance of creation…
You are the sacrament of every moment…
the Presence that moves my days..and nights..
the glory of every morning..
the mystery creating all possibility..
You are the God of every religion..
the expression of faith that sustains me..
the bewildering sweetness of every kiss..
the arms open to every embrace..the pulsing rhythm
empowering the growth of the universe..
the deep uncreated space beyond time..
You are the creative power of all existence..
the majesty of every mountain..the music of every song…
you are the graceful lift of every wing..
the wonder that incites all growth..
the uniqueness of every face..of every shape and form..
the pure silence and rising birth of all renewal..
the belovedness of every longing..
If I were to write all that you are..I would
write to the end of time and begin again
in every beginning…
You are the highest..deepest…and most
glorious Love I will ever experience..
You are the most exalting feeling..
the lightning and laughter
and the highest Joy..
You are more than a belief..
You are the EXPERIENCE
I perceive and feel within me
O Beloved..I was born to sing to You..
to love share the gift of You..
You are the Love of every life..
O my immortal Beloved..
You are my Everything….

Surrendering to the Unknown

December 19, 2018

unnamed (10).jpg Surrender to the Unknown

The rivering wine of love…

I could write until the end of time
and never touch
the beauty of what I feel..

I remember a moment

I felt I couldn’t breathe..
I thought my heart would stop
I had to run and seek consolation
in the darkness of the unknown
where the only light
was glowing in my heart..

for I had become
a human candle
burning in a longing vigil
that has flickered for
a million years..

Something set my heart
on fire and burned
away the shielding veil
and everything
was refined
into a river of wine
that would flow forever
and destiny was a forgotten word
in the cosmic winds of time..

What beats my heart..
who gives me life..
and why am I here..
were no longer questions I would ask

no answers would I seek
for I lost my breath and name
as I was drawn under
the rising and falling waves
of the flow
of the beloved..

Life is ever changing
ever new
while Love is always true
when it is formed
within you..

When the curtain

of Rumi’s  beloved Shams
was consumed
in flames
the scrolls of thousands of names
fell into the ruin of forgetting..

and when the nightingale
fell in love with the rose..
I knew the singing would never end..

Love that never dies
erases all the lies
obliterates illusion
ends confusion
and the beloved
opens the garden gate
to hearts
that have learned
to create..

A single moment can change the world
and dissolve time
suspending all endings
making each moment a first
creating a thirst
for the wine of beauty
that only love
can give..

Never intrusive
and always inclusive
an embrace
from the beloved claims
the heart forever
beneath a Sun that contains
every heart
in One..

Naomi Stone

“Surrendering to the Unknown”

Painting by Rassouli

Create through Love

December 8, 2018


Oh painters, poets, singers,

artists of the soul,

playing in the particles of life,

let the quivering molecules

of your being

wade in the energy of your

hidden laughter.


Become masters of the medium

of love

and splash your kisses 

across the sky!

Dip your brushes in your hearts

and create a vision

of the beauty crouching

within you,

ready to spring into life

as something new.


Let the winds of spirit blow

away the clouds

that cover your longing

 for freedom.


Dress your precious life in 

the colors of your soul

and let the wondrous visions 

flow into a stream of love.


Be an invitation, like the dawn,

coaxing and calling

us all to dance with the day,

to play, to sing,

to let the light of the sun make us

gleam and glow.


Let your sleeping heart awaken 

and push through the soil

of the body and mind

to be born again and again and again.


Let your sweet discovery 

bloom in wonder.

Greet the blossoms with shouts of joy,

as the petals of tenderness

surround you in a robe of rainbows

 and dripping wonder.


Be like Joseph in his coat

of many colors

with eyes that see the Pharaoh’s dreams

and ears that hear

 the songs of the night

locked in silence, weeping to be known.


Let the caressing touch of spirit

set you free

 to be, to live, to move, to flow,

and to create,

again and again and again.


Take my hand and dance me

into the mystery and

music of you.




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