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Journey of Love

February 28, 2016

Rassouli-Journey-of- (2)

Wandering, listening, keeping a vigil, gazing,
moved to tears at times by compassion,
gentle music, light filled landscapes,
requests for prayers, some even asking
for a warm embrace, a touch of grace.

In this early morning silence,
I hear an anthem, a communion song,
where we meet in the flow of human cries
sharing our laughter,
the loneliness of pain,
the victories and the light
we see in another’s eyes.

Walking in a soft spring rain
we exchange a glance
and feel the dance of life together.
Grateful for those who brave the wilderness
catching their moments on film
to share their gold
in the visions they behold,

We vanish in a painting
and feel the artist’s vision,
delight in a crashing surf,
quietly wondering sometimes,
if anyone is out there somewhere,
and if they truly care.
I can hear the muffled cries
the lonely sighs,
as my eyes fill with tears.

Sometimes our stories are real
and hearts are pure and true.
Sometimes they are not,
but still we reach to feel a part
embraced in the oneness
of a universal heart.

We are companions on this journey
when we reach out in longing
yearning for a sense
of true belonging.

The greatest Love the world
has ever known is so very near,
if we could only open
with the faith to hear and feel
how real the whispering spirit can be
who truly does reside and dwell deep inside
this sanctuary of grace, the sea
where we are one.


In the gentle rising of prayer

February 24, 2016
In the gentle rising of prayer
In the sacred space of the purity of silence
I come to the sheltering grace of the ever radiant presence
of the overflowing light of the Source
of all beginnings
feeling the glowing touch of Spirit
the Oneness of that love that guides our flight
in gentle songs and divine whispers
to hover and gaze at creation’s images
to feel the souls who are swept into the sweet breath
of God’s own communion
to create
and reflect the richness of color
the flow of the sea
the infinite reach of the sky
to be personally touched by the land
manifesting and blossoming with breathtaking beauty
greening with life itself
We are ever blessed
to behold the expressions of belovedness
that flow from the One Life and energy
from which we all come
to feel the thrill of moving in and being moved
by the Spirit of God
Some fly free beyond the body
some still nestle in the forms we were given
we fall into music
dance in the rising and setting sun
play in the stars
are kissed by the mist and glistening dew
like the petaled roses in gardens
or in the wild rose
rocked by the winds of wilderness
filled with the golden nectar
and light of the sun
Our names vanish in the hearts that throb
with the Love of the greater Heart
that gathers us in the flow of revelation
caressing us with the light
of holy anointing
transporting and transfiguring
how we appear
by falling within
the depth of who we truly are
into the clarity and purity
of the deep well
of being
of surrendering and vanishing
the precious fire
of Love
of the Beloved

falling into the mystery of love..

February 20, 2016


If we are in touch

with all the many aspects

of ourselves,

we discover

forever changing


of identities

as part of the flow

of the human

and divine oneness.

Love this eternal moment

of the divine flow

of soft feminine beauty


“Your core, your deepest DNA, is divine; 

it is the Spirit of Love implanted within you by your Creator 

at the first moment of your creation.”

Fr. Richard Rohr,, priest, author, messenger of love


 Image created by Rassouli…
“Manifesting Beauty”

the bride of Light…

February 19, 2016
 Rassouli-greetngthedawn (1)
Only God can lift the veil of
our perceived identity
in the world..
to let the light of awareness fall 
on that beginning 
from which all consciousness proceeds..
from the Source of All  Beginnings..
Only God can choose to allow one to gaze
through the light of Spirit..
to see deeply 
into the mystical darkness
of that which 
is yet unformed
We must be called to union
as a bride of freedom
to remain on earth.. aware of boundaries
and yet feel the creative power
of flight that breaks 
the bonds of human form alone
to co-exist in two realities
at once
parallel and pure
the oneness of non-duality 
where separation is not possible
but flows in the rivering
light of no return..
Image created by Rassouli..
“Greeting the dawn”

When the soul begins to sing!

February 18, 2016
0-01-11-showerofnectar  shower of light
Oh Beloved!
You are always
 a sweet and sacred sight
 in the
infinite points
of light
blinking and winking
flickering and beckoning
in the night..
streaming rays of sunlight
shimmering on lakes..
gliding on flowing rivers
 glowing in the waves
of rolling seas..
twinkling in the eyes
of lovers..
in fireflies
and endless skies..
showers of light
are falling and sliding
like silky rain
caressing wildflowers..
no wonder mystics
created such an intimate name
when the light
of love
flashed into flame..
when the heart took wing
and the silent soul
began to sing..
image by Rassouli…
“Shower of Light”.

The uncreated spaces

February 16, 2016

433  Portal

I come to the space of the uncreated moment
when I feel moved to write
from my heart
something about the spacelessness
and the silence
that invites the truth
and inspires trust
to encounter
the flow of expression
of the songs
of soul
when I awaken
for in the beauty
of soul
there is a freedom
of spirit


the Friend is present
in many forms
with great variation
and always with a welcoming
space and the grace
to receive it
love arises
naturally brimming over
from the depth of
pure space
where feeling
curls and spirals
into song


The other side of time

February 14, 2016
_2013-09-07-166263.jpg  light  Aaron
​It is my monastic time
cloaked in a reign of silence
and although the night wears darkness
around its shoulders
there is a glow within
that illuminates
the mystical corridors
that guide us toward the light
and revelation of God
to enter into the sweet belovedness
the embracing warmth
and Grace
of the ultimate Friend
The path to Love
is marked by precious gems
mirrored in the skies
the cosmic display of creation
that scatters diamonds
revealing planets
spiraling and spinning lights
the Hand that
paints the mysteries with glorious colors
whirls and shapes the beauty
to share an
unfolding story
before our watchful eyes
We make up names for everything
and think we are so wise
that we can
explain the rainbows
following the rain
or the color spectrum
in crystals
or the visionary prism
in a mystic’s eye
The continents shift and move
playing with our
history books
exposing our theories
as only moments
in time
 always more than
we could even imagine
sages and swamis and bishops
emperors and kings
judges and presidents
stumble and fall
for no one is given the right
to know it all
We share in the cosmic dance
launch rockets and peer
through telescopes
walk on the barren moon
and wonder
where the Beloved
has gone
and from somewhere in spacelessness
we hear laughter
echoing through the skies
a lightning bolt
flies from an unseen hand
shriveling our
manmade expertise
to dust
The promises are veiled in mystery
unraveling our tapestries
as quickly as we
think we know
for nothing stays within
our quest
for certainty
except the whirling ever changing
energy of Love
that redeems us with Grace
gently cradling us
in the
forgiving arms

The freedom only God can give..

February 13, 2016



I am the open door for the infinite love of God 001 (2)

In the deeper silences
of the sacred chambers of the soul
a soft veil surrounds the mysterious secrets
of freedom
the gentle light of beauty breaking forth
like the silvery glow
slipping from an overflowing moon
coaxing the sea
to uncurl its rising waves
and touch the shore
of our deepest longings

The sun rising over the horizon
spills its golden light
in streaming rays
bringing the warmth of dawn
caressing the earth
melting our resistance
to awakening
inviting us to arise
the deep places
of sleep

Love is the mystical alchemy
shimmering in
the divine music
of the songs
only lovers can hear
the sacred touch of spirit
that comes unseen
in the night
inviting the flight
of the soul
spreading invisible wings
of spirit
to live the freedom
only pure love
can give



Image created by Rassouli….

“I am an open door to the infinite love of God”

The Spirit of Love

February 11, 2016

00 10-04-New  Waterfall


Sometimes I wander in

beautiful places


bask in the wonder

of favorite faces


fly in the music

of glorious voices



where my soul rejoices


remembering the rhythm

of dancing feet


till I am swirling again

and feeling the beat


I drift in the river

flowing and free


feel the spray of waves

from a wild sea


I kneel in quiet churches

to pray


listening to all my heart

wants to say


moment by moment

my Creator’s charms


are cradling me

in my Beloved’s arms


opening my eyes

to visual surprise



into whispering sighs


calling me deep

and eternally


​into the sweet secrets

of mystery


no matter where

I explore and roam


it is in the Spirit of Love

where I am home




Rassouli-goddesses-G.jpg Grace of Alpha 1

Sheltered in the Grace of a greater heart

the Source of all Love


My heartfelt prayer

February 9, 2016


I pray these prayers every day of my life, and am deeply moved by the beauty and creative power flowing in the life and breath  and truth of these words…..and the Love that empowers my life and my prayer….
The Twenty-third Psalm

The Lord is my Shepherd, I shall not want.

He maketh me to lie down in green pastures.

He leadeth me beside the still waters.

He restoreth my soul.

He leadeth me in the paths of righteousness for His name’s sake.

Yea though I walk through the valley of death, I will fear no evil.

Thy rod and thy staff, they comfort me.

Thou prepareth a feast before me in the presence of mine enemies.

Thou anointest my head with oil.

My cup runneth over.

Surely goodness and mercy will follow me all the days of my life,

and I will dwell in the House of the Lord forever and ever.


Our Father who art in Heaven,

hallowed be thy name.

Thy will be done on earth as it is in Heaven.

Give us this day our daily bread.

Forgive us our trespasses

as we forgive those who trespass against us.

Lead us not into temptation

and deliver us from evil,

for Thou art the kingdom,

the power, and the glory forever and ever…



I love thee, my Lord my God with all my heart,

with all my soul, with all my mind,

with all my being in body and spirit.

I love thee Lord, love of my life, now and always.

In all my ways, direct my path, O Lord.

Guide me to live Thy will for me here on earth

as it is known in Heaven.

Help me to love my neighbor, not only as myself,

but as you have loved us personally,  creatively,

and unconditionally.

I lift my voice in Love and Joy and gratitude

for your Presence moment by moment by moment…

11391430_837711412949392_796595192864347486_n.jpg  the beloved