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And God created woman…

May 28, 2016
Rassouli-goddesses-G.jpg Grace of Alpha 1
The grace of the soul is a gift
and is meant 
for each and every life
to experience in the way
for which we have been prepared
a sacred anointing
when we trust
the deeper beginnings
from which we come
from which we have been created 

And God created woman
who by Divine Nature is born to love
to overflow with a deep nurturing love for all life
I feel this deep within my heart and soul
and in the flow of Spirit
which is eternal
 Elegant painting is by Rassouli
“Grace of Alpha”

I celebrate thy being free…

May 23, 2016

air-peace-freedom-space.jpg flight of bird

So many ways we proclaim
and glorify His Name,
we pour out our confessions
in endless expressions.

So many ways to pray and to say
what we feel to be real on our knees,
in seclusion, by the seaside, far and wide,
we surrender to a call to pray for All.

Some are called to listen to the heart,
some to fall into love to learn to live,
some to give and give and give and give.
Others feel the flight and light of Joy!

Some are destined not to know
and turn away from all we say.
They dwell in doubt and fear,
have no idea why they’re here!

Perhaps we simply choose
and find a way to share our dreams,
and there is no deeper answer
for how we truly ought to live?

Do you long to belong somewhere?
Do you like your boundaries?
Does your soul yearn to be free?
How would you live if you could?

A million faces in a million spaces,
we travel along singing our song.
We cry and lie and try to know,
then just give up and let it go.

Someone said what they truly hate
is being told they cannot create!
Please don’t tell me what to do!
Just let me sit here now with you!

You like to cheer for a winning team?
The athletes train to win the game!
Do you even want to have a name!
Is it your given right to dream?

What if I love you enough to set you free!
If I did, what would you want to be?
I must say I love the romance
of each moment I live this glorious dance!


The glow of divine embrace..

May 20, 2016

unnamed (6).jpg roseness


Sitting very quietly in the innocence of a new dawn
I could hear the crackling sound of pine cones
expanding in the warming light of the sun…
saw the blades of grass move to grow when touched..
felt my heart aching from the tenderness of love
when heaven kneels to sweep us in the cradling arms
of spirit on the wings of wind, the gleaming dew
still clinging to the lips that sing this song to you…


The ultimate Giver of Life….

May 18, 2016
The deeper I fall into silence
and feel the vast magnitude of the Source
of All Silence from which creation flows,
the spark of life, breath of my breath
the soul of my soul, the heart of my heart,
that breathes all form and vision into being
love inspires and creates a chain of life,
multiple universes, countless lives,
and life itself, through a creator that is infinite,
immanent, intimately entwining us in love.
Before the beginning of time,
before we emerged into being,
God existed
in the deep Silence, a pulsing truth
unseen and unknown in any way that
words or images could declare the force
and power of such deep intensity
hidden in a divine darkness
so sublime and so magnificent
as to be beyond perception.
All life as we now know it was somehow
compressed in this concealed origin of all Life
the Source of All Beginning.
Light itself was hidden in this greatest
Heart of All hearts, this Womb of All wombs.
As this Great Life expanded, Light pushed
through the darkness giving birth to the miracle
of existence that could be perceived and known.
Life came into being spreading Light across
the face of uncreated space for the first time.
The secrets of Life will forever belong
to God alone
although endless stories of how we came
into being have continued to be told
since the beginning of time.
Yet, all we know is that we awakened
into existence innocently wrapped
in color and light as we were breathed
into being by this blinding brilliance
that gave us life out of the beauty of Life itself.
All life from the greatest to the tiniest form
is intimately and ultimately related to this
Giver of life, who in infinite generosity
scattered the seed to create the first garden
to express and allow us to share
in the nature of life and beauty,
to grow into an awareness of the divine love
out of which we come, through a Love
that flows endlessly through the Breath
moving us into beings born from Light itself.
13230218_10209648122627849_238242543106605482_n.jpg  monk silence

Surrendering Song to Love

May 15, 2016



My Surrendering Song to the Beloved


My Beloved

emerges and arises

from within

divinely created moments

to surprise and startle me awake

from my human slumbering

talking to me in rumbling thunderstorms

in whirling winds washing away heat

from the parched surfaces

of wilting flowers and thirsty lips

rinsing the dust from the leaves

washing the windows of the world

with dancing raindrops of light

appearing in penetrating minds

and insights

in discoveries of truth


spiritual arms of expanding love

and open hands that clasp my own

the waters of life clear away

whatever is confining brilliance

dissolving limitation

revealing flashing potential

beyond our knowing


my Beloved soothes my pain

drowns the empty noise

opens my hearing

and sings to me in a thousand bird songs

humming insects

blinking in a glowing firefly

reflecting gleaming light from flying fish

leaping from the sea

to glimpse the sky


my Beloved plays with words

rearranges meaning

creates new language

enlightens and brightens

with a laugh that shakes the world


my Beloved appears in a child

who wants to be held

blossoms in a flower that delights my eyes

peers through an owl outside my window

watching in the night

in a soaring hawk

a clumping elephant

a sleek panther

a clumsy pelican with a beak

full of fish

a wild mustang

a clucking chicken showing her chicks

how to scratch for food

or in an unfolding story told around a fire

flowing in a whispering stream

roaring in a rushing river

circling in a spinning planet

crawling in an ant

slowly building a mound of dirt

to make a home

peeking wonderingly

out of the soft petals

of the pinkness of a peony


my Beloved is omniscient and absolute

entertaining and stunning

beautiful and gangly

awkward and new

strange and familiar

compelling and thrilling

infinite and intimate


I am bewildered




blood stirring

heart racing

in love with such

endearing diversity and range

ever changing faces

circling me with tenderness

humbling me with scarcity

giving birth to a star

scattering seeds

across the universe

to give birth to more


I am enchanted by eternal love

by revelation

by the gift of creation

by strong arms

flashing eyes

filled with tears

with love that ever amazes

and opens my heart

in disarming and charming ways




my Beloved makes each moment new

sweeping me into feelings

I have never felt before

leaving me reeling and feeling

like a bride

of eternal life

laced with an enhancing

heavenly dance

creating a new story of love


the storm that awakens me

quiets into the sound of gentle raindrops

soothing and cradling me

to rest again as every drop

becomes a waking dream

that pools and expands

until the dawn breaks

flooding the valleys of my being

with endless beauty


Encountering the Presence…

May 14, 2016

Rassouli-Greeting-the-Dawn (1)


Ultimately…we greet the dawn

within our own being
and the sacred light reveals
the intimate spirit and deeper nature
of who we are forever becoming
through the alchemy of our encounters
with the infinite complexity
and purity of the Source of All Life…
we glimpse and experience the eternal…
a transformation arising
through a most magnificent love
that truly changes everything…..




Morning star

May 11, 2016


The morning star will forever rise
to open and anoint our eyes
with the revelations of light
that arise from a sacred night..
the beauty of an avatar
sees so high and so very far
that he casts a beam creating a dream
of the stream of fire and desire
that launches our rise to heavenly skies..
a vision of love beyond our eyes
playing a part in opening the heart
that throbs and longs to ascend
feeling the sweep of love to transcend
all we have ever known before
to guide us to the Beloved’s door..
Oh God..all glory is thine
for now..the joy of loving you is mine…


The child within us all…

May 9, 2016

304526_365836956819936_1322828807_n.jpg  the child within us all


The child within all of us….
This reminds me of myself as a young girl on the open plains
of the midwest, which they call the “heartland.” Even then I would gaze out and ponder in my heart what was out there beyond my world. Little did I realize the wonder of the journey that would characterize my life! Becoming a mother was certainly one of my greater joys, being part of a family, walking with my brothers and sisters and parents, having grandchildren, being a teacher, a speaker, an actress, an educator, a constant learner, a lover of nature, a writer, a mystic, a poet, and opening to be and discover friends of the heart. I am moved by beauty and guided by love. Am deeply grateful for life and this earth we call home.Feel the power of the creative life and the expansion of spirit that opens the universe! I am a lover of rivers…..and the flow to an open sea……..Wishing you joy and the grace to be free…to create a life that is right for thee!!


Pondering all this in my heart..

May 7, 2016

1269608_10202248635365292_1507687178_o - glory of divine heart


Almost 5:30 a.m. just before dawn …..feeling the glory of morning ……..They say Sunday is God’s day in churches…………six days God created…and the seventh he rested. I don’t think God has a calendar……for the Spirit of God is timeless and forever…..
I love the zone and the Spirit of living within the guidance and the freedom of the gentle breath of the Beloved…..of the kindness and generosity of God filling the world with beauty…..
Family is our human framing of our beginnings here…….the family of humankind…………..but being an integral part of the Holy Family is to be infused with God’s Grace ………embraced by the energies and elements of Life……to see through His All revealing vision…………to behold the glory of the heavens……..the wildflowers and rolling green that covers the earth………All that a Creator wants to give and bless the infinite variety of All He Creates……….

Would that all could awaken to the endearing gifts of such a magnificent Love…
He is the FRIEND……….the benefactor………the BELOVED………the SOURCE of ALL Beauty ……ALL LIFE………..we are cells of His NATURE……..particles of HIS ESSENCE….the ethereal and celestial flow of a heavenly garden ………..huris….angels….fairies….sprites……..spirits……….starlight in the grasses………..fireflies…………….moonbeams………and moonglow………….sunlight and sunstars in the trees………..every manner of art in the skies……….rainbows……..fields of bluebells………..daisies………lilies………..cosmos flowers……….that dance in the wind…………lavendar………jasmine………wild roses…….endless endless beauty where the spirit flows and seeds the earth with infinite variation……………….
Our limitations do not make God less……….simply to appreciate Spirit more…and in a deeper way……… fill the world with music that guides our spirits to soar……… dance and glide……… feel the flight on soft winds of light…..
God has even given us the freedom to try and turn away from the Grace ……..the Love………the Wonder of Spirit….and the Glory of a life within this all encompassing Embrace…….but how could anyone grasp……what could truly be ours………to be swept into this unbelievable beautiful existence…………….

Surrender and trust in this unbelievable Lord of Creation that has created us through the Spirit of Love…..who whispers to us through the spiritual heart……through the light of the spiritual Soul……..through the Spirit of the Muse of All Life…………..



In the glory of morning….


infinite love of God

May 5, 2016

maxresdefault (1).jpg womb of infinite possibilities

a portal to the womb of infinite possibilities

the rhythm of a rising wave
in the wake of dreams
caressing whispers stirring
my heart
the invisibility of love
its shielding strength and power
beauty breaking open
the silences of surrounding
spaces all around
and within
spreading sweet fragrance
in its flow
enhancing vision
creating life sustaining energy
a spark igniting into flame
revealing secrets to the soul
smiles of inner joy
tears of tenderness
sighs rising from intimacy
of nearness
breath of God a revelation
hidden in transparency
freedom of spirit a misty cloud
vanishing in the movement
of a spinning earth
giving birth
to infinite forms of life
lightning flashes
of infused thought
surrendering trust and wonder
lightness of being
feeling like quivering wings
a formless flight
through the grace
of transcendence
a precious sanctuary
of peace and love
we each create with God


a portal to the womb of infinite possibilities…..