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Meet you in the stars

March 31, 2011

Everything is pointing
toward the stars.
There is no spring,
no leaves,
no blossoming beauty.

Out of the darkness we rise
and grow toward
the sky
of the unknowable,
the mystery
which keeps us
feeling alive and awake,
excited about
something new
that is out of reach.

Pray to continue
to invent
more unanswerable
that will insure
you never settle
into the certain death
of thinking you know
anything at all.

For me, the Beloved
is the ultimately
unknowable one,
the intimate
nearness of the mystery
that opens my eyes,
my heart
and stirs my soul.

I will be forever
for the limitless Beloved
the depths of beauty
and singing the joy
of awakening
to such creative power,
moment by moment
by moment.

The Kindred Spirit

March 28, 2011

The kindred spirit is an indwelling spirit
that begins to stir
within the heart and soul
when we feel the incredible
presence of life
that is an expansiveness
deep within
our own being.

It is the embrace
of something
that only the spirit
can reveal
to you.

Once you awaken to this life
and presence
within you
the universe opens
and lays
the secrets of creation
at your feet.

It is the sacred invitation
of the creator
to share
the privilege and miracle
of the creativity
and process
of creation itself.

Birth of Oneness

March 27, 2011

Something is trying to break free
from within us
to mingle
with the mysterious
beauty hidden
in the soul.

Our hearts collect
the treasures
of our life
and build a nest
where we
sleep and dream
of a new freedom.

Dawn touches us
with a chance
to make a choice
to begin
and give birth
to something new.

Each day a new world
comes into view
our soul
spinning visions
our hearts
long to make real.

Our souls
are formed from
a sea of light
with waves that whisper
to us
in the night.

Listen to the lullaby
in your heart
and watch it bloom
and flower
in your arms.


Breathing is a gift

March 25, 2011

In the clarity of the darkness
and the silence
of the night
the light that surrounds
my heart
illuminates what is
not seen by my
eyes alone

I dwell in the quiet sea
of a luminous soul
that cradles me
in receptive arms of waves
of light
where breath comes
free and easily

I melt into a life-giving embrace
that can erase
anything that would try
to steal the gift
of peace
that flows in the grace
of life itself

A treasure is contained
in timelessness
beyond all that exists
which hides
a truth
no one in the world
can touch

It flows as gift to every heart
that will open to its
gentle touch
and the door to freedom
is never
closed to anyone
longing for life

Wherever you are
and whoever you have been
the way is clear
for you to open
to a new way of seeing
and feeling
and believing

Fall into the arms
of the beauty within you
and feel the joy
that creates the hidden
and wondrous wings
of life
in your heart

The purity of the love
that awaits you
will wash away whatever
blinds you
or tries to steal the breath
from the glory
of life itself

All time is compressed
into this moment
giving you the freedom
to breathe in
the greatest love
your heart has ever

Surrender to the lightness
of the dance
and awaken to
the spreading wings
of spirit
and who you
truly are

Blessed Lord, My Heart, My Soul

March 22, 2011

There are times the words of my songs
seem to flow
from different languages
different voices
and I know my Beloved is listening
to His people around the world
loving and hearing
their prayers and the cries
into what seems like an endless night.

They flow through me
like rivers of Love
named in the homelands
of hearts
in the deserts
the mountains and valleys
the plains and prairies
the paths where restless feet
have walked calling for the One
they long for in their hearts
searching and seeking
for Home.

Recognition issues forth
like a spring of clear water
washing away what clouds our vision
bringing remembrance of the great
arms that hold us close
to a Sacred Heart
that quiets our own.

I sometimes give my voice away
to the Spirit
to pray for divine intentions
and for a Will
much higher than my own

I cannot know
God’s sovereign Will for everyone
and I cannot hear
every prayer
pouring out from every soul

I sing of Love that softens
the heart to open
to the Beloved
a greater Heart fashioned
after the Creator
that empowers and guides
our lives
if we surrender
to the Light that illuminates
the way to freedom
that only Love can give.

One more night and one more prayer
one more dawn and one more song
one more day
and one more chance
to say I love you
and to walk in joy
for all you do and give us
for every blessing
and forgiveness
for generosity
and compassion
for mercy
and the tender touch
that frees us.

I plead for the ignorant
and those who are so afraid
and for every offense
committed against
your Sacred Presence here with us.
May all awaken to know
and realize
the great Love in the eyes
that watch over us.
May every heart surrender
to the flowing beauty of your
endless Grace.

The gentle Spirit

March 21, 2011

A sacred silence calls me awake
from a deep place within my heart
and summons my spirit
to listen
to the Spirit
of the Beloved
nightly as the moon arises
over the earth
and the Light within illuminates
my heart,
I rise without question
and open my heart
to the Presence
and beauty that comes to me
through the mystery
and great Love
of the One known to me
as the Beloved.

What do you feel in the deep silence
in the privacy of your heart
that explodes
in recognition within you?
In the trail of galaxies and nebulas
and the birth and death of stars
against the backdrop
of the night
what light appears
in the sacred spaces
of your heart?

What inspires faith beyond
all else?
What Love opens
the window
of remembrance and gives
your heart wings?
What comforts and quiets
your restless mind?

It is so deep within you,
so profoundly hidden,
only the Spirit
circling within
your heart can open
the Presence
you are seeking.

Come in prayer.
Come in truthfulness
and gratitude
Come in faith
and come with hope
in what you feel to be true!
Come as you!

The truth comes so gently
you will only perceive it
in the deep silence
within you.
streaming in the tenderness
and life-giving breath
of the Spirit of Love.

The Breath of the Spirit

March 20, 2011

When I search for thee
feeling the heaviness of the world
and hearing the cries
of humanity
searching for a word
of comfort in the night
I feel the gentle breath
of thy Spirit
brush past my face
stirring within my longing heart
and I know you are near
that you are always here.

Recognition flares in the love
that surrounds me
with a beauty I cannot write
filling the endless night
with the light
of your sweet Spirit
that breathes for me
when I am
aching for so many
who need you so.

You are everywhere in the beauty
of the earth and sky and sea
and dwell within us
in your countless hidden ways,
yet the cries of the people
grow louder
calling for help
and I long for them to know you
to discover the Friend
you send
as you whisper
your peace
guiding the encircling arms
of your Spirit to hold us close.

I awaken in the silence
needing your touch
and loving you so much
I reach out for you
through the cloud of sleep
and feel the rush
of wind as you take
my hand
and the scent of spring
like lilacs in bloom
fills the room
with joy.

Spring comes through the heart

March 19, 2011

Must I wait for the seasons to turn
to experience spring
in the endless gray of winter
with its dirty snow and soggy leaves
muddy rivers
yesterday’s wrappers
and bottle caps
cigarette tips tossed carelessly
on the lawn
beneath the crystal snow
sneering at lovers of beauty
from unknown lips
of addiction

O Heart! Help me blossom
with the remembrance of beauty
within you
summon the beloved
to fly to my side
and wrap me in the softness
of roses
on this dark winter night
Fill my arms with the glory
of the presence
of light
and the treasures
buried in your chest of gold.

What visions have you hidden away
to give me wings to see
this dreary day
in a new and joyful way

Send a cleansing rain
to cause the rivers to rise
and cover
our careless trail
of junk that steals the scent
of your sweet breath
of spring

Help us give up having
and discover the thrill of giving
the wonder of living
that renews itself
and yields its fruits for everyone

O Heart! Open the coffers
stuffed with storage
the warehouses filled
with worn out toys
and the endless need of little boys
for more
and clip the curls of little girls
that entice us to keep
them happy and become a slave
to their wants and wishes

O Heart! Bring spring into this soul
once more
and fling open the door
raise the windows
and invite the fresh air
of the beloved into
our home!

a mystical garden of love

March 17, 2011

come to the garden

flute music is playing
sounding like nightingales singing
answering each other
pure tones floating out over the garden
soothing and peaceful
a quiet timeless place of healing
sweet nectar

what is past is past
and now i am drawn to peace
to sharing the vibrations of love
however they most naturally come
flowing through my heart and soul
those who are open to it
will be drawn
attracted to the essence
and we will flow in the same stream
rivers of light
flowing to and from
the sea of light

time to embrace the truth
of the gift of my own creative power
listening and loving
like light dancing on the water
a lightness of being
ways to balance the suffering
that comes with loving

pain and suffering and tears come
as a part of loving deeply
i accept that
i am enlarged by loving
yet Love is vigilant and compassionate
and does not need
to take on the choices of others
to love them purely and well

i feel what others feel when i love
yet the beloved guides me
to the cooling beauty of the moonlight
glistening from the streams flowing
through the garden

the beloved guides the opening
and loosening of the petals
of the bud of the heart
swaying to the heart music
the singing of the songs
to hold a place for others to come
and be refreshed
in the garden of love

when the weary warriors come to rest
someone needs to tend the garden
to keep the candles burning
to keep the music playing
so they can find their way home
to a sheltering and welcoming place

soothing fingers on the brow
a cool drink
a warm heart and a soft lap
a silent soul
a listening presence

the fragrance of blossoming flowers
float on a gentle breeze
subtle and sweet
in this secret garden for lovers

i have journeyed long and far
to find my place in the sun
to reflect the light in the moon and the stars
and my path has led me here

Love is a welcoming embrace
open arms
a space to rest
heart to heart
and soul to soul


Centering in the eye of the storm

March 15, 2011

find the centering stillness deep within
the dearest place
of belovedness that exists

breathe in the freshness of breath
that renews and cradles you
in loving arms

bask in the sunlight
and the sweet scent of green
and growing things

feel the heart presence
in the silence
of the living night

entrust and surrender your life
into the essence and source
from which it comes

dwell in the spring of living water
align with the endless
flow of eternal love