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Wandering with the mystics

December 18, 2012


Have been wandering through
the valleys of love
at midnight
looking through the eyes
of the mystics
and listening and creating
with the lovers
we meet
along the way

Whether I am small or simply
a fragment of the whole
the Beloved always meets me at my level.

Love is with me wherever I am.
Neither my love regrets it, nor do I.

When you are one with love,
there is no regretting
limits or levels.

Love has the power of alchemy,
for it can change false coins into pure gold.

Limitation becomes the incentive and the stimulus
to manifest the art of divinity.

The limitation invites us to transform
bitterness and pain into gold.

The art of creativity is the alchemy
of turning false metals
into gold,
and to turn limitation into greatness
through love.

This is what the creator does.
This is what creativity can do when we allow
love to have its way with us,
however we express it.

Love can polish every fault
and help it remember the beauty
and clarity of truth.
When love moves,
the moon cannot keep up with it.

When love jumps,
it leaps over the wheel of heaven.

When love reaches for its armor,
a ray of the sun is the dagger in its hand.

If these verses seem dry and difficult to you,
it is because you have not been wet
in the fountain of heaven.

In the moisture of the water of heaven
we drown in the beauty,
and if we do not surrender and drown,
we will never recognize or grasp
love’s poetic song
wanting to be born in us.

The beloved is hidden inside the heart
in the wellspring of mystery,
which is the wellspring
of all manifestation,
all creation.

Love is the pearl
hidden inside the heart,
and love is also
the heart that is expressing
the soul
or the heart that is generously
allowing the soul
to manifest its own beauty.

When a lover is painting,
the creative act of painting is a process,
and the process is the excitement
that begins to move beyond the painter.

The creative energy uses the thought,
the capability,
and whatever is available to use,
to create.

It is the energy of creation
that begins to move
and create from the potential,
rather than it being something technical
that is being manipulated.

When we consider that we are a truly a part
of the process of creation,
then we can begin to move
much more freely
into the real joy of it!

Are we created,
or are we the creator,
or both?

If like a deer or an elk, you go leaping
across hundreds of mountains,
know that love goes before you,
for love is at one
with the mountains and the elk,
and love gives birth to them.

If you drink one cup more than love,
love will drink two urns more than you,
for the power of creative desire
is in the soul of everyone.

In the world of limitlessness,
every sip
of the wine of love
magnifies the creative power.

There is no recognition
of limited potential.

When seeing through the eyes of love,
one sees the joy of possibilities.

All shortcomings are accepted
in the gaze of love.

In moments of oneness,
the image we create becomes an icon
of the beloved.

What turns this world
into heaven
is the purity of truthfulness,
for everything becomes beautiful
in the renaissance
of innocence.

We move in that direction
through kindness
and generosity of compassion
by accepting everything.

Whether I am small or simply
a fragment of the whole
the Beloved always meets me
at my level.

Love is with me wherever I am.
Neither my love regrets it, nor do I.

When you are one with love,
there is no regretting
the limits of level.

The Light within the Heart

December 14, 2012


The search for the creator
within our hearts
is the most exciting journey
of our lives,
and the only energy
that can truly guide us is Love,
for when we touch a spark of that energy,
lightning flashes from
the cloud of our unknowing
and changes everything.
We are reborn
in a thrilling moment
that sets off a chain of moments
that becomes our life.
Light becomes a beacon,
a ray of the divine,
a pure revelation
that opens the portals
to our heart, soul, mind,
and spirit,
and we experience
a renaissance and renewal
of our innocence.
We are launched into
a visualization of beauty
the gaze of love.
This is the Beloved
guiding us
into the infinite variation
of Creation
of which we are the pinnacle.
Beauty is the true nature
of our being,
and we will spend
the rest of our lives reaching
to express it.

The Thrill of Creating

December 10, 2012

00  Michelangeo's God Creating Adam

In the silence of morning before dawn
feeling the energy of the stream
of creating
as we continue to let beauty
have its way with us
flowing out to the world in such joyful ways
catching that elusive beauty
that flashes into view
along the edges of vision
not looking directly at it
but letting it slip by in the dream
or in the streaming silence
between waking and sleeping
or in the enchantment of music
flowing and dancing
in and out of awareness
like the face and form and color
appearing on a canvas
or on the screen in digital play
in the words that seem to arise
out of the whiteness
and purity of the page
or out of the dark skies of the mystic night
whispering to the open heart
kissing the open hand
that holds the brush or the pen
the dear ones are there
unseen and outside of time
waiting for us to be touched
by the one caressing and kissing
our eyes
coming to life in our soul