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My Heart Overflowing

November 20, 2015
ws_beautiful_ocean_wave_1680x10501.jpg  overflowing
My Heart Overflowing…
Wandering in the timelessness
of the infinite expression
of the Source of all beginnings
the ethereal mist
of the lightness of Spirit
the elusive mysteriousness
of the spring of all well being
I soar in the enchanting flight
of that which disappears from sight
melting me into sweet rain
and turning me into snowflakes
and spreading me across the sky
in soft colors and clouds
and sweeping winds
I am One with an intimate Beloved
that touches and moves me
in every waking moment
a world at my feet
and through a sky beyond
my scope of seeing
stirring feeling and song
the sweetest joy
and the deepest love
I have ever known
the light of my being
and breath of my life
appears and vanishes at will
settling in my soul
and flowing in Spirit
flowering in whispers of love
in moments of rivering surprise
always and forever new…

My spirit will be with you always

November 19, 2015

unnamed (6).jpg  Jesus  And I will be with you always

The Music of God

November 16, 2015
11011033_1141165655913461_7329407644612712108_n.jpg seagull and moon
Quietly sleeping
beneath the stars
a song from deep within
my soul
suddenly awakens me
brimming with music
seeking a portal
for expression
It is in these moments
through the ease of flowing
and letting music
have its way
that this heart
finds its most
perfect freedom


The creative veil of unconditional love

November 12, 2015


There are no boundaries

for mystery

in the unseen flight

of the infinite

filaments of imagination

as a trail

of transparency

of spirit

spinning out

of a timeless beginning

as the enraptured gaze

of pure love

weaves eternity

out of soft silken threads

of mist and light

able to vanish on a playful night

beneath a rising moon

leaving fluttering fireflies and fairies

falling stars and prisms

scattering secrets

in tumbling waterfalls

that disappear into a sea of dreams

creating wings that melt


the elusive songs of mystics

and the singing sound

of laughter

and the sweet silence

of tears

flowing forever

toward an invisible sea

that falls into the deep beauty

of thee..O God




Jesus goes before us to prepare the way

November 6, 2015


sculpture by Bernini

What must it feel like to feel the face of Christ forming

beneath your hands

drawing the vision through the centuries

into a timeless moment

of revelation?

Does the journey of Jesus into the light

of our awareness

help us to comprehend

the mystery?

How does he touch us

and what are the moments we feel what is real?

Do we wash the dust from his feet

with our tears

and anoint them oil

or lift him from the cross

to clean his wounds

and prepare

him for the tomb?

He goes before us to prepare the way

for us to discover him

to feel his love

and presence here

as he witnesses


the Father


the triune blessings

of his Spirit

alive in the world.

Hundreds of thousands of  images

and stories

and moments of encounter

invite us to listen

to the whispering spirit

awakening within

our very own heart

and soul.

Let us live and feel

the beauty

of Christ.


Copy of Jesus and the Lamb

Jesus and the lamb


Katherine Brown