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The One who meets us in the dawn

March 30, 2016
1397459_10202511259890741_466962284_o  blue flowers
In the morning of my heart,
I greet thee in the purity of the mystery
in all that is revealed in the precious soul
feeling love in the flow
of the gentle rhythms
of the heart,
in the gaze of the eyes
beholding each unfolding moment,
hearing the music playing in every breath
creating a new face
on this precious existence
and meeting the light
with laughter and the Joy
of being…

In the Garden

March 27, 2016


In the Garden…
I watch with him in the garden
my heart ever awake through his breathing,
awash with tears from his eyes
suspended in the gaze of surrendering love,
kneeling in its truth and feeling how real
is the agonizing passion that grips his heart.

One in being with the Spirit that gives us Life,
there is no separation, no place to hide,
beneath this sacred sun, there is only One.
I cannot run, for I have no feet but his.
Not my will, no will but thine, O Lord, I whisper
through his lips, for I have no words but his.

What I behold through his eyes,
I could not bear alone, so I must face
the thundering sound of God,
the blinding flash of lightning and
the shaking of the earth upon which he kneels.
I taste the blood of his wounds and weep with him.

Rising from the darkened tomb of night,
I feel the wind of Spirit lifting him, taking me along,
share his gift of flight into a brilliant light.
I sing the song he sings, breathe the breath
of God that renews and clasps him as his own
secure in the glow of Love that will never let us go.


The golden flames of the Beloved

March 23, 2016
The song begins
touching the inner music..
opening the heart
and stirring the soul..
a flow of breath
that moves my own..
Messiah  R
The light of awareness
comes as a sweet caress
beyond time and date..
a call to create and celebrate..
to share the vision for all to see
the glorious Love that sets us free..
Feel the power of this mystery
dancing us all toward infinity..
the light that moves invisibly
in a delicate flight of ecstacy..
the promise of life is more than we know..
the spiritual grace of an embracing flow..
Eternal moments conceal a hidden spring
gentle seasons of blossoming
calling us deep into remembering
sacred portals of surrendering..
like unseen wings beyond the sun
arriving now to make us One…
This is the Easter of pastures green
our time of beholding and being seen..
we feel the fire of a love that’s true..
the leaping flames of life so new..
opening hearts like a crimson flower
forever expansion of creative power..
Image by Rassouli…

Infinite depth of my Beloved God

March 18, 2016


Swans in the gliding path of infinity

by Priti Ghosh


We can fall into the rabbit hole

of wonderland

flounder in the deep gaze
of a woman
fall through a mirror
into the unexplored darkness
the reflections
swim in the play of light
in the wine
wander through the labyrinth
of the mind
be tumbled and tossed
in the depths of a turbulent sea
tiptoe through the stars
bask in the moonlight
shower in the morning sun
melt into the musk
a creative man
dance with the mystics
in the swirling mist
senses whirling
surrender into the spiraling
chain of life
die and be born again
in a thousand ways
and we would
only touch the beginnings
of what is possible
the labyrinth of the eternal
mystery is everlasting
arising from
forever expanding
creative and infinite depth
of the glorious heart of my Beloved
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Arc of Love

March 16, 2016
Volcanic lightning is seen above Shinmoedake peak, as it erupts, between Miyazaki and Kagoshima prefectures, in this photo taken from Kirishima city
I shall never forget the feeling
 of preparing
to enter the mystical realm
into a deep spacelessness
 setting off
 the minefields of the heart
like a livewire
breaking free
from the chain of life
and sparking
arcs of fire
a timeless energy
seeking a connection
beyond time
 Pure heart energy is guided
and mystically
into moments of revelation
where boundaries
melt and fall away
a new realm
of ancient wisdom
unraveling the tapestries
and hidden stories
of love

Divine generosity of Spirit

March 14, 2016


A flaring of light through a lens, the meaning of which can only be perceived as an illumination through the heart…


When we truly look with love..
life becomes known
as a sacred gift..
through the generosity
of grace.
We begin to “behold”
and see a glowing of light.
We feel the energy
of “belovedness”.

We share in the touch
of an unseen Hand..
a Presence
manifesting and
blessing the visions.

Words spring into being.
Images reflect
and reveal
a deeper glory.

A communion of spirit
opens a hidden flow
from heart to heart..
soul to soul..
and a portal is opened
between heaven and earth..
both human and divine.

We enter into a covenant
sealed and sheltered
and given
by God alone.


The indestructible Holy Spirit

March 10, 2016

I so love the way I feel the nearness of God in all the ways Love creates all form and beauty here on earth, intimately sharing in countless ways, but when I was guided to open to Spirit and the great Mystery of the inexpressible, the Light and flow of divine energy, of that invisible essence of living Presence, the unlimited, unconditional, gloriously creative, ever-expanding Nature of Divine Spirit, I fell into Wonder and Awe in a way that changed my life completely… into Faith and Trust and surrendering Love beyond my human limitations, beyond imagining. We are cradled in Brilliance, in Generosity, in Genius, in Divine relationship with God, forever preparing the way for us, never leaving us, forever creating, forever loving us. Spirit is indestructible, beyond human manipulation, this is Divine Promise….the ultimate Joy…the pinnacle of Life itself…

The Divine Domain…is hidden….protected….concealed……in the cloud of unknowing,

 the indestructible, the great unknown,  spacelessness, placelessness,

beyond name, deep in the uncreated  possibilities

known to the Spirit of God Alone.

Love is the Fire that burns but does not destroy….

the Flame that Lights our way forever….

The Breath that kindles, activates,

and nurtures

All Life

1463417_586335301402801_1343474464_n.jpg opening portal of light

An opening portal of perception

O God of every heart! Hear our prayer!

March 8, 2016



Sweet Silence, sacred song of my soul,
awakening in the mystical garden of God,
a Beloved with infinite names and forms,
a beauty rising beyond our words!

We build temples, churches, cathedrals,
shrines, and mosques, sing hymns,
ring bells, worship, kneel and pray
to express our hope to live our faith!

In countless ways, we bow in gratitude
for the gift and blessing of life itself!

The universe bends low and kneels,
touching the mountain tops and the earth,
warming us with the sun, sending
a cooling rain and caressing breeze.

We are called to love God and our neighbor,
for deep within, we are a kingdom
and a cosmic womb, called to care
for this holy place, and to live in peace!

Listen to the sweet song of Silence
within your soul! Let the Spirit guide each
and every life, that Love might reign
on this earthly paradise, as it is in heaven.