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Divine music of the night

September 30, 2011

Divine fingers seem to be playing
on the strings of my heart

Breath of the shepherd
brings the flute to life
and the moon lays down a stream
of light to walk
upon the water
becoming a gondola
of the sky to sail the seas
of the mystical night

We glide across a threshold
of bewildering beauty
into morning
brushing soft flowing colors
from the gaze of lovers
beholding the Beloved everywhere

the glow within

September 29, 2011

Deep within
exists a divine
of Love
that glows forever

Oh Beloved One
here in the mystical
I sing and celebrate
the Light
of the World
that can never be extinguished

May we all awaken
to the One
who forever guides our Way

Beauty prepares the Way

September 28, 2011

It is miraculous
and deeply humbling
to feel the exalted voice
of Love flowing through us
when we know
the eloquence
is far beyond name
or station
or fame
as it manifests
in the precious
of the soul
and the pulsing
beauty of the open heart

we feel the thrusting
creative power
when love enters
the emptiness
and rides the crest
of a wave
through the streaming
of an unknown life
as a radiant light
transparent and true
carrying a song
rising like a mist
from the sea
of the Beloved

The path within is sacred
and anointed
where Love flows
and shares its vision
for all to feel
as the heart and soul
a treasure chest
of holy light
with fluttering veils
unfurled and
a passionate curling essence
is set free
to bless the world


Remembering the River

September 27, 2011

We have glimpsed the secret beauty
hidden in the colors
and the light
the sunrise and the sunsets
the dancing light upon the waves
creating rivers
on the ceiling
of our remembering
the enchanting silhouettes
of the wilderness
of the trees in the rivering twilight
the fires glow
warming us at night
a vision
and grace of love

..and it all becomes a part of us
more awake to beauty than we were
before we came to know
the river
as a friend

It is a golden heritage
that gifts
the moments of our lives
with a remembrance
of beauty
that is ever alive
in our hearts
as we each share in our
own way

Blessings on your day
and every day you continue
to live and create
and share
what you are blessed
to dream

The embers glow
waiting for the breeze
that fans them
into flames
of laughter and delight
in the Joy
we discovered along the winding
river of our lives

Mystical beauty of Grace

September 27, 2011

Perhaps the secret longing
hidden deep inside
is to know that someone
feels it with me
someone who sees the beauty…
and the Love…
the vision
and the sound of inner music
and feels the touch
that is far deeper than
the outer senses
could ever be

…someone who
knows the within
of the deepest
trembling and sweet

We may not envision
the blossoming inside
yet we feel the sweep
of the velvet petals
of the beauty
of another Presence
within our being

We may not gaze directly
at the ecstatic stars
which are sometimes
drunk and wild inside us
but we feel the dance
of holy desire

How do I describe what it means
To feel the energy
of another who comes
in the solitude
of the soul
what it means to be filled
with living colors
and swirling light
…to feel the bursting stream
of a deeper dream released
into the womb
of a silent sanctuary
harboring the mystical secrets
of beauty

to give birth to something
so new
that it has no name
but leaves a trail
of Love’s own scent
upon the breeze
contained in
the sensual breath that slipped
between my lips
and sent my life soaring
on invisible threads
of a silken caress

Inscribe your journey
in streaming words
and images
in the wilderness
of my heart
and throw the pen
and brush aside
feeling the way with
loving hands
and with the gaze
of the eyes of the soul

Tear the veils away
that hide the embers of the fire
and flames of beauty

I am unleashed….unbound
and free to move unseen
and unknown
in the grace
of belovedness

Journey into freedom

September 26, 2011

Before an expectant dawn
before the morning moment
when the light
breaks through the darkness
to reveal
the flowing beauty
of a truly open heart

we enter into
the pregnant silence
to gaze through love’s eyes
at the rushing wave
of liberation
in the gift
of this new image
of flowing freedom
bringing presence
and vision
to honor the collective soul

This is the reverence
of Love
in the deep colors
of the wine
of the open heart

One taste of the enchanting fruit
one glimpse
of the blushing flow
brings a glow
of light and Joy
breathing in the promise
of new life

When we find the spring
of intimacy
and tenderness
within us
and are no longer afraid
to express the beauty
hidden there
we loosen the chains
that imprison
and bind our wholeness
setting us all free
to create
and share

Let love guide your way

September 24, 2011

The tip of the dancing flame of love
is dancing across our hearts
sizzling and dissolving
in the glistening dew
that appears
in the pooling light
of our awakening souls…

The beauty takes infinite forms
and reflects a depth
we cannot capture in words
or images
but falls beyond
the boundaries
of our world

Love says
come and follow
the invisible path
where only light
can go
enter into the secret
of the sacred
lightness of spirit

Flow into these open arms
that only love can see
fall into this heart
that lifts you
to the moon
and beyond the sun
and cradles you
in belovedness

Feel the miraculous touch
of the infinite
flashing away your fears
like lightning
evaporating tears
and holding you
next to the rhythm
of a heart
that dances forever

Let this be a day to Love

September 22, 2011

Look with the gaze of Love
and beauty rushes to meet you
sharing the light hidden
within longing hearts

The very nature of light
flows toward Love
to illuminate and call forth
the power to create

Let it pour out like water
and the rich wine of ecstasy
anointing all you see
to set Love free

Magnificent Mystery

September 19, 2011

What is the transforming
of the Beloved
that beholds the sweep
of a life
from the moment
it comes into being
until the present moment

The opening of the heart
shines a light
of transfiguration
on the moments
yet to be
fusing them all
into a luminous glow

We are many dimensions at once
all felt
and perfectly
in a single gaze of love
embracing all in a radiant
moving stream
of energy

Every moment is a flashing
of awakened energy
gathering and becoming
a luminous flow
of light
as a creative force

Imagine an entire
distilled and condensed
infused within us
as a guiding muse
a concentrated oneness
an activated
of empowered vision

Allow the fullest
of youth and maturity
to dance
with wonder and wisdom
to be capable
and to collectively
invest and become
aware of everything
at once

Let love flourish
and blossom
to nurture every cell
with full
and recognition
and suddenly leap
and take wing
the unknown

All existence
in a single Oneness
an all embracing Light
of inclusive
and radiant beauty
of pure insight

A colossal aura
of magnificent Love
embraces each
and every one of us
and creates
a life-giving
and everlasting


Mario in the Morning

September 18, 2011

Mario in the Morning

When you are in Love with the morning,
You are in league with the eagle.
Everything about the morning
suggests promises,
things you can count on to rise with you….
whether it be a stick,
a branch or a log
floating down the river as we watch with coffee,
thinking we could be the same…
the same as letting life and love take us,
the sun being there to lift us,
the birds to spirit us.

What is this thing?

It is the Way, the Way to Glory.
Paint your day, write your way,
plant the seeds,
so they are here to stay.

Watch them all return to you.
The colors in your life,
the words in your mind,
the desire in your fingertips,
let them go toward good.

Mario AhKuoi

(Guest Poet)